Fortune Cookie Alert!



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  1. Frances M says:

    Father, might not this fit with going from the old translation to the new?

  2. Rosevean says:

    I find that every wrong attempt discarded fills the dustbin a little more…

  3. APX says:

    That reads more like a pat on the back than a fortune.

  4. jbpolhamus says:

    “Wisdom! Be attantive!” Tell me that came from a Chinese meal served at the USCCB meeting, as they begin to debate about the merits of re-imposing the traditional mass.

  5. mike cliffson says:

    The NeoDarwinian heresy in a nutshell-oh, sorry, cookie.

  6. pm125 says:


  7. Precentrix says:

    “Wisdom! Be attantive!”

    Shouldn’t that be “Wisdom: let us attend!” (with a beard and a Russian accent…)

  8. catholicmidwest says:

    Thomas Edison said this in so many words. After trying about 200 filament materials for the light bulb, someone asked him how he felt about so many failures. He said that they weren’t failures because he had found out a whole lot about what didn’t work, and that because of it, he was ever closer to finding out what would work. This is how engineering research at its best is done. Experimentation, and more experiments fail than succeed. But you only need a few experimental successes for a whole new law/product/concept to take shape.

    The fact is that this works in peoples’ lives too. People who accomplish a lot in their lives do so by trying a lot of things. If you never try something, you will never discover anything. It’s fear or inertia that keeps many people from succeeding.

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