SMS et Pipationes … LATINE! MVR!

Picked up via rogueclassicism and a Google+ page:

+Lauren Stein suggested coming up with a list of Latin abbreviations for texting. I’m pasting in here some ideas for that which already surfaced at the eClassics Ning a couple of years ago: please chime in if you are a Latinist who has some fun texting abbreviations to share and let’s see what we can come up with! I’m also keeping the list over at the Bestiaria blog: where you can leave anonymous comments, no login or anything required. :-)

QC: Quam citissime. = ASAP
AFP: Amici fidelissimi perpetuo. = BFF
BT: Brevi tempore. = BRB
RA: Redibo actutum. = BRB
NCOQL: Ne credas omnibus quae legis. = DBEYR
FIS: Fac ipse sibi. = DIY
NS: Nescio. = DK
SHM: Sententia humili mea. = IMHO
UEQO: Ut ego quidem opinor. = IMHO
OME: Opus mihi est. = ISO
LT: Ludo tantum. = JK
FMC: Fac me certiorem. = LMK
MVR: Magna voce ridens. = LOL
ROR: Rotundo ore rideo. = LOL
VR: Valde ridens. = LOL
SC: Sine cura. = NP
IMV: Iam mihi video. = OIC
PDI: Proh di immortales. = OMG
HPR: Humi provolutus ridens = ROFL
HPC: Humi provolutus cachinnans = ROFLOL
VVTM: Vae, vae tibi maledicto. = STBY
GF: Gratias futuras. = TIA
NMD: Nimis mihi dicis. = TMI
TCPM: Tecum colloquar postmodo. = TTYL
IATG: Immortales ago tibi gratias. = TYVM
QNI: Quidnam Inferorum. = WTF
AMSV: Apud me sis volo. = WYWH

AAV: Ave atque vale.
CUV: Cura ut valeas.
DTA: Di te ament.
FFF: Felix, faustum, fortunatum.
INC: Ista non curo.
MC: Mea culpa.
MMC: Mea maxima culpa.
MPD: Me pudet dicere.
MTE: Me tibi excuso.
MVE: Macte virtute esto.
NL: Non liquet.
RTC: Res tuas cura.
SD: Salutem dicit.
SPD: Salutem plurimam dicit.
SSE. Satisne sanus es?
SVBEEV: Si vales bene est ego valeo.
UBD: Ut breviter dicam.
UR: Uti rogas.
FDA: Facilis descensus Averno.

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  1. De Tribulis says:

    MVR quidem! :D

    Reminds me of an epigraphy exercise, though this stuff is a lot more fun!

  2. Martial Artist says:

    CP: Ceteris paribus

  3. Tom in NY says:

    QP (quam primum) deest?

    Salutationes omnibus.

  4. Pachomius says:

    ut ego fui, ut, o. deus. meus! ut illaque, ut, nil via!

  5. Ed the Roman says:

    Vero, omnia dici possunt Latine.

  6. jesusthroughmary says:

    When was Lauren Stein consecrated bishop?

  7. albinus1 says:

    FIS: Fac ipse sibi. = DIY

    Shouldn’t that be, “Fac ipse *tibi*”? “Fac” is a 2nd person imperative, and “sibi” is a 3rd person reflexive, so they don’t go together.

    Actually, the Latin equivalent for “Do it yourself” would just be “Fac ipse”. “Fac ipse tibi” means, “Do it yourself for yourself”, which isn’t the same thing.

  8. Iowander says:

    Anyone else perturbed by the collision in Google+ style tagging and the way that bishops’ names are sometimes represented (e.g. +Chaput)?

  9. @Iowander: yes! It really gave me a start the first time I saw it, and I still don’t like it…

  10. tzard says:

    TDE: Tabula delenda est

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