Of the obligatory bagel

Manhattan is the only place so far where I manage to enjoy bagels. And, here, I enjoy them indeed,

KA, at your request, this one’s for you!


It is a spectacular day, and I am in a great spot, perched in the shade on the edge of Bryant Park.


Urban parks often disclose moments of bared humanity… and I don’t mean the apricators:

I’ll meet a friend for lunch. There is a new Chinese place I want to explore. Let it be open!

I am so grateful that the sacrifices of so many have made such a rich and carefree day possible. My we remember them always.

I passed a plaque on my way to the park which struck home that so many have paid the great price for many years indeed.



Crispy cold Sichuan cucumber


Stir fried tea tree mushrooms! I smell the peppercorns….

Rather like eating delicious shreds of tire.

Live! Learn!




The first time I’ve had something resembling ice cream since… I can’t remember. Even since the last few times in Rome.

Gents play petanque.


And there are other amusements.


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  1. Jon says:

    That plaque is about 6 and a half feet up on a building near Grand Central Station.

    I know exactly where it is.

  2. Animadversor says:

    Jon, I thought that the plaque was on the Third Avenue side of a building that houses a Banana Republic on the northwest corner of Third Avenue and East 65th Street. Since Grand Central Terminal is on East 42nd Street, it seems doubtful that the building’s location could be considered close to Grand Central.

  3. acardnal says:

    Father Z, you really must fulfill that desire or yours to visit China.

  4. Priam1184 says:

    While you are in New York Father can you please tell Cardinal Dolan … [You hijack this entry and my day with this!?! Bad form.]

  5. BigRed says:

    Formerly of NJ, now northern New England, I envy you your time in the Emerald City.

    Regarding Nathan Hale, only recently have documents come to light revealing it was Robert Rogers of Rogers’ Rangers fame who apprehended Nathan Hale.

  6. OrthodoxChick says:

    Looks relaxing and yummy. I hope this day is so great that it makes you feel as though your ordination anniversary has been extended. And may tomorrow be even better than today.

    A belated happy ordination anniversary to you, Fr. Z. Enjoy!

  7. NBW says:

    The Chinese food looks so good!

  8. Angie Mcs says:

    Despite its massive size, New York can seem like a small town with its little ethnic neighborhoods, and unique surprises that one can encounter around any corner. Chinese food, pétanque, bagels, even a fortune cookie with something more than the usual trite phrase. Father, you have captured New York in a special delightful way with these photos. Brings back lovely memories, which I hope you also will keep from this trip!

  9. acardnal says:

    May I suggest a hot pastrami on rye while in NY?

  10. anna 6 says:

    Mister Softee is really good, try the chocolate swirl. But Fr. Z, you toasted the bagel!!! I am quite shocked : ).
    If you do go for pastrami (excellent suggestion, acardnal) try Katz’s on Houston St. Second Ave. Deli is very good too, but I LOVE Katz’s pastrami!

    Enjoy the city…hope you brought a jacket, it’s the coldest Memorial Day I can remember!

  11. No More Tambourines says:

    Bagels are New York City’s contribution to culture. That and good pizza. As long as you’re in New York you should visit the Cloisters. Or attend the Yankee-Met game. (Go Yankees!)

  12. msc says:

    Please share the name of the Chinese place. Montreal bagels are mighty fine, too. I believe in the principal that a proper bagel has to be boiled. Otherwise it’s just bread. One of the best masses I’ve attended in North America was on my last visit to N.Y. at Corpus Christi on W. 121 St. (within Columbia’s confines, surprisingly enough).

  13. OrthodoxChick says:

    I was going to suggest Katz’s too, but anna 6 beat me to it. I’ll second her suggestion instead. If you’re looking for the classic New York Deli sandwich, you can’t beat Katz!

  14. Makemeaspark says:

    We love love love Panera Bagels here in Michigan. Also, Dunkin Donuts has good ones and so are Kroger Grocery Store’s house made, bagels. Have a safe and blessed trip Father Z. As always praying for you.

  15. ckdexterhaven says:

    Nathan Hale, now there’s a name you don’t hear anymore. I wonder how many folks under age 50 even know who he is. Sometimes I forget what a huge part NYC played in the Revolutionary War. The people who lived at that time would never have believed what the future held for their city/country.

