Direct from the triumph of his anti-religious comments in Ireland, Pres. Obama thrills again.

At American Spectator I picked up this encouraging gem.

Obama never fails to enlist children in his secularist crusades, whether at home or abroad. Last week he trotted out two nine-year-old girls to introduce him at a White House event celebrating “LGBT Pride Month.”
“We could not be prouder of Zea and Luna for the introduction,” he said. “Zea and Luna are here with their moms, and also I think with Grandma and Grandpa — correct? And so feel free to congratulate them afterwards for their outstanding introduction.”
Zea and Luna proved useful to Obama not only as props for LGBT rights but also as mouthpieces for his gun-control agenda: “When Zea and Luna wrote me last December, they told me they would have voted for me if they could have — thanks, guys. They also laid out quite an agenda. I hope Congress is listening to them. But I want them and all of you to know that I’m not giving up the fight to keep our kids safe from gun violence.”


The President of the New Normal.

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  1. dominic1955 says:

    For the life of me, I still haven’t figured out what it is about sodomy that one should be taking “pride” in. Its certainly diabolical that the month of June, the month of the Sacred Heart-a celebration of God’s love for mankind is dedicated by some secularists as queer alphabet soup month. Processions in honor of the Sacred Heart are replaced by sodomites on parade. Disgusting indeed.

    It is utterly unsurprising that the children being raised by two lesbians would spout leftist nonsense. Those two and His Higness remind me of those gypsies that will throw their own baby at you so the other one will pick your pocket while your hands are full of their own child. Using children in this way is just shameful. Using them as a human shield to advance your garbage agenda deserves a mighty millstone.

    Absolutely despicable in the lowest way.

  2. anilwang says:

    dominic1955 says: ” I still haven’t figured out what it is about sodomy that one should be taking ‘pride’ in. ”

    Simple answer, “Pride before Fall”. It was true in Genesis 3, Isaiah 14:12-17, Aesop’s day, and especially today.

    The LGBT lobby might not intend to connote this definition of Pride, but what else do you call choosing to call evil good despite clear natural law other than Pride, the root of all evil.

  3. Angie Mcs says:

    He’s like the Pied Piper, who will end up taking away all our children, of all ages, even before or after they are out of the womb, be ause the people of this country refuse to wake up. At least the Pied Piper had a certain sum in mind which he was cheated out of…this man is insatiable, just like the Evil One he represents. And we all continue to go over the cliff, while he “couldn’t be prouder”.

  4. Priam1184 says:

    I thought at one time that Obama was a radical revolutionary who was going to fundamentally transform our society and make it a far worse place to live in the process. But alas, the revolution and the fundamental transformation of America seem to have happened quite a while ago and Barack Obama has simply taken off the mask. Vaya con Dios los Estados Unidos!

  5. Joseph-Mary says:

    A grandpa? You mean there is still a man left in the family?

  6. StJude says:

    Its perfectly rational for congress to draft laws based on the opinions of kids who still believe in the tooth fairy.

  7. Cathy says:

    There seems to be a trend in commercial advertising where parents are stupid and children are sooo much smarter than them. In a society that considers spanking, for any reason a sin, it is just so wonderful to see a toddler whack mommy in the head for eating a french fry instead of having a V-8.

  8. Lin says:

    Very disgusting but not surprising! I will be VERY surprised if the adults in this country can get our country back. GOD help us because it is going to take many prayers to turn this around in this life. As Padre Pio once said, I’m glad I am as old as I am.

  9. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Joseph-Mary asked, “A grandpa? You mean there is still a man left in the family?” One horrific thought that came to mind was, ‘that second X chromosome had to come from somewhere.’ What laws, or protocols, or whatever, are in effect (and likely to be effective in practice), anywhere, to prevent incestuous procreation by ‘gamete donation’?

