Acton U 2013: Day 2 (with UPDATES)

Yesterday evening we heard a talk from Marina Nemat, who had been tortured in an Iranian prison. She spoke about her faith.

Then a few of us watched the last period, etc. of the Bruins/Hawks game. Sigh.

This morning, after Mass (Extraordinary Form) I sat at a table for breakfast with a couple from Buenos Aires. They had some interesting points to share about Pope Francis.

I am now in a lecture on Natural Law and the Foundation of Politics.

More later.



After lunch we had a free space, during which I chatted with numerous people.

Now … Religious Liberty in the Modern State!



Fr Sirico is on the radio with Al Kresta.


Speaking at supper tonight is Bill McGurn.


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4 Responses to Acton U 2013: Day 2 (with UPDATES)

  1. andersonbd1 says:

    “They had some interesting points to share about Pope Francis.”
    …and? you can’t just write that w/ nothing else :-)

  2. Kathy C says:

    What andersonbd1 said.

  3. Ed the Roman says:

    I hear the sigh on the Bruins/Blackhawks game.

  4. acardnal says:

    “. . . if defenders of true marriage argue that children do better in households with two parents of the opposite sex, liberals will make an appeal to “equality” for all. “

    What about “equality” for the children? They have a right to a male father and a female mother.

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