Mother Angelica – RIP


For a schedule of the rites surrounding Mother Angelica’s funeral and interment: HERE

The amazing Mother Angelica has died.  May she rest in peace.

Mother was a titan.  She did things that conferences of bishops failed to do, truly failed.

She suffered a lot in her life.  The fruits of her life live on.

May those who carry on with her work not disgrace her memory.

She was afraid of no one.

Here is one of the defining moments of her ministry.

It was World Youth Day in Denver.  There was a “stations of the cross” that was , quite frankly, blasphemous.  Mother reacted strongly.

Please, all of you, pray for her. She would love that Masses are offered for her. She would love rosaries.

And I believe she will remember every kind gesture and spiritual work of mercy.

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  1. TNCath says:

    This is a very fine tribute, Father. According to Raymond Arroyo’s biography, Pope St. John Paul II described her as a “strong woman, courageous woman, charismatic woman.” Cardinal Silvio Oddi reported that the Holy Father also said that “EWTN is the key to restoring the Roman Catholic Church in America.” I daresay that Mother Angelica has had more positive influence on the Church in the United States than any bishop ever could have wished to have, and that didn’t make a lot of them very happy. In fact, I would submit they felt very threatened by her because, despite her lack of formal education and “credentials” so prized by the bureaucracy of diocesan structures and the USCCB, she was thoroughly and unashamedly Catholic no matter how tough things got. RIP.

  2. Scott Woltze says:

    If not for Mother, what would so many of us converts and reverts have done to learn the faith? We wanted, by a grace, the whole Catholic faith, and we had to look very hard to find it. We often had to settle for a virtual parish (EWTN web and tv, Catholic Answers, AudioSancto, etc) until things got better in our neck of the woods. Thank you Mother, may our Lord’s perpetual light shine upon you, and adore him face to face.

  3. Michelle F says:

    I found Mother Angelica’s shortwave radio broadcast by accident in the late 1990s, when I was in RCIA. I lived for her Mother Angelica Live broadcast every Wednesday. I would sit with a notebook and take notes on all she said.

    I am very, very grateful for the catechesis I got from listening to her.

  4. crickally says:

    She was truly a lioness in defense of the Magisterium, unlike too many of our bishops, priests, and avant guarde nuns of the the church of “nice”. I hope that in due time she may be considered for the title of Doctor of the Church. Somehow I feel that I should now be praying for her intercession for me, rather than me praying for her.

  5. Geoffrey says:

    A saint has died this Easter Sunday. There can be no doubt about that.

  6. Robert of Rome says:

    Santa subito!

  7. Christ_opher says:

    About 10 years ago It was her TV Channel that introduced me to Archbishop Fulton Sheen. The shows were in black and white and yet Archbishop Fulton Sheen seemed to create something way above technicolor in his TV program, I’m grateful for Mother Angelica and hope that she is in heaven and can help us in our Catholic lives.

  8. Eugene says:

    Truly a saint has died! Mother Angelica pray for all of us at this dark time of confusion and heresy, within Holy Mother Church.

    …she is a modern St. Catherine of Siena..she will go down as of greatest saints o modern times..along with her sister Blessed Teresa of Calcutta..what 2 great intercessors we now have in heaven

  9. VexillaRegis says:

    Yes, “a saintly doctorate” would be very fitting for Mother Angelica!

  10. Hank Igitur says:

    Hopefully this marvellous strong woman who died on Easter Sunday joined our Divine Lord in his resurrection and went into Heaven with Him on that same day. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord……… The women of the Church can be so strong, even when the men can be so weak…………

  11. Andreas says:

    To anyone that dare say that women do not perform some of the most critical roles in the life of The Church…just let them look to Mother Angelica. Let them go to the comments sections on so many websites where her passing was reported and see how Catholics and non-Catholics alike were deeply moved by her ever-wise insights, her humor and her orthodoxy. Let them see how this most Holy Sister created a global Catholic media enterprise that still today brings The Gospel to millions around the world. Let them do this and then say in public that women do not have the influence they should in The Church. May your soul rest now in peace, dear Mother.

  12. ckdexterhaven says:

    I feel really and truly sad to hear this. This woman loved the Lord, and loved the Church.

    I have often wondered* why Hollywood doesn’t do a movie about her life. Talk about an American success story! Woman with high school degree takes on powerful men, and founds global entertainment empire.

    In my Protestant, Bible thumping grandmother’s later years, she NEVER missed Mother Angelica. Never.

    *Yeah, I know why they don’t make a movie about her.

  13. SimonR says:

    I listened to Mother Angelica from 1998 until her stroke in 2001.
    Even though it was only a few years, she had a massive influence on my life.
    Through her, I was introduced to EWTN and numerous programmes.
    She was a source of inspiration and encouragement, but she also brought comfort and consolation into people’s lives.
    It occurs to me that both Father Benedict Groeschel and Mother Angelica have now died.

  14. xgenerationcatholic says:

    When they talk about a greater role for women in the Church, Mother Angelica isn’t what they meant, hey? I still remember Archbishop Weakland trying to get her off the air here and the huge uprising against Time Warner that resulted .

  15. midwestmom says:

    What a coincidence that you found this clip of Mother, Father! This is the one thing about her that popped into my mind after hearing of her death. That, and my daughters stopping to visit my mother who was battling cancer at the time; they all prayed the Rosary along with Mother Angelica on the TV. This little event meant a great deal to my mom.

