Obama Administration asks SCOTUS not to exempt Catholic groups

The Obama Administration continues its jihad against the 1st Amendment, religious freedom, especially Catholic religious freedom.

From FNC:

Administration to high court: Don’t exempt Catholic groups from contraception mandate

The Obama administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court not to exempt Catholic groups from an ObamaCare requirement to offer contraceptive coverage, after the high court gave them a temporary reprieve earlier this week.

The court filing comes in response to a surprise order — issued shortly before coverage under the law went into effect — by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The justice issued a stay late Tuesday preventing the government from enforcing the so-called contraceptive mandate against the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged.


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I recommend prayer and fasting.  Offer some mortifications.  Today is Friday.


In other news, it seems that the University of Notre Shame has decided to sumbit to the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate.


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  1. Bob B. says:

    One can make a case the administration is deliberately conducting a jihad against Christians in this country, in Syria and those African countries who don’t buy Obama’s attempt to interfere in their internal affairs or do what he wants. Notice that he never says anything bad about China?

  2. twele923 says:

    I’m not sure I understand the moral dilemma here. The Little Sisters were offered the opportunity, by a federal judge who agreed that the Sisters met the standards for exemption, to submit their self-certification to Christian Brothers Services (their health-care administrator) affirming that “on account of religious objections, the organization opposes providing coverage for some or all of any contraceptive services that would otherwise be required to be covered; the organization is organized and operates as a nonprofit entity; and the organization holds itself out as a religious organization.” The form then advises CBS about how to process any claims for contraceptives that it receives in such a way as to keep the Sisters out of it altogether. CBS, as a Catholic charitable group, has sworn it will not cover contraceptives, and if anyone has standing to seek an injunction, it should be CBS. I really don’t see how the Sisters filing this form, which puts the burden on the individual looking to obtain contraceptive coverage from a provider that still refuses to do so, violates their religious liberty in any way.

    [Keep working on it.]

  3. incredulous says:

    It is outrageous that liberal Catholics, including those at Notre Dame support this guy.

  4. The Masked Chicken says:

    Who didn’t see this coming? The administration is morally insane on this issue, as in not conforming to principles of right reason. They have so convinced themselves of their moral superiority that they feel they have become the purveyor of The Good. However, since they have no good reasons for their positions, more and more, they resort to raw, naked power plays, especially with regards to religion. More and more this government is taking on the appearance of a cult.

    The Chicken

  5. Mike says:

    For some reason this doesn’t make me want to go on Meet the Press and beam about how I want to be a Cheerleader for Obama. I must be lacking in social justice or something.

  6. iPadre says:

    Maybe the naysayers are right – Antichrist

  7. Supertradmum says:

    The entire chancery office in this diocese pushed for the election of this man-twice. I tried to stem the tide, but was marginalized. The problem is that too many priests and bishops have supported the lies of the Dem party.

    I cannot express the grief I have because I know so many Catholics who still like this man and his policies, including all the members of my immediate family.

    I wish more bishops had been like Bishop Finn and actually talked about excommunication. The goal of this man and his minions has always been a radical, Marxist left agenda.

    We had enough information on him in 2007 not to be fooled.

    Those who are fooled want to be and they vote out of their wallets or out of ancient, dried up loyalties to the Dem party.

    Fr. Z., we need to pray for some of the bishops and the priests to wake up and speak against this man, now.

  8. BigCath22 says:

    I can’t wait until SCOTUS strikes down the mandate entirely….it appears even the liberal justices aren’t on board with the Obama administrations’ narrow view of religious freedom…

    Any word from Fishwrap about this?

    [Do you doubt that they will side with the Obama Administration and the NYT, etc? Think about their allies, who were promoting this in the first place: CHA, Nuns on the Bus, etc.]

  9. Angie Mcs says:

    The photograph above never ceases to astound and disgust me, as ND administrators and professors stand around their king, smiling and applauding. These are the people who are controlling the education of our university graduates. It has all the makings of a Shakespeare play. But what is the ending?

    Unless someone strong, with values, enters the stage, we will have a real tragedy on our hands in this country. As “the Chicken ” states so simply, we are being led bythe “morally insane.” Again, I refer to the photograph above.

  10. eben says:

    I would have never believed I’d have lived long enough to have lived through times like these. And with Hilary in the wings, I can only imagine its going to get far, far worse.

  11. incredulous says:

    STD… ;),

    I can’t agree with you more on that point. How can our leadership be so blind by supporting such heinous evil?

    “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. ” And that’s just for causing them to sin. How about killing children?

  12. gracie says:


    “The Little Sisters of the Poor were offered the opportunity, by a federal judge who agreed that the Sisters met the standards for exemption . . .”

    No. The Little Sisters have *not* been exempted. The government refuses to classify them as “religious employers” and thus they legally are required to provide contraceptive coverage. The Obama Administration has set up a shell game saying that if the LS’s sign a piece of paper then it will be their insurance company, the Christian Brothers, and not them who will be providing the disputed coverage. This is like saying okay, you don’t have to give the gun to your employee to kill her child. Instead, give the gun to the CB’s and we will force *them* to give the employee the gun. The LS’s say that makes them complicit in the murder of the child because they are providing a way to get the gun to the employee. It also makes them complicit in putting the Christian Brothers out of business as CB would be forced into paying crippling fines if it refuses to provide the coverage.

