2 Nov ALL SOULS – NYC Manhattan – Holy Innocents – TLMs morning, evening

In Manhattan, at the famous Holy Innocents Church (37th St btwn Bdwy & 7th), there will be on 2 November, All Souls, an 8:30 AM Low Mass and 6:00 pm Solemn TLM (with deacon and subdeacon) in Gregorian chant.

Friday, 4 November there is a Missa Cantata for First Friday. This is also the beginning of their monthly all-night vigil.

Lots of things going on at Holy Innocents.

If you are in the area, take advantage of this great spiritual opportunity!

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  1. Juan says:


    I am from Chile where I still haven’t found an Extraordinary Form mass (although I am sure there are some.)
    Does anyone know of any Extraordinary Form near Sunnyvale ,California?

    I am staying a month there for work and was hoping to be able find one near me.

    Thanks beforehand.

  2. kiwitrad says:

    Here in NZ it isn’t a holiday of obligation but we had an extra Mass at 9am because it’s a special day. There were 13 people there!

  3. AnAmericanMother says:

    One of our priests, a hardworking, erudite, and holy man, is celebrating a special Mass on All Souls’.
    The choir will sing Faure’s Requiem. It will be good – we have a bass soloist who is phenomenal. BIG, rich voice, perfect for this style.

  4. keithp says:

    Juan – Welcome to California.

    I can recommend the Sunday EF at 0845 Sundays at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Santa Cruz located on West Cliff Drive. This is a beautiful Shrine maintained by the Oblates. There will be an EF at 6 PM tomorrow for the Feast of All Saints, too. Please come. I attend the EF at the Shrine. Small group, very reverant with a lovely Schola, too!
    I can also recommend the Mother of Perpetual Help (ICK) in Santa Clara. This is a bit closer for you coming from Sunnyvale. I have only heard good things by reputation for ICK parishes.

  5. Orchestra Mass (Faure Requiem) at Assumption Grotto, as well. Fr. Perrone writes:

    Then there is All Souls Day, November 2, Wednesday. Masses will be at 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. Other Masses will be said as priests are available for the morning. There will be a solemn high Mass at 7:00 p.m. which I encourage you to attend. There will be held, after the Mass, the ‘absolution’ prayers for the dead at the catafalque. The orchestral Mass music will be Fauré’s Requiem, the very work performed for the funeral Mass of Monsignor Sawher some years ago (recording available on Grotto Productions CD).

    I copied his column over to this post since the bulletin does not stay online that long. He talks more about All Souls Day in general and the Requiem.

  6. JenB says:

    I was actually starting to doubt myself that it is a Holy Day of Obligation, as I had to look three times through my church bulletin to find the time for Mass tomorrow. There is the daily Mass at 9 am, but then there is a 7 pm Mass for All Saints’ Day. It was buried on p. 3, in a side bar, with no mention of obligation.

  7. Laura R. says:

    I went to a vigil Mass for All Saints late this afternoon. What better way to spend Halloween?

    AnAmericanMother, it looks like duelling French Requiems on All Souls! Durufle will be on offer at Christ the King — I’m a great fan of both.

  8. Juan says:

    Hi Keithp,

    Thanks for the information. I will go the Mother of Perpetual Help tomorrow, I share a car so I can’t just take it and leave :(. Maybe I will be able to go a Sunday to mass.

    Thanks again!


  9. NoraLee9 says:

    I rejoiced when I heard them say, Let us go to the House of the Lord! When I heard about TWO Masses at HI, I about jumped out of my skin.
    Also, I ran smack dab into a certain famous Father, of blog right at the door of St. Vincent Ferrer last night. My husband served First Vespers. We had to go home and grade papers last night (ah, the life of a teacher’s wife), so we missed the conference afterwards. I hope to hear more about it.
    Maybe it’s because I am a November baby, but I love this time of year. These are my favorite Church Holydays. When I worked for the City I used to take All Saint’s Day off. Rule of thumb, City workers: If there is no Alternate Side of the Street Parking because of Religious Observance, chances are that you can file for a Religious Holiday!

  10. Ygnacia says:

    Hello Juan-
    We hope you can join us at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Santa Cruz this Sunday – after Mass every Sunday, weather permitting, we have a coffee. For directions to the Shrine and other information, please visit the community’s website at http://www.MontereyLatinMass.org

    And thanks for the kind words, Keith~

  11. alexandra88 says:

    It is indeed a Holy Day here in Scotland too. Will leave the flat fairly soon for a late afternoon mass with the Dominicans.

  12. Mrs. Bear says:

    Dec. 25 – Christmas and Jan 1 – Mary, Mother of God are
    the only Holy Days of Obligation here in Canada.

  13. Mary Jane says:

    Will be going to Mass this evening, after work!

  14. Supertradmum says:

    Unless someone knows better, it seems that November 1 is not a holy day of obligation in Malta. Very few people were at Mass and I went to a retreat morning at a Jesuit Center and I was the only one who had been to Mass. I did not know there were so many divergences in the holy days listings.

    In addition, on November 4th, there is something like the Mexican Day of the Dead here which looks scary. There is also some sort of doom concert, which I find odd.

