I am told that Phyllis Zagano, who works for the National Catholic Reporter, is still calling around in order to make trouble for me and harm my reputation.

I wrote about her here.

You will recall that her personally aimed jihad began after I stood up against her in favor of Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph. HERE.

Zagano drew a moral equivalence between Bp. Finn and Dominque Strauss-Khan, Anthony Wiener and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I called Zagano and her NCR paymasters to task for that, and ever since she has been making phone calls to friends and chanceries in order to harm my reputation.

This is the sort of thing liberals do.  They engage in hateful personal attacks as a technique of bullying and intimidation.

Given that NCR is still seemingly supporting Ms. Zagano in her efforts, I have been counseled to ask anyone whom she has contacted to drop me a note for future reference.

Thanks in advance!

In the meantime, many of the dates in that WDTPRS POLL I posted about the date when Zagano might publish her hit piece about me have come and gone.  Some dates, however, will be perennially valid, such as 16 October 1968, which the Bishop of Kansas City officially condemned the National Catholic Reporter, which has its offices within that diocese.

We still have not figured out a way to create a pool for a date, however.  The prize could be a case of Zagnut candy bars.

If you don’t know Zagnut bars, you are missing out on something tasty, though I don’t recommend them for people with nut allergies.  They don’t have chocolate and are mostly peanut with a little cocoa, covered with coconut.  I guess, they are pretty much nut bars.

By the way, I sent a case of Zagnut bars to the chancery of Bp. Finn’s Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph in order to sweeten their service to the Lord and the Church in these troubled and bitter times.  I am happy to report that they are enjoying them.

In light of the above, it is appropriate to remind you of my PROTEST against NCFishwrap, especially given the fact that that NCR has a subscription drive going.

You could donate to me and then sign up for a subscription… to The Wanderer.

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  1. Luke Whittaker says:

    It’s a good thing that you have both a lot of friends and a good reputation. You have my prayers.

  2. JohnE says:

    I would subscribe to NCR and then cancel, but I’d rather not even be put on their mailing list.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    Fr. Z and Ms. Z should settle their differences once and for all by means of a birdfeeder duel, in which each will attempt to attract the higher number of species. I think we all know who will win.

  4. Andy Milam says:

    Fr. Z,

    In an age where 1+1=4 and we have a President who can’t seem to see that NOT offering a solution while deriding the only plan in existence is acceptable policy; I think you’re just fine.

    When logic flies out the window, hang on, because where it lands will be a better place than the building it was in before and logic will still be there. Mizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zagano and her cronies haven’t figured that out yet, though.

    I am offering my next week’s rosary for your intention on this matter, I am asking for St. Athanasius’ intercession. I think it is apropos.


  5. shane says:

    A silver lining in all this: ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. It may draw some of Fishwrap’s readers over here, which wouldn’t do them any harm.

  6. Bryan Boyle says:

    @shane: Might not do them any harm…but it would be messy cleaning up from all the heads exploding…;)

  7. Geoffrey says:

    Does anyone know who actually OWNS the National Catholic Reporter?

  8. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Geoffrey, All I have found so far is:
    “The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company is a Kansas City, Missouri-based nonprofit corporation. NCR is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any diocese or other official arm of the Roman Catholic Church, nor with any group or organization.”

    It will be interesting to research those that run the rag.

  9. It may be that time will take care of NCR.

    Here is a snapshot of their finances (public record):

    Subscription/Sales Revenue:
    2003 – $2,897,743
    2009 – $1,964,739

    32% reduction in revenue in 6 years = not a healthy financial outlook.

  10. PatrickThornton: To be fair, I think a lot of Catholic print publications are in that same boat.

  11. digdigby says:

    Freeze your Zagnuts.

  12. digdigby: Are Zagnut bars better frozen?

  13. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Perhaps the Zagnuts won’t be awarded for awhile and may need to be frozen?

  14. Maybe people should send cases of Zagnut bars to bishops who have been attacked by NCR.

  15. FrCharles says:

    A curious coincidence: I once mentioned Zagnuts in a homily, and some parishioner thought it was such a funny thing to bring up that she had me over for lunch and gave me case of them. True story.