  13. Nancy D. says:

    When the Obama Administration’s attempt to redefine Religious Liberty in The Hosanna-Tabor Case failed, we can presume that the Obama Administration realized that they must find another way to redefine Religious Liberty through Law; how ironic that it is the issue of contraception that could ultimately result in our losing our inherent Right to practice our Faith in public as well as in private.

  14. incredulous says:

    The Obama administration and their handmaidens in the GOP not exclusive of Mr. Boehner are playing a good cop/bad cop game with us all. They are eviscerating every liberty they get their hands on and are, as the Godless communists did, trying to replace our Sovereign with the state. They are completely diabolical and most likely there will be many saints created by them. Man before God is who they are and we know who introduces that idea.

  15. Angie Mcs says:

    In Supertradmum’s post, the word “grief” stood out for me, and I would like to respectfully ask for some advice or feedback. We love our families, despite their foibles, as we wish to be loved by them. What we see happening must be so hard on many of us,then listening to praises of Obama within our family, especially with all the togetherness of the holidays just behind us. How do we balance our feelings with our beliefs? I am sincerely interested, as I am a newly converted Catholic and became Catholic after Obama was elected, which makes my family assume things about me and judge me in their minds. I just dont discuss politics with them, but it hurts to see how they have developed. Sometimes I think of it as having two families, one on this earth and one for all time ( I sincerely hope).

  16. Sonshine135 says:

    I am waiting for the first Diocesan Bishop to come out and say, “We will not do this, and we will not pay any fines.” It is high time for a little civil disobedience. If 1/4 of the people who call themselves “Catholic” went to Washington DC, and clogged up the systems for a full week, we would win this battle, but it starts with our Shepherds.

  17. Nancy D. says:

    I am not surprised that the veil was lifted at Our Lady’s University, exposing The Great Falling Away; as someone who was sleeping in Gethsemane, I assure you, all is not lost at Notre Dame, as long as the Faithful have the courage to be Catholic.

    Notre Dame, Our Mother Lyrics – YouTube
    ? 1:20? 1:20
    May 8, 2011 – Uploaded by IrishRoo12
    Alma mater for the University of Notre Dame. … Notre Dame, Our Mother Lyrics. IrishRoo12 …

  18. Supertradmum says:

    Angie Mcs, pray, fast, do penance. Pray more. Be quiet. I do not bring up anything, but look for quiet opportunities to say something true. However, that even can backfire.

    Sadly, people cannot talk objectively but react subjectively, personally. Also, there is, in some people, buried guilt and conflict, which they do not want to face.

    There is no easy answer, only a level of suffering.

  19. TNCath says:

    Bella premunt hostilia da robur fer auxilium.

  20. Sonshine135 says:

    @Angie Mcs

    I’ll take a stab at this. Anyone who truly loves you will respect you for who you are. We are called to love one another. I learned long ago that I cannot “fix” who other people are, but I can focus on who I am, and make sure I am living up to what Christ wants me to be. People react because you are removing them from their comfort zone. So be it. If they are that frazzled to have you around, it is probably a good thing. You are challenging them to be a better person. If the effect of this is for them to be negative or to lash out at you in a disrespectful or chastising manner, then your best bet is to limit the time of your visit, wish everyone the best, and get on down the road. I still say the number one cause of family friction is the fact some stay from Christmas Eve all the way past New Year…….Way too long! 3 to 5 days max is long enough- for your sanity and your relatives as well. Hope this helps!

  21. Nancy D. says:

    A third party has a choice whether they will provide contraception or not?

  22. Supertradmum says:

    Sonshine135, Agree and you may want to read this….http://supertradmum-etheldredasplace.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-to-deal-with-christmas-rejection.html

    Sadly, not all are loved or respected, even by families.

  23. Angie Mcs says:

    Thank you ao much for your insights. Many deep reasons, it is true, but I think on a simple level, it was just too much of each other. By New Years Day, everyone was letting down the facade and showing their irritations. But keeping close to Christ will never let you down.

  24. Deacon Augustine says:

    Unfortunately this will end badly for the Sisters. The Obamists know they can prove that contraception is not a big deal for Catholics because they have figures which show that most Catholics use contraception and support abortion etc. They also know that Catholics in the US suffer no sanctions from the Church for their use of contraception, supporting abortion etc. Not only do they suffer no sanctions, but many bishops nod and wink at the proscribed behaviour and even approve of giving Holy Communion to those who publicly advocate it. Therefore, how can the insistence on contraception/abortion coverage be discriminatory against the religious rights of Catholics when there is no de facto evidence that such things contradict Catholic belief or prevailing practice? They will argue that these matters have only recovered some importance for some Catholics because a fiduciary commitment has been demanded of them. Therefore the real objection is not motivated by Catholic belief, but rather the avoidance of financial loss.

    The Church organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor will be hoist by the CINO petard.