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    He is nauseating and I really am hoping something impeachable comes along and there is a spine left among our politicians to make it stick. I know it’s a longshot, but, hope springs eternal.
    I can’t even stand to discuss him at this moment. The only positive thing about him I can say is that more people appear to be waking from their stupor, then again, I have never seen so much ignorance as I have seen in our country in the past year. It is astounding. I am not seeing as many “Hope and Change” or any Obama stickers in our area. Those got scraped off.
    I encourage all to keep the website “MassResistance” as a website “barometer” for the homosexual movement. Brian Camenker is simply an amazingly courageous man, and MassResistance does what I know I wouldn’t want to do, they wade into the fray of gay issues and are documenting the horrifying effect it is having on Massachusetts. As Massachusetts goes so goes the rest of the country except in really strong holdouts, and with the way politicians are capitulating on moral issues, one can only hope they continue to hold out. The recent “Gay Pride Day” at Fenway Park shows how really extreme this issue and level of support has become in Massachusetts, and it is so bad I will not visit that state. Massachusetts has become second only to California in it’s embrace of the homosexual lifestyle and practices. It’s RADICAL. I know it’s depressing, but please do check out the website. I only wish I had funds to support their good work.
    There is another protestant pastor who’s work I must mention. He is also amazing, and his name is Pastor Scott Lively, also in Massachusetts. How these two men do what they do I don’t know, but God must be with them. I believe Pastor Scott’s organization is “Defend the Family”, and he has spoken internationally and been extremely active in this battle for the heart and soul of Massachusetts.
    It is rather depressing to live in such a radically liberal area. The reports from MassResistance tell us that “Trans” rights are next. At all of our public schools, there are new rules pertaining to personnel that prohibit discriminating against someone for “gender expression”. That means that children in all grades will now be subject to wild transgender expression from Teacher Bob on one day, who turns into Teacher Nancy the next. This is what our schools have left themselves open to, and you know what? Nobody seems to be concerned.
    There are too many battle fronts today, and that is right out of Saul Alinsky’s guidebook to dismantling a culture. “Shock and awe” might best describe how it works, and thus far, dang it, it works pretty well! I feel shocked and awed, but not in a good way. I’m wondering if there are any seriously “red” states left, because I’m just about ready to pack up and go there, hoping for some atmosphere I can recognize.
    Padre Pio said “pray, hope, and don’t worry”. I would give anything to hear Padre Pio talk about what he would be seeing if he were alive today! I’m finding it darn near impossible not to worry.

  11. DetJohn says:

    Those who voted (especially Catholics) for the president are shmucks. If there were a true catholic voting block, the man would not be president. Wait and see what is next if Hillary Clinton is president.

    The Democrats are leading us down the path. The Republicans don’t know how to lead.

  12. Giuseppe says:

    And on Monday, I predict that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of gay-marriage in 2 cases:
    Defense of Marriage Act: Windsor v. U.S. The court will rule 5-4 (Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan) that denying federal benefits to couples legally married within a state is unconstitutional.

    California ballot measure (Proposition 8): Hollingsworth v. Perry. The court will rule 6-3 (Roberts plus all of the above) or possibly 7-2 (with Alito) that the case was improperly granted (focus will be on lack of standing) and send back to lower courts to sort out. (California’s courts will uphold gay marriage again within the next few months, and the Supreme Court will ultimately not accept a final appeal.)

    Roman Catholics: Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, Sotomayor

  13. The Masked Chicken says:


    I fear you are correct.

    The law in this country has, long ago, ceased being a practical reflection of the Divine Will.

    This statement from the Summa Theologica (I.II. Q 95 Art. 1) should be framed above the doorpost of every legislator:

    “I answer that, As stated above (63, 1; 94, 3), man has a natural aptitude for virtue; but the perfection of virtue must be acquired by man by means of some kind of training. Thus we observe that man is helped by industry in his necessities, for instance, in food and clothing. Certain beginnings of these he has from nature, viz. his reason and his hands; but he has not the full complement, as other animals have, to whom nature has given sufficiency of clothing and food. Now it is difficult to see how man could suffice for himself in the matter of this training: since the perfection of virtue consists chiefly in withdrawing man from undue pleasures, to which above all man is inclined, and especially the young, who are more capable of being trained. Consequently a man needs to receive this training from another, whereby to arrive at the perfection of virtue. And as to those young people who are inclined to acts of virtue, by their good natural disposition, or by custom, or rather by the gift of God, paternal training suffices, which is by admonitions. But since some are found to be depraved, and prone to vice, and not easily amenable to words, it was necessary for such to be restrained from evil by force and fear, in order that, at least, they might desist from evil-doing, and leave others in peace, and that they themselves, by being habituated in this way, might be brought to do willingly what hitherto they did from fear, and thus become virtuous. Now this kind of training, which compels through fear of punishment, is the discipline of laws. Therefore in order that man might have peace and virtue, it was necessary for laws to be framed: for, as the Philosopher says (Polit. i, 2), “as man is the most noble of animals if he be perfect in virtue, so is he the lowest of all, if he be severed from law and righteousness”; because man can use his reason to devise means of satisfying his lusts and evil passions, which other animals are unable to do. ”

    The Chicken

  14. Johnno says:

    Relevant video of Ireland’s Clare Daly tearing Obama and Ireland’s PM apart

  15. Venerator Sti Lot says:

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