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  1. lizaanne says:

    We live in a charming little 1950s bungalow. So charming in fact, that the previous owner installed 1970s paneling in the kitchen! It has since been painted, looked horrible, so I thought I had to live with it until we could afford to tear out the kitchen and start over.

    In comes my husband — with tools!! :-D

    He got brave this past weekend, ripped off the paneling, and you will never guess what he found!!! BEAUTIFUL old drywall!!!!! Not like the soft new stuff either, this is almost like plaster (but it’s not). I was so excited and happy – this is like winning the Power Ball in my own kitchen!! This literally saves us thousands of dollars!!

    So now we are going to be picking out paint colors, after a LOT of patching and fixing from tearing off the previous mess, but I’m thrilled to do it!!

    Crazy how something like drywall can really make your day!! :-)

  2. mamajen says:

    Oh, yes! I’ve been waiting for this thread so I could share our good news and be on topic :-)

    Our newest little boy, Elliot Gerard, was born on May 17th weighing in at 9 lbs 4 oz. and measuring 21 3/4 inches long!


    I asked for prayers many times over the course of my pregnancy, and I truly feel that those prayers were heard and answered. I was so terribly nervous heading into my second c-section. The first one had been one of the worst experiences of my life, and I wasn’t expecting better this time around. I had resigned myself to offering up the pain and suffering. Instead, I was spared it! The things that I feared the most involved negligible pain this time. I have had the best care before, during and after the surgery. I was even surprised when Communion was brought to my room two days in a row–I had indicated that I was Catholic on my registration paperwork, but that was all (and I’m in a secular university hospital). I cannot believe the difference between my two experiences.

    My newest son is as perfect as he can be, very healthy, and seems to have a curious personality already. We are both doing wonderfully. It’s hard to believe that at 20 weeks we weren’t even certain if he would make it. I feel so tremendously blessed to have the opportunity to experience all of this again. Thank you again to Father Z and all of his readers who have prayed for someone they didn’t even know. You all helped build up my faith, courage and strength.

    [Prayers for all of you.]

  3. Ann Roth says:

    After months of planning and much prayer, my son had his workday for his Eagle Scout project on Saturday. The day went well and 85% or so of the manual labor is done. We were helped by fellow scouts and their Dads and by one fellow who was a stranger to us 3 days before the workday. We met this man by accident, he helped my son with some technical information then offered to come out and help us get started. He ended up spending the whole day working with us. He was a God send. Literally. I cannot tell you the number of prayers that have been answered on this. God is so good.

    We had a great time, worked hard and met some really nice people along the way. It was great. As my son said Sat. night, 17 years in the making to get to that day. Actually more like 12 but that is still along time to hold onto a goal/dream. He has wanted his Eagle award since he first became a Tiger Cub Scout. Almost there…..

    I hope this brightens your day. It does mine.

    God bless.

  4. Gregg the Obscure says:

    A few things on this lovely day.

    1. It is my wife and my 18th wedding anniversary, which was duly celebrated with a lovely dinner last night;
    2. Today one of my most beloved prayers, the Angleus, is back in use after an extended absence (I know I should be grateful simply for the awesome privilege of coming before the Most High and His holy angels and saints in prayer, but the weak and petty man that I am is more grateful and happy when those prayers are themselves beautiful);
    3. My guardian angel has kept me from an imminent disaster at work today.

  5. Art says:

    Just had an on-site interview after being away from the field. This is great news especially given the economy.

  6. is entering its 4th filming season (year) this week bringing Catholics plain-spoken teaching on marriage and family from a Catholic perspective in short video format totally faithful to the Magisterium; tried and true principles that have worked for families for centuries–no new teachings here – presented for today’s families–all FREE and online. This Spring we’re doing Resurrecting Manhood Today on what the role of the father in the home should be. For our blog video series, we’re doing Decadence Alive highlighting the moral ills in our society and the way living the Catholic moral law is the antidote and remedy to eliminate them. Come check it out.

