160 million baby girls selectively aborted in Asia and East Europe in last decades

From CNA I share this.  You can read the rest over there.

Washington D.C., Aug 27, 2011 / 07:33 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Imagine waking up one day to find that every single woman in the U.S. has disappeared.

Picture this, writes author and scientific journalist Mara Hvistendahl, and you will come close to understanding the magnitude of over 160 million baby girls being selectively aborted in Asia and East Europe over the last few decades.

Already critically acclaimed since its release in June, Hvistendahl’s book, “Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men,” meticulously documents the phenomenon of “missing” girls and its dire implications for the future.


But I am sure pro-abortion Catholic VPOTUS Joe Biden fully understands how this can happen.

The are some pretty horrible scenarios that result from this ghastly selection, including a probable need to “correct” the imbalance in some… wholesale way.

Technology can be used for good things.  But it can also be used for evil.  What is lacking here is a proper view of humanity.

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  1. RichR says:

    It’s interesting to read book reviews on this book. This type of atrocity is the natural progression of the Culture of Death. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein’s realization that the devastation that has been wrought by his creation is his responsibility. Pro-aborts and those for artificial birth control can’t decry the horror of sex selection because they are the ones who paved the way.

    It seems so gruesome and bizarre, but it will be the norm in a couple of generations. “What is tolerated in this generation will be accepted in the next, and embraced in the next”.

  2. Emaris says:

    I am Asian and you would not believe the compliments I received when my first child was born male.
    The fundamental issue is NOT abortion (which is only a means to an end), the problem is aggressive patriarchal systems which regard women as trash. It is well known that when East Asian and South Asian families are short on money, they will spend on food/medicine/education for the boys and neglect the girls. There is an Indian proverb which says that educating daughters is like planting seed in your neighbour’s fields. Sadly, even the shortage of women has not increased their social value. It has only turned them into objects to be bought, sold, kidnapped and fought over.

  3. benedetta says:

    Emaris, It is precisely because of sinful undercurrents which divide and separate humanity, such as devaluing women through certain cultural which may catch hold from time to time in history and are difficult to address (and this is not unique to the cultures you mention), and further that even if certain sinful undercurrents occur in some cultures that does not mean by any stretch that everyone in that culture supports it, that it is impossible to resist it, that all accept it resignedly or support it, or that it is ok to stereotype everyone through the sinful cultural attachment of some.

    But the fact that human systems may organize against women, or against one religious group, is exactly the reason why abortion is really not something that any civilized society can support. Cultures are indeed capable of saying, this means is inherently evil and since some tend to direct their hatred in sinful ways, this will not be an instrument that the government can sanction.

    Inevitably abortion is an attack on one’s own culture and people. And the culture of death despises, women and children.

    Bl. Pope John Paul II wrote consistently and spoke out frequently over the years acknowledging that women have been targeted in different cultures and at particular times in history more viciously, and sometimes this is cultural, sometimes this is engineered by groups or government. The Church fully recognizes what can occur, with eyes open and calls people to the better path and to resist for the good of all.

    The Church affirms the dignity of women better than any political system or government could ever do. Of course in India there have been well known world leaders, women, and this at a time when the political parties in America were so dominated by men that no one could fathom a woman in certain roles. The situation certainly is not limited to one place or another as far as targeting women is concerned.

    I really find it laughable when you encounter males priests or theologians in the Church who think that abortion is the be all and end all for women’s rights and equality. They just have no clue whatsoever and I think lately that they have been cowed, in most cases, unwittingly, by forces who desire the destruction of the Church to encourage it. Good to see that many don’t buy it for themselves or their families. Abortion targets women right at their heart. And you are probably right that it is a means to an end. The desired end is the destruction of the next generation.

    Further though some nonbelievers and atheists or agnostics I know really don’t care about women or children but only know that the Church opposes it as an inherent evil, that the Church sees in the culture of death, no ability for humans to go forward, and for those reasons alone pretty much desire more abortion, so much as possible, wherever in the world it can be encouraged. By their actions they have told me that first and foremost, they hate, mothers and their children. They think that because they do not affiliate with any belief system they are entitled to impose their hatred of humanity on the rest of us and do not realize that if we are to buy into their model then some rational explanation at minimum would be required. In other words, the supporters of the culture of death do not evidence in their actions to be great champions of women’s equality or dignity and it is quite the contrary.

  4. albizzi says:

    6 millions jews murdered by the nazis during WWII bcs they hated the jews.
    160 millions baby girls (not speaking of the boys) murdered bcs they are girls.
    Is the mankind on the path towards progress or towards barbary?
    As an immediate consequence, the lack of women in China leads the wealthy men of this country to seek and marry women from other countries, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia,… where these countrie’s mens themselves become deprived of women.
    Another obvious consequence is the increase of homosexuality. Easy to understand.

  5. Brad says:

    Albizzi, mankind is barbaric post-Eden, I agree with you, but I put it more strongly. Barbaric: has been, is, will be. We are not flirting with it, we are there and we are it. As we know, though, only Christ is the way out of that state, for his sheep, who begin to understand that charity is the only antidote to barbarism. But we have foolish hearts and benighted minds and stiff necks. And that’s just the sheep.

    Regarding 160 million, rate-wise and horror-wise that as if the nazi death camps were chugging on and on for 134 years.

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