ReplayTV redivivus

Do any of you readers use the great DVR ReplayTV?

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  1. MJ says:

    Nope…nothing on TV worth watching, these days… ;-)

  2. Andrew says:

    I agree with MJ. But as for the technology: wasn’t the replayTV hardware replaced by the SlingBox which was then purchased by the Dish Network which provides a receiver that’s preloaded with SlingBox? Users of that technology can watch all the garbage that the TV industry spits out at any time of day or night they choose.

  3. Teresa-1962 says:

    I use it almost exclusively for all my TV viewing. I despise commercials and have very little patience, so I depend on my DVR for all tv viewing. I am about to upgrade to whole house DVR so I can watch in my bedroom and when I’m walking on my dreadmill. (Yes, I meant to say dreadmill not treadmill).

  4. lucy says:

    Yes, I use the DVR for Masterpiece Theatre and a few other things decent to watch (not much). My children use it to record Scooby Doo. Great for zipping through commercials.

  5. Ulsterian says:

    I have been using the panasonic Replay TV for over ten years. [Ah… someone who answered my question! o{]:¬) Thanks! ] Unfortunately they will stop downloading the tv guide component at the end of this month and as a result many of its features will be lost. One will need to program it manually, much like a washing machine. I suspect that the Replay TV will no longer be supported. It’s probably because Cable companies don’t want you own your own DVR. They’d rather have you use theirs which you would have to rent, keeping them in business and dependent on them. A bit like some liturgical music companies who weave their own compositions into the Order of the Mass, then before you know it they start selecting the programs for you and see to it that your musical preferences “evolve”. Give me masterpiece theater over Big Brother any day!!

    [If you want to keep your Replay going, there is a way. Some guys got the key to the encypted internal clock update feature away from Replay/Directv. They created a way for you to create a server on a computer which will bring up your needed TV schedules. Then you point the ReplayTV at the computer to search for the information rather than to the internet or dial up. I spent some time putting it all together last night and it works! So, the life of my excellent DVR has been extended. Check WIRNS.]

  6. cl00bie says:

    I don’t use ReplayTV, I use MythBuntu on an older intel CPU. I subscribe to SchedulesDirect for my TV scheduling ($20/year). I like using the DVR because I don’t like to plan my life around when TV shows are on.

  7. cloobie: The replacement program for Replay, WIRNS, uses SchedulesDirect to update. I have it working now.

  8. Ulsterian says:

    Good News. Replay TV have decided to reverse their decision to end scheduling. Everything old is new again!

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