  7. LarryW2LJ says:

    Last August, I found out that my department was eliminated here at work. I was supposed to be separated outlast November, but my manager found me another position within the building which lasts until the end of this month. However, God is very good, and I found out that I will be starting a new job at a different facility (same company – different customer) on May 29th.

    Although my wife was freaking out about the situation, I decided way back last summer from the get-go, that for once, I was not going to join in on the freaking out. I decided to leave the entire matter in God’s more than capable hands. Yes, there were times that I grew concerned and anxious – but I always remembered that this was in His hands. It really took some doing on my part not to be the control freak. I did my best to appear like a duck, serenely crossing the pond, while under the surface I was furiously paddling (praying like crazy).

    The new job will involve a lot of traveling and the pay isn’t the greatest; but it’s a job and I figured that God has decided that this is where He wants me right now, for whatever reason. So who am I to argue? I’ll give thanks, instead!

  8. skl says:

    I have been “talking” lately with a lovely, interesting Catholic ktwoman I met online—now thinking about a first datw
    So what is the first date going to be? A traditional Latin Mass and lunch. The former is new but interesting to her. I, slightly anxiously, mention that most women will wear a head covering. And her response?

    “What color?”

  9. marthawrites says:

    Pentecost Sunday our newest grandchild was baptized and his oldest brother confirmed . What made the reception of these sacraments even more special was that the godparents and the sponsor were our daughter, son-in-law, and son all of whom drove to Toronto (9+ hrs.) for a first-ever visit with their brother and his family in their current home which they will soon vacate in order to move back to the States. In addition, it was the first meeting of daughter’s one-year old with his Canada relatives. The same weekend our oldest granddaughter, a recent college graduate, returned from her first European trip and now prepares to move from PA to the west coast. Safe, happy traveling is always a blessing as is sibling reunion.

  10. yatzer says:

    Even though we are losing a beloved priest to another, distant parish, I am told we are being sent a faithful and holy priest from another area.

  11. Benedict says:

    Six Dominican Friars will be ordained to the holy priesthood of Jesus Christ in Washington DC on May 24. Please pray for them!

  12. Mike says:

    My wife and I have been married 22 years as of Saturday, May 25 and been blessed with 5 beautiful children during that time!

  13. Eugene says:

    my parish, pastored by a traditionally minded Jesuit (yes they exist) will be having a traditional Corpus Christi procession complete with 4 external altars on our Church grounds which should provide for some interesting sights for the neighbors in the neighbourhood, BUT we pray for the conversion of hearts and a return of deep devotion and respect for Jeusus in this most Holy Sacrament….this will probably be the first such event in 30 years in our city!

  14. Kat says:

    After three weeks homeless – my husband staying at a friend’s house and I and our son at my parents’ house 90+ miles away – we will be moving into our new home on Wednesday, God willing!

  15. DanielKane says:

    My son Daniel will received the Sacrament of Confirmation tonight taking the name Cyril (of Jerusalem) because of his love of theology.

  16. VexillaRegis says:


  17. The Masked Chicken says:

    Congratulation, Mamajen!

    The Chicken

  18. The Masked Chicken says:


    Why, it’s almost like we were in the same room. Posted at the same minute.

    Mamajen – pictures, if you please.

    The Chicken

  19. VexillaRegis says:

    Chicken: !!!

  20. Priam1184 says:

    I drew breath this morning when I opened my eyes. I am gainfully employed with a roof over our head and food on our table. In the course of my not yet so long of a life I have been able to set foot on four of the seven continents and have seen many of the wonders of Creation with my own eyes. There are those in my life who love me and I try my best (sometimes more successfully than others) to return that love. What more could I ask? Laudetur Jesus Christus! Nunc et in aeternum…

  21. Anti-Relativist says:

    My cousin, Mark, was ordained as transitional deacon for the Diocese of Allentown (PA). The ordination was beautiful and Bishop Barres’s closing remarks quoted Pope Emeritus Benedict in including a strong exhortation to fight against the “dictatorship of moral relativism,” (something we don’t hear about enough at mass, IMHO). Mark’s first homily on Sunday was outstanding and focused on prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit. All in all, an uplifting and prayerful weekend!