    “The first edition of the Malta Doom Metal Festival was held in 2009 and will be remembered as a great celebration of doom metal in all its various forms and the great community spirit of the local doom scene. It was headlined by Italian epic/progressive legends Dark Quarterer and featured local doom stalwarts Forsaken and Nomad Son with Victims of Creation making a great comeback to the stage after several years of absence. The first edition’s line-up was completed by new comers Dawn of Anguish and the female-fronted Weeping Silence who ensured that all the shades of doom were well represented in the first edition. The festival came to fruition after a successful Malta Doom Night at Poxx Bar, Paceville in 2007 that featured UK epic doom band Unsilence, Forsaken and Nomad Son. Another related event titled Doom Metal Assault (with three bands on each edition) has also been run successfully twice since then with Hellenic epic gods Reflection and prog doom-death veterans The Prophecy from England gracing local stages. All these events and the MDM festival in particular highlight the budding doom scene in Malta. The 2010 edition of the festival should continue to ensure that the festival continues to grow from strength to strength with work already underway for an even bigger third edition in 2011.”

    Of course, doom is based on the occult. So much for the myth of Malta being Catholic.

  15. APX says:

    @Mrs. Bear
    Yes, it’s not a HDOG here in Canada, and to be honest, I’m kind of glad it isn’t given that we’re also expected to refrain from working on those days. We have so many Major Feast days that if they don’t fall on a Sunday, and I would be obligated to book off work for every one that was a HDOG, it would turn me into the proverbial pain at work.

    I prefer just treating them as First Class Feasts and moving daily Mass to the evenings to make it more accessible to those who do work/go to school, etc.

  16. Desertfalcon says:

    I hope all are able to assist at Mass and have a Spirit-filled All Saints Day!

  17. DavidJ says:

    On a happy note, when I explained what the Litany of the Saints was to my five year old and why we were singing it, she was quite happy. After Mass, she asked if her patron (St. Seraphina) was in it, and I said I didn’t think so. She said “Well, after I get to heaven, they’re going to have to make the song longer so my name can be in it.”

    I love it!

  18. irishgirl says:

    DavidJ-what a cute response from your little Seraphina! Ex ore infantium, for sure!
    Reminds me of what the Canadian nun and mystic Blessed Dina Belanger said when the Sister at her primary school couldn’t find a Saint bearing her name. Dina said, ‘Well, then, I will be a Saint so that I can be a patron to those who will bear my name in future.’
    Not as cute as little Seraphina’s, but full of wisdom nonetheless.
    Went to Mass at noon at our TLM chapel, and had a neat conversation outside in the sunshine with the young priest who said it. He said something about the ‘young Novus Ordo priests’ being more receptive to traditional Catholicism and the TLM, and I joyfully gave him a ‘high-five’ as a reaction!
    He’ll be here tomorrow for the three Masses of All Souls’ Day.
    Great for the Holy Souls in purgatory, especially for my deceased relatives and friends who might be there, but hard on the lower back and on the knees (for me). : D

  19. APX says:

    On a happy note, when I explained what the Litany of the Saints was to my five year old and why we were singing it, she was quite happy.

    I’ve never been to Mass on All Saints Day, let alone an EF All Saints Day Mass, so I was not aware that the Litany of the Saints is sung (though, it does make sense, now that I think about it). I’m actually quite excited about this, as I haven’t heard the Litany Of the Saints sung in Gregorian Chant since a was a wee little girl, and it was my favorite part of Baptisms. It was also my first (and only) exposure to Gregorian Chant prior to attending an EF Mass. Now whenever it’s supposed to be sung (including major solemn occasions like Ordinations), they use some weird song version invoking “Saint” Origen.

    This day keeps getting better and better.

  20. In fairness, the bulletin should have noted that the 8:30 AM Mass would be in the extraordinary form, and that it would not be finished by 9 AM. I think a few people left when they realized it was not going to be a 25-minute ordinary form Mass that would get them out in time for work. For those of us who did not have to get to work, it was probably the best thing that could have happened. It was certainly worth a train ride into the depths of New York City.

  21. Happy Feast Day, Father Z!

    For those who cannot make it to Manhattan, and are in metro Detroit, consider coming to the 7:00 pm Mass at Assumption Grotto for All Souls which will include the Faure Requiem. I took some photos of Fr. Perrone conducting tonight at the dress rehearsal here:


  22. Oops – forgot I had mentioned it in an earlier post. It’s been a long day. In any event, there are some difficult to get pictures of Fr. Perrone at work – rare because I’m usually singing and cannot take pictures.

  23. WaywardSailor says:

    For those in the Boston area, the good fathers at Saint Adelaide Parish in Peabody, assisted by deacons from the local seminary, will commemorate All Souls Day this evening at 7:30 with a Missa Solemnis and Absolution at the Catafalque, preceded at 7:00 by the second day of a 54-day parish Rosary and Benediction.

  24. Martial Artist says:

    This evening commencing at 7:00pm (PDT) the Solemn Dominican Rite Mass for All Souls will be celebrated at Seattle’s Blessed Sacrament Parish. Victoria’s Requiem will be sung by The Tudor Choir. This has been a very well attended Mass each of the last several years—get there early if you hope for a seat.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

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