Hackers attack WYD website

From CNA:

Hackers create problems for World Youth Day website
By Alejandro Bermudez

Madrid, Spain, Aug 19, 2011 / 10:13 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Issues with World Youth Day’s official website are due to hacking attempts, the event’s press office announced Aug. 19.

While Pope Benedict XVI ate lunch with 12 youth from around the world, the press office issued a statement explaining that “out of respect for the millions of people who are following us around the world and the 4,900 accredited communication professionals at WYD, we believe it is necessary to inform the public about this hacking attempt.”

The organizers said they regret “any distress caused” and confirmed they are working to resolve the issue.

The official site can be viewed at: www.madrid11.com

“WYD is also grateful for all the support that it continues to receive from the overwhelming majority of Spanish people and people worldwide, who share with us the desire of freedom for all, always through peaceful and respectful means.”

The website began experiencing problems on Aug. 15, when organizers confirmed that the site was being relentlessly attacked. Although technicians were successful in preventing the destruction or modification of the content, they were not able to stop several “Denial of Service” (DOS) attacks, which took temporarily down the site on several occasions.

The delivery of electronic press releases to journalists has also been affected.

“While we recover the normal functioning of the website, we invite you to continue the conversation through our news aggregator www.somos.madrid11.com,” organizers said.

May they, like spammers, rot in the deep cinders.

Where would Dante put people like these?

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    I believe Dante would put them in an AOL chatroom. with doritos just out of reach.

  2. Titus says:

    Where would Dante put people like these?

    Among the violent, surely. Or perhaps among the heretics, for attacking an ecclesiastical website and attempting to sunder the people of God from their websites?

  3. UncleBlobb says:

    Maybe chained underneath the giants?

  4. Joe in Canada says:

    with the falsifiers, perhaps, at the bottom of the 8th circle. I 29:54-57
    And then my eyes could have a better view
    into the pit, there where the minister
    of God on high, unerring justice, punishes
    the counterfeiters whom she here records.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    I have tried to get into the official site repeatedly without success. Perhaps this is why. As I am in Europe, I would be interested to know if the hacking effected Americans. As to Dante, I would think he would put them in the level of the Antenora, one of those involved in treachery. Count Ugolino gnaws on the head of his fellow traitor. Somehow, this and the ice, seem appropriate places, as the hackers are attaching their own cities and cultures for whatever reason–power?

  6. Supertradmum says:

    sorry “affected” would be the more appropriate word…I am in a very noisy pub using the free WiFi and somewhat distracted….

  7. Theodore says:

    China? They hate the Church and they are big time into hacking into US government and industry sites. This would be just another day at the office for them.

  8. benedetta says:

    And what do these hackers have to offer us. When they silence one group of religious adherents to their satisfaction what will their governance have to offer. Since they seem to be asking, begging really, to teach.

  9. Random Friar says:

    He would place them in the elevator eternally descending into Hades playing only a Muzak version of “Feelings.”

  10. Bryan Boyle says:

    I think if Dante were alive today, he’d put them in KC near the Fishwrap…the Vortex, as it were. I’m going out there for vacation starting tomorrow (doing the road warrior thing…), and bringing a vial of holy water from Lourdes. Maybe if I sprinkle some on the building in which the Fishwrap coven works…maybe would help change them?

  11. James Locke says:

    Circle seven, part three. Violence against God.

  12. irishgirl says:

    This is definitely despicable!
    Yeah, Father Z-I wonder what circle of the Inferno would Dante consign them to!
    Hackers and those of their ilk seem to have no joy or happiness in their lives, and so they want to deny it to everyone else!
    May they rot in the deep cinders, indeed!

  13. Christopher says:

    The 10th Circle of Hell, BSOD Hell.

  14. APX says:

    Perhaps a recitation of the Litany for the Conversion of Internet Thugs is in order. It helped through my frustrating Malware attacks in July. [Good idea.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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