  22. Matt R says:

    Whelp, Mom stole my good news on my Eagle Scout project. :(
    Congratulations Mamajen! And yeah, Chicken’s right: Pix or it didn’t happen! ;)
    Yesterday was the May Procession and Crowing of the Blessed Virgin Mary at St Martin’s here in Louisville. I served Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament for the first time!
    I earned a scholarship from the Knights of Columbus! I finished my last IB exam today, and we only have til June 7 before graduation! (94 days til orientation at Franciscan. OK Mom can freak out now…)
    My sister is preparing for Confirmation this week!! It’s scary because the next ‘special’ sacrament to be conferred in my family will be diaconal ordination or matrimony (either would involve me as the oldest….).

  23. Marie says:

    My good news:
    After a year of very hard work by some devoted priests in my Diocese, they were finally able to offer their first Solemn Mass yesterday (Pentecost Sunday). I had the privlege of being there, and it was beautiful. The three Jesuits who offered the Mass were wonderful and reverent.
    They also had a priest hearing confessions during the Mass! All this is VERY new in our Diocese, which is rife with absurd liturgical abuse and an almost total avoidance of the EF, which, until a year ago, was only allowed to be offered in one token location – in the chapel at the cathedral. Yes it was a 45 minute drive from my home, but I’ll gladly make the trip every week! Thank you, dear God, and thank YOU, Fathers C, M, & H!!

  24. JuliB says:

    On Sat. I had my last test as part of the inaugural class of the Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet. This started in CO about 30 years ago, moved to Chicago, and now to Joliet. It’s a 4 year class that takes students through every book of the Bible using the literary/historical method.

    I didn’t swallow everything that I was taught, but 95% of it was first-rate and very orthodox. (We used the EDB – Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible – a very scholarly reference. At the tail end of the entry on the Transfiguration it gave many different interpretations of what it really meant. The last line was ‘some even think it really happened’. Um, yeah, some even do…)

    We had extra books to read, lecture, discussion, homework and tests. I’ve heard it was an Intro Course at a master’s level, but who knows.

    4 years after starting it, we’ve completed! After losing many people in Year 2, most of us stuck it out. Our enthusiasm has caused them to consider a 5th year to help us learn to lead Bible Studies, creating our own materials or using sets available for purchase.

    I used the NAB and the NABRE, the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible, Collegeville Commentaries, and my saving graces: RSV-2CE, Scott Hahn’s Ignatuis NT Study Bible, and the full Navarre NT book$$. I started this course with no bibles whatsoever.

    The Bible means so much to me now, and I want to spread the Gospel to others, and this class has given me the credentials to do so with (some) authority.

  25. parsnip says:

    Benedict said–
    Six Dominican Friars will be ordained to the holy priesthood of Jesus Christ in Washington DC on May 24. Please pray for them!

    This is exactly who I came to post about. One of the brothers has been serving at our parish and assisted when my DD’s best friend was confirmed (as a 15 year old at Easter Vigil 2012). He is a wonderful proclaimer of the Word and a pretty good homily-giver for a newbie. When the reminder announcement was posted in the last bulletin, the teens were digging me in the ribs–they want to go to the ordination!

  26. OrthodoxChick says:

    Congratulations, Mamajen!!!!!

    I’d love to see some pictures too!!!

  27. Supertradmum says:

    Mamajen, congratulations and God bless your all.

  28. Jeannie_C says:

    Mamajen – Praise God and congratulations! I missed reading this post and so added you and your baby and family to prayer requests today, thought you were to be delivered a week earlier and concerned we hadn’t heard from you. So happy to hear all is well. A baby truly is a gift from God.

  29. a catechist says:

    My seven yr. old daughter was Confirmed and received her First Holy Communion a few minutes later at the same Mass at the Sioux City cathedral. She got her first mantilla as a present from her father and I. Then we had dinner and a lovely evening with her sponsor’s family.

    The Mass was N.O. with excellent music, including the chanted Sequence for Pentecost & Byrd’s “I Will Not Leave You Comfortless”. Bishop Nickless gave a great homily, too, that the Holy Spirit empowers young people to stand up for babies in the womb, biblical marriage, fidelity to the Church & sacraments, and to treasure their gift of virginity and chastity.

