New iPhone/iPad app for The Catholic Herald and a sneaky way to get it cheaper

20110912-111726.jpgThe best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald, now has a spiffy app for your iPhone and iPad.

You can find it HERE.  To see the whole paper you have to get a subscription.

I have used the app now on my iPad and iPhone.  The iPad is obviously going to be an easier read, because of the larger screen.  But I was able to get around quite well on the iPhone too.  The paper looks beautiful on the app.  You see it as it is.

However… there is still a narrow window to get a year’s subscription the online digital version of the whole newspaper for use on your computer for £12 = $19.  You can go HERE and put CHPROMO in the coupon field for access to the offer.

What that does is give you access to the entire paper as it comes out, no waiting for the mail, and also access to the archives of all the editions going back for years.

20110912-111659.jpgMoreover, if you get the Exactly app for the iPhone/iPad you can use your Catholic Herald digital edition login to get the whole paper.

Lemme see…. £12/$19 (computer and Exactly app) or £40/$70 (iPhone/iPad CH app?

But this opening is going to close up pretty soon as they restructure the subscription rates.  This rate will only last until the end of September.

Want the Catholic Herald online?  I suggest you get it now.  Why not stampede them, so to speak?

Or, you could wait for a while.  There may…may, mind you… be a FATHERZ promo down the line.  We’ll see.  I would love to work something out whereby with each CH subscription, the Bitter Pill or the Fishwrap would lose one.

On another note, I find myself even reading the advertisements in the digital edition.  They give me a sense of the vigorous character of the more traditional and faithful British Catholicism reflected in The Catholic Herald.  For example, I spent a little time glancing at some of the adverts for interesting Catholic schools in a special school insert.  There has been some controversy about schools over there, by the way.  But for now there seem still to be good girls only and boys only Catholic boarding schools, as well as mixed day schools.  I think Catholic boarding schools are nearly completely gone in the US.

Here was an interesting ad for something coming up in London.  Wish I could be there!


For the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

So… you have a chance to get the whole shooting match for a great deal less right now.

And don’t forget my column, usually on page 16 when there isn’t a special section!


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  1. ejcmartin says:

    Just checked it out on iTunes. The app is rated 12+ “infrequent/mild suggestive/mature terms”. I hope it’s not because they use the word ineffable.

  2. ejcmartin: I shared that with the editor of the Catholic Herald, Mr. Luke Coppen. He wrote back with:

    That does make us sound very exciting. I hope we won’t disappoint subscribers…

  3. David Homoney says:

    Father Z. – Shouldn’t your article be called “Et cum spirito tuo”. :)

  4. David Homoney: We thought of that, but decided that the new, corrected translation of that same phrase would be more apt, striking.

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