Sometimes I like the blogosphere

I noticed over at the blog Sober Inebriation – a great phrase with deep spiritual implications – that the undersigned was mentioned in a post about cooking.

I did some memorable fishing as a kid.  I shot this photo of this photo with my phone, but here’s the undersigned a loooong time ago.


I had blonde hair then.

Therefore, it was a real pleasure to see this fellows photo with his son.  The kid’s grin and that fish are what summer should be about.

Quintillian, the 2nd century teacher of rhetoric, said that if, during the summer children are healthy, they have learned enough.  Kids are over scheduled and over managed, when they are not parked in front a video game.  I digress.

But at the end of his entry, he wrote over there:

I am hoping that Father Z will run a Salmon recipe on his blog.
If he lived closer I certainly would provide the fish for him.

“Aha!”, quoth I.  “I have posted about salmon at least once.  Here.

A shots from that entry.

Sometimes I really like the blogosphere.

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  1. Ralph says:

    You lucky Minnisotans with your 10,000 lakes! We in Arizona usually have to drive several hours to get to our handful.

  2. We are crazy for salmon around here. The fishing, I will leave to others, but man, can I grill it to serve 8. Throw some olive oil over that, Pater, and drop a few mushroom pieces and stems over it.

    I think I’ve just decided what we’re gonna have for dinner tonight. Best, edp.

  3. wanda says:

    Love the pictures, Fr. Z. how cool, a little tyke with your big catch. I love the little boy and his Dad with their trophies. Please, everyone go look up the J G. Whittier poem, Barefoot Boy with Cheek of Tan. Thanks for this post, Father. Prayers still going up for your intentions.

  4. Sliwka says:

    Nice northern pike, Father. Takes me back as well.

  5. Glen M says:

    Fr. Z, I grew up in that part of the world. Northern Pike (a.k.a Jack Fish) were never allowed in the boat. [See a boat in the photos?]

  6. ejcmartin says:

    I try to get out with my boys once a week or so for some fishing. We are fortunate that we can walk out our front door, poles in hand, and catch a few trout. I have fond memories of fishing with my father. My dad was a bit of a “Cat’s in the Cradle” type father but the one thing we did together just me and him was go on the occassional fishing trip. I feel sorry for the video game zombie kids my son’s age I see walking along behind their parents eyes on the gameboy in hand. There is so much to experience in life that doesn’t run on batteries.

  7. AnAmericanMother says:

    There’s an awesome salmon recipe here:

    I remember fondly my father taking us all fishing, whether in a lake, a trout stream, or at the beach. He was a pretty serious fisherman, but very tolerant of us little rug rats.

    If y’all would, could you please pray for Dad? The doctors found a tumor during his colonoscopy and they will be operating on the 21st. He’s 87 this October and a WWII vet – combat engineer. “Can Do!”

  8. Lord, Who engineered all Creation, with Whom all things are possible, please grant this man swift and complete healing of his colon, and many years of health to come. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  9. AnAmericanMother says:

    Thanks, Suburbanbanshee, I appreciate it.

  10. APX says:


    10,000 lakes is peanuts! Here in Saskatchewan we have over 100,000 lakes, most of which have some of the greatest fishing you’ll ever experience.

    I have the same picture of me at about 4 y/o holding up my prized slough shark I caught (with a little help from my dad, lol). I haven’t been fishing in years. My “holidays” start when it’s time for me to go back to school. Words cannot express how much I miss campfire fish fries.

    BTW: I didn’t realize you posted about Salmon before. Now I know what to do with the salmon fillets I found in my freezer last night.

  11. everett says:

    I grew up in Alaska, and did my share of fishing. As long as its a richer salmon (like a sockeye or perhaps king or chum), I like doing something simple mixing a bit of butter, orange juice and brown sugar. If its drier, like coho or pink salmon, a nice olive oil or light vinaigrette dressing, or even some ranch can work nicely.

  12. o.h. says:

    Tertullian’s quote holds up for us only if you can translate “summer” loosely. Temps in the 100’s nearly every day for over a month so far; we deal with this by studying long and hard during the summer, when it’s not fit outside for man nor beast. Our “summer” is split between the spring and fall, when the weather ameliorates. It’s the poor schoolkids, with their immutable and senseless annual schedules keeping them immured throughout the only livable seasons of the year, who are either parked in front of video games or scheduled into camps for the summer.

    Back to Latin….

  13. mtober says:

    Thank you for offering the recipe. I hope to try it soon.
    It was a grand evening on the Big Lake as we call it here in West Michigan. It was my son’s first venture out on Lake Michigan, and he loved every minute of it.

    I will never forget coming into the harbor that night and hearing his expression as he saw all the lights along the bluff….”wow dad!”

    When we cleaned the salmon he was really into cutting open the stomachs to see how many alwives the salmon had eaten.

    Many blessings to you, your ministry as a priest, and know that I will keep your priesthood and intentions in my prayers.

  14. Cath says:

    My 14 year old son and my 17 year old daughter made a bet yesterday about who can go the longest without technology. No computer, cell phone (14 yr old doesn’t have one), TV, video games or games with batteries. They are having fun with it and both are very stubborn so it may go on a while. Maybe we will go fishing tomorrow.

  15. Jim in VT says:

    I have a remarkably similar picture of myself when I was about 5. My picture, however, had a bass from the Winooski River.

  16. Charivari Rob says:

    One of our friends at our parish takes his little toddler fishing with him.

    Last Sunday we were advised after Mass that she had caught her first fish ever and that we should ask her how big it was. Though we did not get a specific reading from ruler or scale, her dad and uncle have been working with her on vocabulary – particularly synonyms.

    “We heard you caught a fish with Daddy!”
    “Was it a big fish?”
    “Yes, it was big.”
    “How big was it?”
    “It was massive!”

    Afterwards, in the car, I turned to my wife and said, “Give a child a fish and she’ll eat for a day. Teach a child to fish and she’ll tell fishing whoppers – errr… she’ll eat for a lifetime.”

  17. irishgirl says:

    My dad took me and my sisters fishing a few times when we were little. I was not really the ‘outdoorsy’ type of kid-was scared stiff of climbing over rocks and falling into the lake! But we did get some nice sunfishes-threw them back, didn’t cook them.
    Is that you in the first picture, Father Z? Pretty cool that you’re from ‘the land of 10,000 lakes’!

  18. stjmen says:

    My dad only took me fishing once, but I remember it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, at the time that I was a kid I was allergic to all of the sunscreens currently available and I came back redder than the proverbial lobster, and could barely move for days. I’m pretty sure my mum forbade him from ever taking me again :(

  19. ejcmartin says:

    I came home from work today to find my boys ages 5&9 building a teepee in the basement out of hockey sticks, a blanket, and some rope. That is what being a boy is about. I see joy in their faces not the zombie look I often see with boys stuck in their DS.

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