Phoenix Legatus Conference Day 1

I am in Phoenix for the annual summit of Legatus. It really fires up tonight, but registration has begun. There is “hospitality” during the day. I may take my laptop down to the common area and work from there while people watching. Already quite a few familiar faces have come into view.

As an aside, may I say how great it was to sit outside and have breakfast this morning? It was 34°F and sleeting back at the SPTDV (I checked) and in a short-sleeved shirt I enjoyed my huevos and OJ. What all those people on the patio were doing with those sweaters and jackets….

The display tables – in the set up process still – are already representative of mainstream conservative Catholicism in these USA. For example:

  • Christendom College
  • St Thomas Aquinas College
  • Lexington College
  • Relevant Radio
  • BirthChoice
  • Wyoming Catholic College
  • Thomas More Law Center
  • Napa Institute
  • Thomas More Society
  • St Gregory Retreat Center
  • Pontifical North American College
  • Ave Maria Radio

No sign of the National Schismatic Reporter. Hmmm…. oh… right… that’s not a Catholic publication.


Al Kresta is here, broadcasting live.


A detail of the display for a Fr Z favorite, Wyoming Catholic College:



Before Mass with the bishops




I am at supper at table “1”, which surprised me. Tom Monaghan, Bp. Olmsted, Archbp Lori. wonderful!


Archbp Lori received an award for defending religious liberty.


Now Kenneth Cuccinelli is speaking. He is AG of Virginia about threats to religious liberty. He actually called on the bishops to lobby for smaller government. Larger government, less freedom.

THIS guy has got game.


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  1. Laura98 says:

    Welcome to Phoenix Fr.Z!! Looks like we have some nice weather here for you, for the next few days! :) Don’t mind us locals… any time it gets below 60F, we put on a jacket, and start complaining about the cold. LOL

    I don’t know how much free time you’ll have here… or if you’ve even ever been here before or not. But if you do have a couple hours, one of my favorite places to go for some local scenery (and a few feathery friends) is the Desert Botanical Gardens

    Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed conference Father!

  2. ckdexterhaven says:

    Father Z, I know you’re a foodie, and you are in very close proximity to a tasty restaurant. Los Sombreros is great Mexican food, they offer much more than the standard burritos and chimichangas of regular Mexican restaurants. It’s on the West side of Scottsdale road, just south of Thomas rd., with a nice patio for outdoor eating. Hope you don’t mind the suggestion.

  3. frjim4321 says:

    Glad you got there safe.

  4. Cecily says:

    Thanks for the list of display tables. It is instructive. If any more are being set up and could be added to the list, that would be great!

  5. thymos says:

    Small correction, if I may: My alma mater is *Thomas Aquinas College.* I can’t speak for the founders’ intentions in naming it so, but perhaps it made less likely being confused with other institutions who kept the Saint’s title.

  6. Supertradmum says:

    thymos, my son is an alum from TAC as well. It is a small world.

  7. bwag217 says:

    So glad to hear that you’re down here! I’m an avid reader of your blog.I’m singing in the choir for the Masses on Friday and Saturday nights, and would love to meet you for a bit if you have the time!

  8. restoration says:

    Hello Father:

    Since you are at a summit of Catholic business leaders, please urge them to hire more Catholics and post their job openings in the “Catholic Professionals” group on LinkedIn. As a Church, we often fail to “take care of our own” compared with others (e.g. Mormons). Fathers/husbands who are trying to support stay-at-home mothers and large families need opportunities to interview and compete. Please urge Catholic executives to look for us. We are not hard to find if they know where to look!

  9. Mike says:

    With all due respect, why can’t these fine bishops get a hold of some decent vestments? I mean, look at Benedict XVI, he’s got ’em.

  10. Stumbler but trying says:

    Ah fine trip to Phoenix indeed, Fr. Z. I hope you will enjoy the company, the topics and all the fruits of the Church while there. I like the picture of the Bishops…made me smile to see Bishop Olmstead among them. Wish I was there! Love Al Kresta too!

  11. acardnal says:

    Looking forward to more reports from the conference.

    Nice to see some bishops present. From the photo I can identify Archbishop Wm. Lori of Baltimore and Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix. Not too sure about the others. The one on the far left may be Bp. Sam Jacobs from Louisiana. I note Bishop Kicanus of Tuscon is absent; perhaps he is traveling because he is the episcopal representative to Catholic Relief Services and that involves a lot of overseas travel.

  12. Shamrock says:

    NIce post…love the slogan for Wyoming Catholic…says it all!

  13. Therese says:

    “Love the slogan for Wyoming Catholic…says it all!”


    No need to hurry back, Father. Minnesota’s weather will still be here. (Red or green chile on those eggs?)

  14. JuliaSaysPax says:

    Thymos and Supertradmum- I think this blog is popular with TAC people (graduates AND current students).

  15. Mariana says:

    Love to see all the genuinely happy faces! That is what started my original interest in Catholicism 12, 13 years ago. (Hope I have the same kind face now, 11 years a very happy Catholic!)

  16. my kidz mom says:

    Second from left, Most Rev. Eduardo Nevares, Auxiliary Bishop, D.Phx. And the church is St. Thomas the Apostle in Phoenix ( We are blessed with a young pastor and parochial vicar who preach faithfully – check out their homilies on podcast :)

  17. StJude says:

    Have a great time!

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