Thank You Pope Benedict Car Mag “in the wild”

I got one of my car mags today.

They are really clear!



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  1. JesusFreak84 says:

    I got a regular sticker (I’ve run out of magnetic spaces on my bumper,) and it’s right below a Pray for Priests mag ^_^

  2. SimonR says:

    Father, would it be possible to make the Thank You Pope Benedict photo available as a jpeg? I would like to use it as my facebook cover photo and pc wallpaper.

  3. Tito Edwards says:

    Where can one purchase said magnet?

  4. acardnal says:

    Tito Edwards, from “Fr. Z’s New Swag Store”, of course!

  5. Gratias says:

    We were so lucky to have had this Holy man and teacher guiding our Catholic Church for eight years. He helped steer the Church in the final years of John Paul II as well. He has left his teachings in book form to guide us with his wisdom for many generations to come.

    Thank you Benedict XVI for your service to us. Viva.

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  7. monmir says:

    I have yet to get the car to go with it. How about luggage tags? Same with Catholic and Faithful.

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