QUAERITUR: Coming back to the Church after falling far away

From a reader, edited:

I was raised catholic and as so many have fallen away from the church, unfortunately very far.  I am trying to find my way back and am wondering what suggestions you would give as a place to start? I did just go to confession, as terrible as I did doing it, I guess I at least did try. Felt totally ashamed and embarrassed afterwards. I am just not sure what the next right step should be?

Go slowly.

Pray when you get up in the morning and when you retire in the evening.  Pray before meals.  Say small things, to yourself, during the day such as, “My Jesus, mercy!”

Go to Mass on Sundays.  Go to confession when needed, at least, say, every two weeks or so.

Keep in mind that, while we are little finite mortals, God is not.  God knew you before the creation of the world and wants you for Himself.  There is no sin we little mortals can commit that God, who is both all-powerful and loving, cannot forgive, so long as we turn to Him and sincerely ask for forgiveness.

Also, you have friends in high places. God’s Holy Angels will help you and the saints in heaven will intercede for you.  You may still have a hard road, but you are not alone.

You’ll be fine!

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