Geeky and Beautiful

For your “Look! Up In The Sky!” file, you Transit of Venus fans will want to watch the ultra-hi-def video of different views of the transit.  This is from the Sun people at NASA and Astronomy Pic of the Day, so the shots are the best around.   I guess that, now that the The First Gay President, Pres. Obama, has gralloched NASA, and with that gralloching our collective dreaming, NASA has more time to make these nice videos.

In any event, this is geeky and beautiful.  Venus is shown moving across the Sun’s variously filtered surface.

The music is sort of new-agey or movie soundtracky but I don’t think Sousa’s Transit of Venus March would have produced quite the effect they were aiming for.


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  1. Father K says:

    ‘The heavens proclaim the glory of God.’

    I suppose the members of the Flat Earth Society claim that this was all done in a studio – like the 1969 Moon landing.

    Do the Flat Earthers use the internet, I wonder?

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