REVIEW: Travel-size 1962 Missale Romanum – AT LAST!

  • Looking for a gift for a traditionally-minded priest?
  • Looking for a gift for a soon-to-be-ordained seminarian?
  • Looking for materials for your budding Extraordinary Form Mass group in your parish?
  • Looking for the right stuff for your own home’s private chapel for when Father visits?

This is just the thing.

I recently received from the great Canons of St. John Cantius in Chicago, a new printing of a travel-size 1962 Missale Romanum.  They have it in their webstore.  HERE

So many priests and I have lamented the paucity of small-format altar missals, more convenient for travel or for smaller altars in, say, private chapels. Now we have a good option.

Let’s have a look.

The book comes in a sturdy slip cover.  It is bound in burgundy leather with gilt-edged pages and sturdy tabs.


Embossed with gold.


Fine quality paper and very clear font.


It was produced by the Fraternity of St. Peter.  However, the guys at St. John Cantius sent me one and the FSSP guy did not.  Ergo…


It is published with ecclesiastical approval.


You can see the size of the book in relation to my thumb.


In relation to a pen.


The so-called “Gallican Prefaces” are included among the standard Prefaces.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, these are Prefaces for Advent, the Blessed Sacrament, Dedication of a Church, All Saints and Holy Patrons.  They were granted for use in 1962.  Not everyone agrees that they ought to be used, but I would rather have them in the book and be able to choose to use them or not.



A fine image of the Lord, as the “T” of the Te igitur.


Of course the More Solemn Tone of Prefaces are included in an appendix.


I like the way the ribbons are constructed.  They are strong and reinforced but in such a way as not to damage the pages.  There are six ribbons.  That should get us by.



From the Biretta Books website:

The high quality features of this beautifully produced Missale Romanum include: 1224 pages with gilt edges, 6 ½”width x 8 5/8”height x 1 5/8”depth, handmade plastic tabs on both sides, bordered bands, cover in burgundy split leather with gold stamping, and includes a sturdy Missal slipcase.

Please note that since this Missal was printed in Germany, the propers for the United States or Canada are not included. We will soon have a supplement with the American feasts that can be inserted in the Missal.

NB: I exchanged email with Fr. Haynes in Chicago.  They are indeed publishing the supplement for the USA.  He didn’t say when it would be available, but I assume it is coming soon.

To purchase this fine Missale Romanum go HERE.

Also, there is a video about the missal:

PS: One of these days we will get a really small one, like those used by military chaplains back in the day.

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  1. iPadre says:

    I recently purchased a copy. Beautiful!

  2. APX says:

    These are really nice, but what I would really like is a purse-size daily hand missal that I can keep in my purse without it taking up all the space. Now I have to choose between my Breviary and my hand missal.

  3. Wiktor says:

    I’m considering ordering their Requiem Missal with altar cards for a gift. (Option 1: traditionally-minded priest)

  4. Wiktor: By all means! And get a Missale Romanum to boot.

  5. RafqasRoad says:

    This is excellent and I would consider very much purchasing one to have on hand when (I am not going to resort to using ‘if) we have a TLM in the local parish or for when (god willing) I may be able to have a mass held in my home.

    Additionally, I am after a really good book of blessings for salt, oil, water, candles etc. like the one they use at St. Charbels with gutsy prayers and not merely a generic ‘blessing’ that is rolled out regardless of the sacramental bits and pieces being blessed. I want to purchase this and have it ready for when I book a house blessing from our local priests. The one we had at St. Charbels was in English/Arabic (I’d be contented with one merely in English) Please bear with me as I am only just over two years Catholic (have documented my conversion here before so won’t put the readership and long-suffering Fr. Z. to sleep).

    Also, is there a traditional prayer for blessing guide dogs (remembering that the modern guide dog movement has been around in Germany since 1917 and in the US, UK and Italy since 1930/31 long before the ‘generic blessing’ type prayers and their ilk were rolled out. Its just that I am having problems with my guide dog that may mean his early retirement; I’m his second owner and he’s a great guide but atrocious around other dogs (am using Gentle Leader as well as the usual guide dog harness on advice from my guide dog instructor – pray for A. to come to Christ please). The ladies at church are praying, but I wonder if there is a proper blessing that can be invoked. I’ve tried placing St. Francis medals on his collar but they invariably wind up falling off very quickly, as do any St. Lucy medals that I have placed there. I use Holy Water not only on me and throughout the house but on him nearly every day and occasionally put a pinch of blessed salt in his feed.

    I know this is right off topic, but any thoughts would be most appreciated.


    South Coast Catholic.

  6. Sancta Missa says:

    Find out more information here: [And my post wasn’t enough? LOL! o{];¬) ]

    Biretta Books in Chicago offers the 1962 Missale Romanum in the full size and in the travel size (chapel size), as well as the Requiem Altar Missal.

    The USA supplement (for feasts particular to the USA, like St. Peter Claver and Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.) Biretta Books is printing is at the printers now and will be available in the Biretta Books webstore by the end of January if not sooner. It will include an adhesive strip so that the USA supplement can be inserted easily into the Missal.

    Fr. Scott A. Haynes SJC
    Biretta Books, Chicago

  7. Palladio says:

    By the grace of God, a dear, learned, faithful priest friend would like to learn the Mass of the Saints. He lives in suburban Philadelphia? I’d be most grateful for suggestions on how he might be taught.

  8. jbas says:

    Thanks! The last time you posted about one of these, they were sold out before I could get one.

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    St. Roch/Rocco is also a patron of dogs, and of course there’s St. Bernard….

    Hmm. Thinking about where I’ve seen dog or guide dog blessings.

  10. Confitemini Domino says:

    When I asked FSSP to send me a printed version of Fr. Ramm’s very good catechism, they not only provided me with three free copies but added another gift: A hyper-compact ordo missae, beautifully designed and printed, purse-size, more than enough for any layman to follow the traditional latin Mass, and maybe interesting for a priest as well. When I am home I’ll take some photos and post a link.

  11. Confitemini Domino says:

    As I promised…
    Have a look at my new Ordo Missae from FSSP:
    Weight: 86g
    Size: 10,5 cm x 14,7 cm
    Thickness: 7 mm
    257 pages, the last 92 consisting of the original words of precious German hymns and chants which have often been disfigured in the process of producing “modern” chant books.
    Of course it’s not the 1962 Missale Romanum, but you might be surprised how many gems they put in there, anyway.

    As an afterthought: Father Z., you are not, by the way, waiting for a Kindle version of the Missal to appear? Just for the pun “Say The Black – Do The Black“?

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