  16. Fr. Charles: Do you remember the context in the sermon? Did it have something to do with love of enemies?

  17. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Apparently The Fishwrap is looking for a new CEO.

  18. FrCharles says:

    @Fr. Z: Unfortunately, I think it was just about how one grows out of certain sweet consolations of youth.

  19. JPEG says:

    Prayers for you Father. Remember St. Padre Pio and St. Gerard. Good religious are often the target of calumny.

    Your sufferings are valuable in the salvation of souls.

  20. Dr. K says:

    Not that I am suggesting anyone do this, but how would Ms. Zagano like it if we started to make phone calls and dig around in her personal life so as to display them on this blog in order to destroy her career? I imagine she would be less than thrilled.

    Do unto others, Ms. Zagano.

  21. And here is that 1968 document….

    It makes me wonder….

    I’m assuming the bishop was speaking in his capacity as Ordinary of the Place when he wrote that strong condemnation in 1968. If this is true, then it would seem that other bishops would want to show deference to the authority of that bishop and not write articles or grant interview that would appear in such a paper.

    More than likely, few know of this condemnation. I’ve often wondered if Bishop Finn was aware of it and if he would bring it back to teh forefront on the diocesan website. I’m not suggesting he do this because he was picked on unjustly. Rather, I think he has many reasons to do so, including many, many posts like this on in their “Young Voices” section.

  22. digdigby says:

    Father Z asks, “Are Zagnut bars better frozen?”
    Yes – but even more crumbly. I eat them with a saucer under my chin.

  23. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Just FYI, the NCR Board of Directors, is as follows:

    Annette E. Lomont, chair
    Pamela D. Hayes, vice chair
    Zeni Fox, secretary
    Landon H. Rowland, treasurer
    Tom Bertelsen
    Maryjeanne R. Burke
    Sr. Helen Garvey, BVM
    Jeanne Marie Lee
    Loida Lewis
    Joan McGrath
    Kathleen Pichon
    Jeanette Rodriguez
    Annmarie Sanders, IHM
    Patrick J. Waide, Jr.
    John Weiser
    Dr. Patrick Whelan, M.D.
    Tom Fox,
    Editor/Publisher [interim as they search for a new CEO and Publisher]
    Wally Reiter,
    Business Manager – CFO

    I notice two names that are affiliated with orders. I am curious about how a Catholic order would tolerate a member in this organization, unless the individual was there to effectively promote actual Catholic teaching.
    Fr. Charles E. Curran used to be a member of the board.
    Researching some of the names on the Board reflects backgrounds of a certain mindset, not necessarily congruent with faithful Catholic teaching. Wondering if any WDTPRS readers are familiar with these names.

    816-531-0538 CORPORATE OFFICE

  24. Carolina Geo says:

    Father Z: As I have read your comments regarding this impending attempted assault on your character, I must say that you have the resolve of a person who is about to be audited by the IRS…and has kept all of his receipts! Kudos to you; my prayers are with you.

  25. pinoytraddie says:

    Let Zagano Whine All She Wants! Let’s Just…………………………………


    [I like that last bit, but I think you are missing the point. She is actively working, probably with the knowledge and prompting of NCR, to harm my reputation and, as a result, my “livelihood”, to use a secular term.]

  26. s i says:

    Anyone want to see their IRS Form 990 filings from 2003 to 2009?
    I’ll bet Diane is right about not many knowing they had been condemned in 1968 (only 2 years after their inception) by their local bishop. I don’t understand how they can have “Catholic” in their name at all, or be a 501(c)(3), or show up as acceptable reading material at some Catholic churches….many years ago I innocently picked one up for the first time and glanced through it, and, after picking my jaw up off the ground, immediately informed my pastor this garbage had to be gotten rid of!

  27. The condemnation may have been removed at some point. It would be interesting to know.

  28. Jerry says:

    @Dr. K

    Not that I am suggesting anyone do this, but how would Ms. Zagano like it if we started to make phone calls and dig around in her personal life so as to display them on this blog in order to destroy her career? I imagine she would be less than thrilled.

