Common gesture of reverence in unity with… whom?

This again.

From a seminarian somewhere in the depths of Canada comes an excerpt of text from an insert on the new, corrected translation prepared for parish bulletins (my emphases):

“The third change is related to approaching Communion.  As each person approaches the minister to receive Communion he or she is asked to make a simple bow of the head.  This is a sign of reverence in immediate preparation for the act of receiving Communion, which, in Canada, is to be received standing.  This gesture is made only once before receiving Communion.  It is not repeated again when receiving Communion from the chalice. Other personal expressions of piety or devotion, such as profound bows or genuflections are not appropriate.  A common gesture of reverence is desirable to foster the unity of faith which Communion expresses.”

Common gesture of reverence in unity with… whom?

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