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From xkcd:


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  1. Lepidus says:

    1. Done! Thank you Father for being so insistent….

    2. First time at a EF parish confession. The slight difference that I noticed from what I was able to read up on the format was that the priest didn’t say a word until I was done confessing. Then he did what I believe was a blessing in Latin before the mini-sermon and penance assignment in English, and then finally the absolution in Latin. (At least that’s what I’m assuming. Never actually caught the “te absolvo”, but I’m not used to it either and he had a bit of an accent anyway when speaking English).

    3. There is a school “attached” to the parish – different names so I’m not sure if it is the parish school or two separate entities now. Anyway, a couple little kids came in by themselves (!) for confession (lunch time). I don’t think I have EVER seen kids behaving like that in church even when I was that age (30+ years ago). They must be doing something right over there! I bet those kids don’t have potty breaks in the middle of Sunday Mass either….

  2. catholicmidwest says:

    Morbid cartoons. Oh goody. Point taken, I’ll go to confession.

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