A fun commercial back on the air

These days a slightly shortened version of this fantastic commercial has found its way back onto TV.

One of the best commercials I have seen in years.  I think it was a big Super Bowl commercial.


I don’t watch much TV and I generally record so that I don’t have to watch commercials at all, but I have noticed that some old ads are re-circulating into the incessant cycle.

And… ad rem… I haven’t driven a Passat, but I have driven a Jetta TDI which was pretty impressive.

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  1. DebbieInCT says:

    Thanks for the smile this morning, Fr. Z!

    Do you think that’s a scapular she’s wearing (at about 0:27) or did I pick up the wrong glasses this morning?

  2. Bryan Boyle says:

    I have an ’09 Jetta TDI sportwagen. Drove it out to KC last month from the PHL area. Stayed out there for a week (and managed to swing past the nexus of the dark side, ie NCR hq…and sprinkle some holy water from Lourdes on the building…think it will help?) in Overland Park, drove back, and only filled the car up 5 times in total for the week. Averaged close to 44 MPG city/hwy. Just sayin’…:)

    It is an impressive car. Sleeper. And, for this old VW man (always had one of some model in my possession since 1973…), most satisfying (as was sprinkling NCR with Lourdes water….:))

  3. Kerry says:

    Who remembers the Super Bowl ‘Herding cats’ ad. A “real knee slapper!”. (Extra credit for answering why that phrase is in quotes.)

  4. ray from mn says:

    That’s a really lovely commercial that captures some of the magic of being a real boy with an imagination.

  5. Art says:

    As impressive as it is, I’m sure Vader would rather have a Veyron.


    Here it is for reference.

  6. MJ says:

    That is too cute. Love the way the dad looks at the mom, like “Hey…watch this.”

  7. RichR says:

    I remember when my wife first saw that. Her first words were, “That poor mom.”

    Kerry, I loved the cat herding. Here’s the link:


  8. Mother says:

    I love my Passat. (not in a covetous way, of course :)

  9. Jayna says:

    That was a great commercial and I’m glad to see it back. I don’t have a DVR, so if I’m going to be forced to sit through commercials, I’d at least like to be entertained. I’m actually quite impressed by the acting of the kid. It is very difficult to act through a mask and that little kid did a great job expressing emotion solely through his body language.

  10. I thought that was a cute commercial too. No filth, just drawing a human nature found in a boy.

    One of my favorites was this Geico commercial with gunny Ermey


  11. Laura R. says:

    Maybe they’re already anticipating Halloween at VW — the little guy in the Darth Vader costume is all ready to go!

  12. Anchorite says:

    Father, I drive ’11 VW Golf TDI and love the every minute of its force and economy. Thank you for sharing the add.

  13. chcrix says:

    Now, keeping a Germanic association, after watching that one go and watch this one:


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