“the terrible, satanic beef devil”

With a tip of the biretta to Against The Grain I point your prurient fascination for the insane to this great moment in American history.

There is a story on Bad Mouth – and be aware that that site isn’t for everyone – about a a guy went to an In-N-Out Burger in Salinas and bought a 20×20… and in competition with his cousin, ate it.

I love America.

In the meantime, I am contemplating what I want to make for Sunday Supper.

Perhaps Coq au vin and … Freedom Fries?

But enough about me.

The guy who ate the 20×20… and lived, wrote this about the experience:

I thought I was dying. Is beef poisoning a disease? It should be.

In all seriousness, this was by far the hardest thing that I have ever done in my entire life. I was in more pain then when I broke my arm. I passed out in the back of the car, and slept for a good hour and thirty minutes until we got to the ball park. Jason woke me up.

I felt a little better, but I still felt like God had abandoned me and the terrible, satanic beef devil had devoured my soul.

Ah, to be young.

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  1. VivaLaMezzo says:

    Ironic that this is posted in “Lighter Fare”. Uurgh…

  2. skull kid says:

    I like beef, but that picture makes me feel ill!

  3. mike cliffson says:

    Si la jeunesse savait – Si la vieillesse pouvait
    I’m getting too old to pouvoir even see the pickie
    Soyes sages!

  4. david andrew says:

    “Would monsieur care for a mint?”

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

    [Literally LOL.]

  5. Golly.

    [Rather … Gula.]

  6. APX says:

    That hamburger makes me want to hurl and I can feel my arteries clogging up. That thing makes the triple Big Mac look like a wimp.

    I don’t understand these eating contests. Must be male thing…like jacked up 4×4’s

  7. Daniel Latinus says:

    All… That… Grease…

  8. TNCath says:

    I LOVE beef, but this photo borders on an occasion of sin: gluttony!

  9. mike cliffson says:

    I hope david andrew mint that kindly.

  10. Did Vincenzo photoshop that?

    Oh, I have heartburn just looking at it.

  11. Cristero says:

    Yay! My hometown makes Fr. Z! Forget Steinbeck, this is Salinas’ proudest moment!

  12. Elizabeth D says:

    Heroic degree of gluttony? God made man goes into our mouth, we must not do such things!

  13. APX says:


    Just borders on an occasion of sin with gluttony, eh?

    Ha! If that just borders on gluttony, I don’t feel too bad about my bi-annual AYCE gourmet sushi.

  14. andrewnhan says:


  15. Theodore says:

    “That’s what a hamburger’s all about “

  16. Ralph says:

    I have to say when I was in high school, playing sports and growing like a weed, I would have finished it with little problem! Now – beef poisoning for sure!

  17. cuaguy says:


    All I can think of is: YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Margaret says:

    20 x 20?!?? Good grief.

    MUST make sure my teenaged boys never ever hear of the existence of such a thing. And I thought Animal-style fries were bad enough…

  19. pelerin says:

    Can someone explain what a 20 x 20 is please?

  20. Art says:

    20×20 = 20 beef patties + 20 cheese slices
    You can count’em in the picture.

    Apparently there’s a website dedicated to dishes like these served with a side of coronary thrombosis:


    Be still my heart indeed….

  21. AnAmericanMother says:

    Oh, dear. I guess I’m a snob, but that doesn’t look very good.

    The pride of Atlanta in this department is Ann’s Snack Bar, Memorial Drive at Dixie St. in Edgewood. She makes the Soup Nazi look like a little girl, but if Instant Coronary is what you have in mind, behold –
    Now THAT is a burger (bring a box for the leftovers).

  22. Liz says:

    My 18-year old daughter and I said, “Ewwww,” when we saw the photo. Then my lanky, always hungry, 15-year old son walked in and said, “Ohhhh, that looks so good!”

  23. Rich says:

    I used to work in Salinas. Salinas has a reputation even among the locals as not having too much going for it. That should change now.

  24. GMRUNNER says:


  25. pelerin says:

    Thanks Art – maths were never my strong point! I was going 20 times 20 equals 400 . 400 what? Perhaps it should have read 20 + 20 then I might have guessed. It does look revolting.

  26. MJ says:

    I love In n’ Out, but that’s gross!!

  27. Mike says:

    This is a bit like EpicMealTime, except they have about a dozen eating what they make!

  28. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I will go to Ann’s Snack Bar for that light snack in the photo, to share with about 8 of my friends! *brrrp* ‘scuse me (blush)

  29. Bryan Boyle says:

    I can FEEL my coronary arteries hardening just looking at that.

  30. AnAmericanMother says:

    Banjo picking girl,
    So long as you abide by the rules:
    Notice she managed a 90 on her health inspection . . . for a dive like this, not bad.
    Also, if you talk on your cell phone she will throw you out. She’s a tough cookie.
    For 8 or 10 of your friends:
    Miss Ann herself:

  31. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Oh gracious, will you visit me in the hospital? 8-0

  32. Neal says:

    This is definitely my favourite mortal sin of gluttony since the $2000+ gold flake pizza. God bless you Americans.

  33. JPManning says:

    If this isn’t gluttony then what is?

  34. The person obviously wasn’t really greedy for the beef, but rather was trying to do something competitive, like racing to the top of a rock. So it’s like somebody drinking a lot, but not actually getting drunk. You could argue that he was showing a lack of concern for how his body would take it, or that he was being overly competitive, or that he was just being stupid. But gluttonous, not so much. If he does it all the time, that’d be different.

    If I pick out an eensy-weensy box of teensy-weensy chocolates, and I tell myself I’m only going to eat one but I eat the whole box (even though it’s not big), because I refuse to stop myself and because I’m enjoying eating way too much, and I keep buying the eensy-weensy boxes even though I know I’ll eat the whole box every time, that’s a lot more gluttony than this. If I hardly eat anything but I spend all my time thinking about food and my virtuous food habits because my food is so much more awesome than other people’s, that’s probably gluttony big time.

  35. Jayna says:

    “I still felt like God had abandoned me and the terrible, satanic beef devil had devoured my soul.”

    I really, truly love this sentence.

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