  30. momoften says:

    Congratulations Mamajen, but God continue to bless your family. Another son has
    applied to seminary for Fall for our Diocese. He has been waiting for a long time for
    this.(it seems long to him, he will be 18 this summer)

  31. Lucy C says:

    First of all – to Mamajen, congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful blessing!!!!!!

    Our good news is this. On Saturday, May 25, our eldest son will be getting married! His bride-to-be is a lovely Catholic young lady. We are so happy to welcome her to our family!!!

  32. Lucy C says:

    Oh – and one more thing – on Wednesday, my husband and I will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary! God is good!

  33. Mary Jane says:

    Congratulations, Mamajen!! :)

    I’m 14 weeks along with baby #3; the pregnancy is progressing very well. Deo Gratias!

  34. PAT says:

    Thursday, May 30, 2013, Feast of Corpus Christi, Solemn High Mass (Extraordinary Form), 7:30 PM, St. Bernadette Church, Silver Spring, MD.

  35. kneeler says:

    Three things!

    1) I have 4 acres of grass to mow, and it is all finished as of 20 minutes ago. I hope to get that down to 2 acres eventually …
    2) A parish I frequent just installed a communion rail, and after 2 weeks, it is used by over 90% of the congregation.
    3) My children are asleep.

  36. StJude says:

    My car which I rely on for work developed a horrible squeek… after praying to St Jude.. the squeek is gone.

  37. Elizabeth M says:

    mamajen – Congratulations!

    Last Sunday my 2 year old son was getting into the pew and yelled out “Jesus! Look, there’s Jesus!” as the priest was entering to begin Mass. He gets it!

  38. The Sicilian Woman says:

    Thanks all for sharing your good news! This thread is a day-brightener.

    Congratulations to Mamajen! Good luck, MaryJane and skl! Congratulations also to those celebrating anniversaries and showing the world how marriage is done right!

  39. Jayna says:

    I recently graduated with my Masters in Theology and was just hired by my archdiocese. It’s part time for now, but hey, it’s a job where my degrees might actually count for something, which is new for me.

  40. Skeinster says:

    We added a procession to our annual May Crowning this year.
    We had a Solemn High Mass on Pentecost.
    May 19 was also our 40th wedding anniversary. We look back with love to those who are no longer with us, and are thankful for the blessings that were to come: our four children and three grandchildren.

    Congratulations, Mamajen! Kiss that baby for us, as we say down here.

  41. joan ellen says:

    1. Congratulations mamajen on your good news.
    2. is good news. I’m glad I checked it out. Men and women who are getting to know each other, who offered to pray for each other daily, and with each other at least occasionally. and who became BSFFs (Best Spiritual Friends Forever) because of their prayer life together, could their family fix be minimal if they married and had a family?
    3. Good news at Mass yesterday. 3 young boys and 1 young girl (all about 7 years old) made their 1st Holy Communion..

  42. mamajen says:

    Thank you everyone! I uploaded a few photos for those who are interested:

    Very glad to see so many with happy news to share.

  43. VexillaRegis says:

    mamajen: What a cutie your new baby is! Big brother looks very proud, I think :-) Hope you’ll make a quick recover, God bless!

  44. Andkaras says:

    asking all God’s greatest blessings for mamajen and family in tonights rosary.:) and love the pix .thanks!

  45. StJude says:

    mamajen… oh my that is one cute baby!!! Congratulations!!

  46. OrthodoxChick says:


    He’s such a cutie!! I love the tie on his going home outfit. So adorable!

  47. cornelius74 says:

    I got accepted to the BA course in theology at the Catholic faculty of our local university, meaning I can study there for the next 4 years and then, God willing, I may take part in the preparation to become a permanent deacon. I would be most grateful for your prayers…

  48. The Masked Chicken says:

    Nice pictures, mamajen. That one picture looked like he was lying in a space suit. He may be the first bishop in space :)

  49. pmullane says:

    Mamajen!! A million congratulations!!!

    God bless you and your family.

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