ACTION ITEM – POLL ALERT – legalization of euthanasia

On the site The Daily Telegraph in Australia there is a poll about the legalization of euthanasia.

The poll box looks like this.

And the results as of this writing are…

You decide.


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4 Responses to ACTION ITEM – POLL ALERT – legalization of euthanasia

  1. “Now offering dropwort — the Sardonic Herb — and your optional final free-fall or litterally-senseless beating, Ancient Sardinian Style. Go out with a smile!”

    There is nothing new in evil.

  2. thereseb says:

    Sorted. By the way, there is a link to a story “Christians show strong support for voluntary euthanasia”. (Oh yes….)A better use of the Alinsky method, I have not seen for a long time (includes the obligatory dig at Catholics and contraceptives).

  3. Denita says:

    I wish more people would pay attention to this sort of issue. Most Pro-Life sites, etc. tend to focus solely on abortion and often forget about respect for the end of life and the terminally ill. Remember Terri Schivo(SP?)? Anti-abortion is a good thing, but don’t forget these other folks also need advocates, too.

  4. Seamus says:

    I did my part (voting from my office next door to a member of Compassion and Choices).

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