Like Don Camillo? There’s an app for that.

Some of you may know that I have read many of Giovanni Guareschi’s Don Camillo stories in PODCAzTs.  I haven’t done any for a while, but they are in the archive and I will get back to them, I promise.

However,… if you would like to see some don Camillo clips from the movies … I can’t believe I am about to write this… there’s an app for that.

Yes, the world’s inventory is nearly complete when we can find iDonCamillo for our iPhones.


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5 Responses to Like Don Camillo? There’s an app for that.

  1. That’s great news, Father!

    I need to start giving out his award again!

  2. Luvadoxi says:

    Is it dubbed/subtitled, or are they all in Italian only?

  3. Warmiaczka says:

    Good news indeed. I love Don Camillo stories! It began many years ago with movies and I was very pleased to discover, some 10 years ago, that they were based on books. I’ve got these books in Polish, English and German (no, I don’t think I should visit a specialist).
    There is only one ‘but’ in this – I don’t have an iPhone.

  4. Emilio III says:

    Luvadoxi, it’s in Italian. The videos are from YouTube, in Italian with English subtitles.

  5. Luvadoxi says:

    Thanks Emilio–I just downloaded it–will check it out tomorrow!

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