A favorite place in NYC

Bryant Park has made its way onto my list of favorite places in New York. Surrounded by interesting architecture and with great sightlines between the buildings, there are always interesting things going on in different seasons.

Right now people are skating, though it is warm enough here to be spring!

This is a real urban success, considering what it used to be like.



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  1. tealady24 says:

    There is no place like NYC! Especially at Christmastime. Bryant Park being right outside 42nd St., is surrounded by everything I love. Lincoln Center 20 blocks uptown, St. Patrick’s at 50th, Rockefeller Center across the street, and Radio City nearby! Fifth Ave. and all the shops, Trump Tower, FAO, the museums, especially the Morgan Library! Every neighborhood has its special places, and people are always friendly wherever you go.

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    One of my favorite NYC spots is also close by: the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Terminal. Magnificent seafood at reasonable (for the location) prices. Love that place, even though I did incur the perpetual wrath of a Jesuit over lunch there about seven years ago.

  3. The Sicilian Woman says:

    I am even more homesick now. :-( I’m a native New Yorker, though from the metro area, not the city itself. A trip to the city, including the ride on Metro North or the LIRR, when I am home to visit family and friends always does my heart good.

    Grand Central Terminal is among my favorite spots. Such a great vibe there. I must have hundreds of photos, particularly of the ceiling, yet I take more almost every time I’m there. Central Park is another favorite. Oh, add what tealady24 said, too. The list could still go on.

  4. acardnal says:

    Father Z, you seem so enamored with NYC and London, too. What about Chicago which is so much closer to your home? Just wondering . . . .

  5. I like Chicago and have been there many times. Make your best argument!

  6. acardnal says:

    I’m afraid I can’t make a good argument for or against Chicago only because I have not really spent time there other than O’Hare Airport! I would love to see you make a trip there and share your wonderful travel log experiences with us. I live in Wisconsin and could be tempted to travel to the windy city based on your reports.

    Have a Merry Christmas, Father Z and keep up the good work of the Lord.

  7. thickmick says:

    In the park, if you head East to 6th Ave and cross 6th there is a Japanese Bookstore called Kinokuniya. Go inside and head to the back, go upstairs and there is a little cafe where you can get some nifty Japanese food goodies and sit by the window to scope out the park. Usually is not crowded ’cause not many people knows it there….Went to Holy Innocents for the first time today for Confession…Beautiful Church…I was in awe the whole time. Merry Christmas, Father!

  8. Peggy R says:

    Oh, you can’t like Chicagoland! Home of our sworn enemy, the Cubs! And consumer of our tax dollars from Southern IL.

    As for ice skating, Steinberg in Forest Park, St Louis, is wonderful for atmosphere, especially over the Christmas break. They play Christmas music, religious and secular, all through the holiday. A wonderful Christmas tradition. A college friend taught me to skate. Husband doesn’t like it so much, so it has been up to me to teach the boys. One likes it more than the other.

    I didn’t like the Sculpture Garden rink in DC as much. Not as many amenities, smaller rink.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Looks nice down there in the Big Apple, Father Z! Can you ice skate?
    If I could bilocate, I’d be down there in a trice for Midnight Mass at Holy Innocents Church!
    A ‘Mary Christ-Mass’ to you!

  10. nykash says:

    I worked at 41st and Broadway a few years ago. While the crowds presented a challenge at times, I always liked the park. My kids liked the little carousel (assuming it’s still running).

    Seeing how close Holy Innocents is to my old office, I’m kicking myself for not being ‘there’ at the time.

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