Ahhhh…. ducky!

Duck soup!




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  1. acardnal says:

    Looks great, Father! Happy anniversary lunch.

    “Life always gets harder near the summit.” I think that Chinese aphorism applies equally to a Christian’s spiritual life, too!

  2. dirtycopper says:

    Duck Soup? You must be dining with Rufus T. Firefly in Freedonia.

  3. Andkaras says:

    Have you ever had Chinese pressed duck? It’s crispy. You can’t find it many places anymore. Have a blessed anniversary.Thats great ,Trinity Sunday I should have known.

  4. Giuseppe says:

    Happy Anniversary, Father Z.

    If you get to NYC this summer, the Morgan Library has a wonderful exhibit of its illuminated manuscripts: “The Eucharist in Medieval Life and Art”. Some are from the Sarum Rite; most pre-Trent Roman rite. And some Eucharist images from Books of Hours. Discussions about yearly communion, introduction of the elevation into the Mass, and creation of the feast Corpus Christi are fascinating. The manuscript images are breathtaking. I’d encourage anyone in the NYC area to catch this during the summer (ends 9/2).


  5. wanda says:

    I wasn’t aware, but Happy Anniversary, Fr. Z. Duck soup? Not so sure about that, but I know where you can get a lovely pair of Mallards. They have invaded our pond and I think they are eating the goldfish. It’s a regular buffet for them.
    Enjoy yourself Fr. Z..

  6. monmir says:

    Ducky looks very good, happy anniversary Father, prayers for you tonight.
    May our lady watch over you always.
    Giuseppe: exhibition at the Morgan is wonderful, we are going as a group Lay Dominicans and EF altar servers. If in NYC it has to be seen. Catholicism…roots….we should support these events.

  7. Giuseppe says:

    Mommir – I went after Mass today. The Morgan Library is amazing – usually once a year they do something with their illuminated manuscripts. This Eucharist celebration is superb.

  8. Maltese says:

    Looks scrumptious! Duck is one of the only birds–that I know of–that you can eat medium-rare. Never had duck soup though…

  9. acricketchirps says:

    Misread it. I first saw: Life always gets harder near the gummint.

    … come to think of it…

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