We are amused

I have always said that when my day finally comes and I am at last named Cardinal Archbishop of Black Duck, for my … or should I say our… entrance into our cathedral to take possession of what is ours we shall wear a black cope and we shall be accompanied by the Imperial March from Star Wars.

Black Duck has, alas, been dominated for many years by liberals.

We have found their lack of Faith disturbing.

Some Lutherans, however, no doubt readers of our blog, have taken our idea. We must admit it has a rather spiffy look which confirms us in our design.


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  1. dnicoll says:

    It SO works….. A Vader mitre. Of course, you’d also need a tune for your ordination tambourine to clank out of time to.

  2. RichR says:

    Yes, if Fr.Z. is elevated to the episcopacy, the hierarchical nature of the clergy will not be obscured. In order to make it liturgically proper, your installation Mass should fall on November 2. Don’t forget the gloves.

    I would like to volunteer our schola cantorum to fly up and assist the choir. When the day comes, please contact us through our website, http://www.brazoschant.org

  3. pelerin says:

    That is funny – some of them are quite scary and that’s just the women. I don’t think we have Lutherans in England – not sure why.

  4. Inigo says:

    Simply epic…
    I missed the imperial honor guard as acolytes, or at least two storm troopers in dalmatic.

  5. irishgirl says:

    Ha, that’s funny!
    Did the Lutherans tell Darth Vader to leave when he tagged into the church behind everyone else?
    Just askin’…. : )

  6. Centristian says:

    Bunch of ruffians.

    Why was one of them wearing a top hat?

  7. Rob Cartusciello says:

    That procession was outside the Domkirkjan (Lutheran Cathedral) of Reykjaik Iceland.
    A surprisingly Catholic looking church in many ways, especially with regard to the artwork.


  8. Mike Morrow says:

    Fr. Z…don’t forget the essential symbol of episcopal authority…the Laser Crosier!

  9. Tom in NY says:

    Why is Lord Vader…unruffled?

    Salutationes omnibus.

  10. Tom: Think about it. Nothing ruffles Lord Vader.

  11. Sam Urfer says:

    “That is funny – some of them are quite scary and that’s just the women. I don’t think we have Lutherans in England – not sure why.”

    Well, the Church of England is in communion with the Scandinavian Lutheran churches, for one thing. For another, there are in fact Lutherans in England: http://www.lutheran.co.uk/

  12. Sam Urfer says:

    This was a prank by somebody who wants disestablishment in Iceland, I believe.

  13. jhayes says:

    Here’s a translation of a newspaper article:

    Members of the organization “Vantrú” (it meens to not beleve.) were respons[ible] for Darth Vader joining up with the priest on the way to a “Priest meeting” in Dómkirkjan (the main church) yesterday. Said by Matthías Ásgeirsson the leader of Vantrú, it was just a joke and they thought it funny to add Darth Vader in the group. Matthías sais that this will probably not happen every year but you never know if Darth vader (Icelandic : Svarthöfði, meens Black Head) apperes again.

    I could not give good translations for it becouse i don’t know all the words in english but this should give you some clue what is going on.


    The newspaper article is at: http://www.mbl.is/frettir/forsida/2008/06/11/svarthofdi_a_vegum_felagsmanna_i_vantru/

  14. jhayes says:

    Centristian, you get the top hat when you are awarded the Ph.D in Sweden. There is a scene in Bergman’s “Wild Strawberries” where Victor Sjostrom receives his hat in a Latin-language ceremony at the University of Lund.

  15. amenamen says:

    The man with the top hat got his Ph.D. in Sweden? Well, there is another possible explanation:

  16. jhayes says:

    Here’s a picture of a doktorshatt:


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