1. chantgirl says:

    You can sign the online petition to rescind the HHS mandate at this link. http://wh.gov/kl3

    Please pass the petition on to everyone you know. Unions shouldn’t get a pass on compliance with the healthcare law while average Catholic citizens are forced to violate their conscience wholesale. The Church gets its’ money to pay for any service with donations.

  2. terryprest says:

    Pope Leo XIII`s Encyclical Libertas <(http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/leo_xiii/encyclicals/documents/hf_l-xiii_enc_20061888_libertas_en.html ) might be more in point.

    It was expressly referred to and approved of by Blessed Pope John Paul II in Centesimus annus < (http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/encyclicals/documents/hf_jp-ii_enc_01051991_centesimus-annus_en.html#-1R) where he celebrated the 100th anniversary of Rerum Novarum and Catholic Papal social teaching.
    In Centesimus Annus, he interpreted Libertas and Rerum Novarum in the light of the events since Rerum Novarum and made observations on the right of conscience in civil society and the question of abortion

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  4. Patrick L. says:

    This is a sensitive topic for me, because of another issue that has been widely discussed recently which has resulted in tension between the Church and the state.

    In the states where bishops and priests are speaking out against the laws addressing illegal immigration, I’ve heard some good reasons for their doing so and some bad ones. A serious problem arises when laypeople understand this dissent to be unconditional justification for their breaking laws or speaking openly about their approval of those who do so. Although Pope Leo here has brought up conditions on which Catholics may act unlawfully if prudence allows, many Catholics, in my opinion, are much too quick to express approval of unlawful acts. As such, they would benefit from serious reflection on the other side of Pope Leo’s statements:

    “All things that are of a civil nature the Church acknowledges and declares to be under the power and authority of the ruler; and in things whereof for different reasons the decision belongs both to the sacred and to the civil power, the Church wishes that there should be harmony between the two so that injurious contests may be avoided.”

  5. Centristian says:

    After reading this I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pope like him, today,” and my pleasant rebuttal to myself was, “we do.”

    Thanks and praise to the Lord for Leos that roar like lions and Benedicts who bless justice and righteousness.

  6. New Sister says:

    I read on CWN that courts ordered a Bishop in Normandy to destroy someone’s Baptismal records, and that there are an average of 1000 such requests per month in France. The Bishops must not buckle, lest they render to Ceasar that which is God’s.

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