Something lighter: Purgatory for Catholic bloggers

I saw this at Acts of the Apostacy and it made me chuckle.

The writer muses about what penance in purgatory Catholic bloggers might have to endure.

* LarryD – transcribe every issue of the National Catholic Reporter onto strips of bark using a piece of charcoal.
* Fr Z – drink instant coffee while blogging on a 386…with a dial-up connection.
* Mark Shea – chained at the ankle with Michael Voris (that could work both ways, I suppose).
* The writers at The American Catholic – recite every Vox Nova post in Shakespearean prose.
* Creative Minority Report – Pat and Matt are brothers. They live in New York and Philly, respectively. They co-author a blog. That’s probably penance enough in this life for each.
* WordPress users – forced to use the Blogger format.
* Blogger format users – forced to use…the Blogger format.

A Dantesque contrapasso.

Make sure you go over there and check his other comments on the matter.

In the meantime, how ’bout stocking up on some Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea as you think up some of your own.

It’s swell!

UPDATE: The Curt Jester has some suggestions also!


* Jimmy Akin – Hosting a Catholic Radio show 24/7 where the only question from callers is about Jesus’ brothers and sisters or “Call no man father”.
* Fr. Roderick – Working at a genius bar in a Microsoft Store.
* Fr. Richsteig – An office where hymns from the Gather Hymnal are piped in like Musak.


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  1. Jacob says:

    If as a user of blogger I will have to continue to use it in Purgatory, I’d say I’m getting off light. ;)

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Not blogger! Lol!

  3. MissOH says:

    ” An office where hymns from the Gather Hymnal are piped in like Musak.”, hmm, that would not be Purgatory for me but the other place….ouch!

  4. Mundabor says:

    As a WordPress user I am beginning to think that Blogger would be… Paradise.


  5. Haec Dies says:

    Enjoyed this post but have a really serious question that perhaps priests may best answer. I was recently faced with preparing for my mothers funeral. When I talked to the priest who would offer her Mass I had several request concerning music, Eucharistic Prayer 1 etc. I further asked him if her could beg people to pray for the soul of my mother and asked if he could mention, in his homily, to pray for the souls in Purgatory. He then proceeded to tell me that “I haven’t spoken of Purgatory in all of my 34 years as a Priest”. My question: Did the church ever instruct priests not to talk about Purgatory? I think of all the souls deprived of possible prayers because priests are reluctant to talk about Purgatory.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    Real purgatory is not being able to blog or use the Internet daily…think about that. So many of us use this gift and take it for granted. I am living in a technological “dead zone” where, really, truly, the only place with the Internet is the local pub. If I get up the gumption and buy a half-pint of Guinness or a small Campari and soda, I can use the WiFi there. Less than satisfactory, but …real Purgatory is not having daily access to Father Z’s blog….

  7. Mundabor —
    I feel your pain! :-)
    God bless

  8. irishgirl says:

    Hey, no mention of what ‘His Hermeneuticalness’ ‘ purgatory would be! Know what I’m sayin’…?
    Got to admit it, both you and The Curt Jester have got up some great lists, Father Z!
    ‘Instant coffee and using dial-up’–oh, that’s got to hurt! [ducks and grins]

  9. BigTin says:

    More likely Fr. Z would have to operate the Squirrel rescue society.

  10. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Haec Dies, of course the Church has never instructed priests not to talk about Purgatory, that has been a decision that priests have made themselves for many reasons that have been much discussed here and in other parts of the Catholic press.

  11. Dr. Eric says:

    I just sat through my purgatory: The 5 pm Sunday Mass at the Belleville, IL Cathedral, AKA “The Hippie Mass.” It was complete with a poorly played Hendrix-esque “Amazing Grace” guitar solo ending with a 7th add #9 chord with a headstock dip for “whammy bar type” effect. They also used the sus2-maj-sus4 sequence so much George Harrison wished he had never popularized it.

    I’m seriously contemplating writing a letter to the bishop.

  12. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Blogging without pictures.

  13. bookworm says:

    My idea of purgatory would be having to review hundreds of pages of Medicaid regulations… oh wait, that’s not purgatory, that’s my day job! :-)

  14. Maria says:

    Sorry I am such a party pooper Friends, but I do not think Purgatory is to be taken lightly or a subject for light banter.

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