A few days ago I posted about a group of Anglican/Episcopalian nuns in Baltimore received into full communion in the Catholic Church.

A reader here suggested:

I just think it would be nice if this community was DELUGED with welcome letters showing them how grateful we are to them, and how much we need them and appreciate their courageous decision to become Catholics en messe!

Good idea!  Will other bloggers take up this good idea?

Here is their information page.

Here is a screenshot with their email (I won’t link it here, so as to avoid invasion by spam filth).  Mutatis mutandis try info %at% asspconvent %dot% org

You might simply tell them thank you for their response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, assure them of your prayers and perhaps ask them for a prayer for some intention.  And say “welcome”!  Who wouldn’t like that?

NOTA BENE: They sell GREETING CARDS.  I’ll bet they could use some income after all these changes.

Why not get some of their cards and fill them out while drinking your Mystic Monk Coffee from a WDTPRS mug?  Afterward, you can wash your hands with soap from the Soap Sisters (do they ever need an affiliate program, like the Wyoming Carmelites)!  I see they now have shaving soap, mug and brush sets for men.  Do not confuse the shaving mug for a coffee mug… cappuccino, anyone?

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  1. AloysiusJM says:

    Email sent!

  2. RichR says:

    Sent. This will be fun to watch.

    Fr.Z, please [UPDATE] this thread if the Sisters respond to you.

  3. amichel says:

    Email sent!

    “Christ has no body now but yours
    No hands, no feet on earth but yours
    Yours are the eyes through which He looks with compassion on this world
    Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

  4. Mike says:

    I have spent some time with this group of sisters, and they are absolutely wonderful. I am a seminarian studying in Maryland, and I have the chance to visit their monastery with some other seminarians last year. Their former chaplain, Fr. Warren Tanghe, a high Anglican priest for 30 years, was recently ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He spent a year with us last year at the seminary before his ordination. It was a blessing to see these sisters and Fr. Warren come into full communion with Rome.

  5. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Email sent. What a beautiful story!

    And I bought a couple more “Say the Black, Do the Red” mugs for a couple more solid priests in my home diocese so they can all keep their coffee warm during those long painful presbyteral meetings where they are surrounded by…less orthodox…brother priests.

  6. vanrooye says:

    Thanks Father. I just ordered some soap and cards.

  7. Andy Milam says:

    Email sent and if you click on my name just above, you’ll see that I’ve blogged about them. While my blog is just starting to get off the ground, I get enough of a bump via facebook and ars celebrandi that it should help in promotion some.

    I am always looking for more readers, so this is a bit of a cheap pop, but nevertheless, I find their mission to be worthwhile and I trust Fr. Zuhlsdorf explicitly, so I will champion anything he puts forth.

    May God grant Fr. Zuhlsdorf a long life and may God grant the Sisters a long and fruitful existence, now that they have come home to Holy Mother Church.

  8. Deo volente says:

    Excellent idea, Father! I just linked them to my Blogroll with the URL to the Catalog site. I’ve met the priest in the photo you’ve shown above. Father DeAscanis says the TLM on Thursdays at Saint William of York of which he is pastor. I hope many respond with your fantastic idea!

  9. Adam Welp says:

    Email sent!

  10. Father:

    What they really need (and they’ll be the first to tell you this) are vocations! When I met them seventeen years ago …

    … they had sixteen in their number. That number is now down to ten (not counting two of the sisters who chose to remain with the Anglican Communion, but who still live in community). I would encourage young women to consider a weekend visit to the convent. Please contact them via the information on their website ( to see if the renovations are complete, and they are in a position to accept visitors.

  11. Patti Day says:

    Did you notice the sisters have a little dog named GiGi on their Meet the Sisters page. How sweet is that.

  12. BobP says:

    Did anyone suggest Mystic Nun coffee? :)

  13. I’ve known these good sisters for more than 40 years, and I rejoice with them.

    BTW, the cards are absolutely lovely and are well worth examination.

  14. Anne C. says:

    I just looked at their cards, and found that they appear to be high-quality, handmade cards – for garage sale prices! (“Teeny-weeny holy cards” for 5 cents each?!)

  15. Anne C. says:

    Oh – and I also sent an email.

  16. irishgirl says:

    Just sent off an email!
    I echo what RichR said, Father Z; let us know if you hear from the Sisters!
    I hope that they get a lot of emails from ‘Z Readers’! [just made that up]

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