    Do unto others, Ms. Zagano.

    Very appropriate advice for those on both sides, Dr K. To which I add, “turn the other cheek…” Some of the responses here seem less than charitable. It’s one thing to deal with inappropriate behavior through the proper channels, another to resort to ad hominems and humiliation.

  29. Tina in Ashburn says:

    @ S I
    I too wonder upon what their non-profit status is based. If a bishop states that the organization does not represent the Catholic Church, with what church are they affiliated?

  30. Supertradmum says:


    I am surprised that you cannot see that the orders represented, which do not encourage their members to wear habits and which went back to baptismal names, rather than names in religion, and other signs of liberalism, have members on the board. These orders, one of with which I have family members as nuns, went the way of disobedience years ago.

  31. Tina,

    A not for profit corporation does not have to be a church of any kind. It just has to be incorporated in a particular state as such and make the appropriate filings, including Form 990 with the IRS. Essentially a non-profit has no “owners” only a governing board of directors and any profit remains in the accounts of the entity and is not distributed. So, NCR does not need any affiliation with a church.

  32. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Patrick: okey-dokey.

    Supertradmum: oh. really? gee. who knew. [tongue in cheek here] Sometimes I’m just too subtle :-) . Thanks for the clarification for those who didn’t know.
    Not sure there is a cure for the tragedy of what happened to most orders over the last 40-plus years. The answer may be to simply curtail influence and damage by making it clear that they do not represent Church teaching in some areas.
    These orders have superiors. These superiors ostensibly report to Rome. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for the hierarchy or Rome to intervene more publicly, for the charitable sake of so many who are being mislead over the years.

    If the NC Reporter supports Phyllis Zagano’s efforts to unjustly discredit Father Z, or other clergy who stand up for the Faith, are the NCR and its backers responsible? Who are they? What are their overall intentions? [That is something a good lawyer could determine.]

    Fish rots from the head.

  33. vivaldi says:

    Legal proceedings against this squalid little rag should commence ASAP. Firstly, it is a misrepresntative lie to have the word “Catholic” in its title when it is the purveyour of heresy.

  34. benedetta says:

    Would it not be unethical, a conflict of interest, for a journalist whose specialty is to write against something, to do a hit piece upon a person who advocates for that same thing? If there is going to be an expose (and I am sure it will be exciting…numerous shots from the feeder feed, various snapshots of Sunday suppers…Quaeritur after Quaeritur…?) — and that is the Reporter’s decision — then the responsibility should fall to one who has some demonstrable neutrality with respect to the new translation, and I suppose just about anything of import in the Church. And then further I suppose the Reporter would have to in turn go after numerous priests, religious, and laity (so as not to appear excessively clerical) who maintain blogs in turn. Otherwise the appearance of investment in animus towards one person essentially totally nullifies whatever they are supposedly reporting, in terms of civil discourse whatever they come up with is rendered worthless.

    Perhaps they are attempting to assert that only established newspapers ought to be free to comment or consider and that if one isn’t on staff for a paper one is not permitted to speak, at all. That would be a very curious presumption.

    [Or perhaps it is simply an attempt to hurt me personally. In any event, I and, now, a couple other people are trying to work that out and determine a course of action. Prayers will be welcomed.]

  35. Jack Hughes says:

    I’m sure that I speak for many people when I say that Father Zuhlsdorf has been a great comforter in the trials of this world and that he has helped many people daunted by the snares of the enemy; Personally I am sure that his reward in heaven will be great, this despite the fact that he likes the writings of St Augustine :) (says the student of St Thomas). May I propose that on the 8th of September (the Nativity of Our Lady) As many WTDPRS’s as possible spend an hour in Front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for this stalwart Son of Mary?

  36. brCl says:

    She did write one nice post. [While I am glad that she wrote a strong post against tax money funding any sort of abortion, it must be said that EVERY Catholic ought to be against abortion.]

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