  16. Giuseppe says:

    Hi Father – just realized you are in NYC. Check out the Morgan Library’s beautiful and reverent exhibit on the Eucharist, featuring illustrations from some of their most glorious medieval illuminated manuscripts (missals and books of hours). Including a Sarum rite missal.


  17. Jean Marie says:

    Fr Z. – may I suggest next time you have a New York Bagel, have it toasted with cream cheese, sliced tomato and bacon – to die for!

  18. pfreddys says:

    It is great to be in the Tri State area because of the good and true diversity that can be found here. Near me in NJ is a Byzantine church that lets the Coptics have early liturgy there. So this past Sunday I had my confession heard by a Coptic priest and received communion from the Ruthenians.
    Also, @ Anna 6 Second Ave. Deli’s pastrami is far superior to Katz’s!

  19. Ng says:

    Rev. Father,
    As a proud Montrealer, I must insist you visit Montréal! Our bagels are far superior than any other bagels in the world, including that of New York. Just imagine: Each bagel is hand-rolled and boiled in honey sweetened water before baking in a wood burning stove. Just the thought of a St. Viateur with cream cheese, Smoked Salmon, onions and capers makes my mouth water. It’s pure temptation! or perhaps a miracle…. Never sure which one.

    Come up and visit! You can visit St. Joseph’s Oratory and see the Relics of St. André Bessette.

  20. Therese says:

    Looks like a lovely day.

  21. Kathleen10 says:

    Nathan Hale’s one room schoolhouse is in New London, Connecticut, right downtown in the middle of the city. It is lovingly preserved. New London also has the incredible Coast Guard’s Barque Eagle, which was taken from the Nazi’s following the war for reparations.
    We have a fascinating American history and there is always something to see and explore. We owe it to our soldiers to never forget all they have given and done.
    Glad you enjoyed our beautiful weather Fr. Z! It was lovely today!

  22. Art says:

    Fr. Z,

    Given your appreciation of Chinese culture and urban parks, I would love to hear your opinion on Columbus Park in Chinatown while having some potstickers:

    Fried Dumplings
    106 Mosco St New York, NY 10013

    It will help put all the music and poetry from your video streams into context! Time permitting, of course.

  23. Joe in Canada says:

    Ng beat me to it. Come try our Montreal bagels! St Viateur is fine: closer to the Oratory is REAL Bagel on Queen Mary Rd. And in Montreal you can also venerate the relics of St Marguerite Bourgeoys, foundress of the CND sisters.

    Montreal is also the birth place of Blessed Andre Grasset, who was martyred in France after the French Revolution for refusing to take the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, which would have turned the clergy into agents of the French state. He may become an important patron in the near future.

  24. PostCatholic says:

    It’s heresy to New Yorkers, but the next time you are in Montreal I think you’ll discover the bagels there are every bit as good. But so far I’m with you–nowhere else, and I’ve had bagels in Poland, where the idea was born.

    I seem to remember from an earlier post that you’re a great fan of madeleines. If I’m not conflating you with some other blog I follow, then I really hope you’ll find some time while in New York to visit Oro Bakery at 375 Broome St in the Bowery (and I also seem to remember your usual stopping place is in Lower Manhattan?). Their madeleines are spectacular and the facade of the building they’re located in is an architectural jewel.

  25. Margaret says:

    Bagels, (with lox! and cream cheese! and capers!) pizza, and black-and-white cookies (nom nom nom!) just don’t get any better than in New York.

  26. av8er says:

    Grew up in Long Island, joined Navy, live in TX now over 10 yrs., there are no bagels, Chinese food, or Italian food here, or elsewhere like New York. Don’t pass up the hot dogs with onions from the corner carts. Enjoy Fr. Z.
    Even my kids say there’s no pizza like NY pizza.

  27. priests wife says:

    what would the seasoning be on the cucumbers? somebody care to guess…it looks so yummy

  28. Grabski says:

    There are few traditional bagel makers left, and even fewer outside New York. From the Nathan Hale sign on Vanderbilt, it would appear you are in one of hte bagel hot spots left in the City.

    In the main, bagels today are just huge baloons of thick dough. Ugh.

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