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Your Urgent Prayer Requests


Don't wait to run out of coffee or tea before you refresh your supply!



Click on the waving Union Jack and send a donation.  I will earmark some of it for beer and museums, and some of it for a donation to the parish where I am staying.  This is a poor parish which nevertheless does tremendous spiritual and corporal works of mercy in a troubled area of central London.

Last week I will gave a talk to a group of young people at Brompton Oratory.  It was very well attended.  I spoke about “active participation”.  I am scheduled, weather permitting, to go to Rome for a conference on Augustine’s City of God and to take care of some “business”.

Concerning Rome: Would any you be willing to donate for a flight to Rome at the end of October so that I could attend the big pilgrimage to Rome in support of Summorum Pontificum in the first days of November?  (Information HERE) Please write me an email ( HERE) with “ROME TLM PILGRIMAGE” in the subject line.    (UPDATE 27 Sept 07:49 GMT: I have made a list of those who have contacted me about this.  I should have a better view soon of what will be involved.)  There has been a lot of buzz about the Pontifical Mass which is the central attraction of this pilgrimage.

I do pray for benefactors, as is my duty and pleasure.  I remember you at Holy Mass and often say Mass for your intentions.  I take your requests for prayers seriously and note them down.  Keep me in your prayers too. I will say Mass for my benefactors again during my few upcoming days in Rome.

(UPDATED 27 Sept 07:50 GMT) Meanwhile, special thanks to:

HE, RB, RB, MH, DM, MF, Fr LT, NF, MT, RW, Mf, JG, LS, ER, CO’C, EMcG, GK, TR, MC, BA, MR, KB, RMcE, JB, MH, BB, JH, KS, MR, DN, MG, JD, MB, MK, AN, CL, FN, JP, JG, NE, SA, JN, MH, ML, MC, RA, JS, CG, MP, MA, DR, JR, MZ, NH, CG, AR, JS, MF, DH, MF, CMcG, MK.

If you think I may have missed you, please drop me an email?

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