  25. Johnno says:

    Mr. Walsh: “In your opinion, will every country, without exception, be overcome by communism?”

    Sr. Lucia: “Yes.”

    Mr. Walsh: “And does that mean the United States of America too?”

    Sr. Lucia: “Yes!”

    July 15, 1946

    We were warned folks. We were warned. Warned. Warned! The only thing I can take comfort in is knowing that God always knows what’s up, and He can turn all this around if only we humbled ourselves and cooperated with Him and His desire that we honor His Holy Mother! Instead, under His Mother’s banner, we have honored men like Obama. We’re getting what we deserve. Don’t ask where God is in all this and what He intends to do about it, He was informing us and gave us the solution long before any of this happened! Prophecy being fulfilled right before your very own eyes! Praised and Blessed be the Lord!

  26. twele923 says:

    But the plan with CB that the LS have set up is a “church plan”, which is exempt from requirements established by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1971. And according to the Becket Fund’s own filings, the Obama administration has admitted that it can’t force non-ERISA plans to cover sterilizations/abortifacients/contraceptives. The LS filling out the form would have been “complicity” in relieving themselves of the burden to provide contraceptives and handing the decision to a company that knows it can’t be forced to provide them. When you know that filling out the form still means that no objectionable coverage will be provided – when you know that the form is a dead letter – I don’t see how you can argue that filling out the form is a violation of your religious beliefs.

  27. PA mom says:

    I had a very difficult family dinner several months ago where my Uncle, a dear man, but so lost during his retirement and watching many hours of MSNBC daily (??!!), spent nearly an entire dinner at my home going on loudly about giving homosexual equal marriage and how backward parents of Boy Scout troops who didn’t want openly gay youth in their troops were.

    Several days later I paid him a visit, wherein I explained that when he is in my home,he is in the company of my children whose morals I put quite a significant timeandeffort into. I will not stand for him to go about proclaiming deviant sexual activity as good and right, without my ability to even give a right and true cross examination of as I am conducting dinner for 14.
    I explained that I am in no way a bigot, I do not teach hatred, but I do teach them their morals based on our shared Faith, and I will not have him undermining that right in front of me.
    I then told him that I love him, and still want him in my home, but to please give this a great deal of thought.
    The occasion was one of truth and love and he respected me for it, though he said little at the time, we have been wonderful since.
    I fully thank the Holy Spirit for this moment of grace.

    The Sisters themselves have been beautifully eloquent in their own defense and are a credit to our Church. May God grant them success.

  28. gracie says:


    The information I provided comes from the Becket Fund website, whose lawyers are filing the motions for the Little Sisters of the Poor:


  29. twele923 says:


    That’s where I got my information, too – from their Dec. 31 filing with Justice Sotomayor.

  30. gracie says:


    I’ve posted further information on Fr. Z’s new thread, “Hell’s Bible attacks the Little Sisters of the Poor” that clarifies the issue.

  31. Sword40 says:

    Those of us on social security and small pensions will have our SS confiscated if we don’t comply.

    So be it.

  32. romanrevert says:

    Will nobody rid us of this troublesome President?

  33. LeslieL says:

    I found this article from our local Long Island Catholic to be succinct and to the point – it really does seem that the Administration would rather see no health coverage at all for people rather than accommodate people of conscience….

  34. Suburbanbanshee says:

    romanrevert –

    Wow, classy. Enjoy your visit from the Secret Service.

  35. incredulous says:


    The undertones of your post are disturbing, but I won’t read any more into it. We had the opportunity to rid ourselves at the last election. Unfortunately, a majority of those that call themselves Catholic VOTED FOR him. Let’s not pull any punches. The Democratic party is the party of the female, mainly.

    This is the biblical nature of the woman starting with Eve. They think they know more than God. They want to entice weak males to eat the fruit. Weak men don’t lead, they follow, they eat and then fall from grace.

    We as men know what we must do as warriors of God in the Church Militant.

  36. pannw says:

    @ incredulous, I know many women who would get highly offended, but then, the truth often hurts. As a woman, it pains me greatly that so many of my fellow women follow Eve rather than trying to emulate that other female whose biblical nature cooperated in the salvation of the human race. Thank God for Mary, without whom I would be lost, in more ways than the obvious one.

  37. LeslieL says:

    Thank you, pannw – I couldn’t have responded better :-)

  38. majuscule says:

    I agree with incredulous, pannw and LeslieL.

    And I’m a woman.

  39. Ben Kenobi says:

    “What we see happening must be so hard on many of us,then listening to praises of Obama within our family, especially with all the togetherness of the holidays just behind us. How do we balance our feelings with our beliefs? I am sincerely interested, as I am a newly converted Catholic and became Catholic after Obama was elected.”

    Feel your pain. I’m a conservative and the only conservative and Catholic in my family. How do we balance? We pray for them. I wish I had more answers for you, I struggle with this myself.

  40. Ben Kenobi says:

    “Unfortunately, a majority of those that call themselves Catholic VOTED FOR him.” If the electorate were solely Catholic, Obama would have lost. The reason these two are different is because of Catholics in California.

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