  16. iPadre says:

    I went down to EWTN for my annual retreat on my first year of ordination. Mother said to me: “You need to join my order, the bishops are going to persecute you.”

    I believe: “Bloom where you are planted.”

    May she rest in peace! But may she not rest, but continue to do the good work she always did, but from a different vantage point!

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  18. Healingrose1202 says:

    How lucky are we and future generations are to be able to forever hear her message for God through television and radio recordings. Through God’s grace, may we continue to follow her example to say yes to God when he calls us.

  19. acardnal says:

    In 1987 EWTN was not carried on the local cable system. So. . . I purchased a short wave radio, strung up an antenna and listen to their programming via radio. Our parish – and others – started a petition drive, collected signatures and presented it to the cable operators. They succumbed and eventually carried EWTN TV!

    I visited EWTN in Alabama on a personal pilgrimage in the ’90s. At that time I was installing satellite earth stations around the world for the federal government so I asked EWTN personnel on a whim during my visit if they would show me their operations room and antennas and they were kind enough to do so. And I got to shake Mother’s hand during an “EWTN Live” show!

    Her programming was definitely instrumental in developing my faith. The REAL, true, faith …not the goofy stuff so many priests and bishops were advocating back then.

  20. robtbrown says:

    A diocesan priest has often reminded me that for some years the US bishops talked of using satellite technology. Nothing happened.

    It took a nun to do it.

  21. Suburbanbanshee says:

    My grandfather thought the world of her, but I was not smart enough to really start watching her shows until after he passed away. Once I did, I found out that she was smart, wise, and full of zeal for souls. She and her network taught me lots that I did not even know I didn’t know.

    She overcame terrible obstacles of physical weakness and family hurts, and her trust in God communicated itself to others. She contended with the government and with bishops and priests; but she stayed faithful and obedient to the Church despite unfairness, and she stayed law-abiding despite injustice. By sticking around, she fought better, and she saved others from despair and schism.

  22. Back pew sitter says:

    I’m sad – but happy for her. What a beautiful day to die. How much is owed to her. May she enter into the joy of the Lord she served so faithfully.

  23. Elizabeth D says:

    Co-patroness of television, subito! What must be the prayers of her and St Clare!

  24. JesusFreak84 says:

    The fact that I’m still Catholic at all is because of EWTN. Happy day, that she’s now with the Spouse to whom she was bonded as a sister, but sad day because she’s no longer here with us.

  25. Adaquano says:

    I don’t know if I’ll ever know the extent of how instrumental she was in my journey back to the faith.

  26. benedetta says:

    Where I grew up, Mother and her network provided renewal and spiritual refreshment and encouragement in a place where the Faith was largely abandoned at the institutional levels. As a young person, I did not tune in to listen to her carefully, although some strong women in my life had been for awhile, until I was nursing a newborn and confined a bit to an easy chair by a window. All of a sudden time slowed down for me so that I had the opportunity, and gained a little personal patience, to listen to Mother’s words closely. For her works and witness and a Catholic examplar of what St. John Paul II considered to be the feminine genius, one of terrific strength, humor, dignity, and an understanding of human development in the Faith, I will be forever grateful. With prayers and Masses said I am confident that we may look to her as an intercessor for the continual renewal of not only the United States but any place touched by the network’s broadcasting or by people whom she impacted for the better and for their salvation.

  27. Sandy says:

    All that’s been said by you, Father, and the comments, have covered it all! She was a modern saint and as soon as I heard yesterday, I began asking her intercession for my family. Her amazing work was a tremendous help to converts and cradle Catholics alike. I’ll never forget her “battle” with a certain cardinal in L.A., after which the Holy Father sent her an awesome monstrance for her church! I felt sad at her leaving us, but she is at peace now after suffering for so many years. Mother Angelica, pray for us as we continue the battle here below!

  28. pannw says:

    Wow…I’ve never seen that video. Talk about righteous anger… Amen, Mother Angelica! She sure didn’t hide her candle under a bushel, did she? I am so grateful for this saintly woman of God, if for no other reason than this, that she provided my elderly father, who raised me in the Church, a place to go where he could participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the manner in which it is meant to be offered. The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament is a great consolation to him in his old age, after suffering in the desert of banality for so many years. At 86, he drives the hour and 20 minutes or so through the hills of Alabama to get there twice a month* and on Holy Days.

    May her reward be very great in Heaven. Deo gratias.

    (*The other 2 Sundays are spent at an EF parish about an hour the other direction. There is now another option nearer, but he has been doing this for some time and he is content. Again, I am very grateful.)

  29. Mariana2 says:

    May she rest in peace. I learned so much from her. Like the commentator above, I made notes, in my while watching her talks on You Tube.

  30. Supertradmum says:

    There is an entire generation which grew up on Mother Angelica. May she rest in peace. I shall ask this brave nun for aid in my life for sure.

  31. frjim4321 says:

    We pray for all of the deceased at every mass, as well we should.

    I don’t particularly see her movement as having been very positive or helpful but that certainly wouldn’t stop me from praying for her or anybody else.

    We’re all going to cross that threshold one time or the other so this seems like moment for contemplating mortality as opposed to speculating on the possible positive or negative effects of any individual life. We all must come before the judgement seat of God.

    [Really? EVERYONE: He’s baiting you. Don’t take the bait.]

  32. Royse87 says:

    Mother Mary Angelica, beloved spouse of our Eucharistic Lord, pray for us

  33. Michael_Thoma says:

    I don’t particularly see her movement as having been very positive or helpful but that certainly wouldn’t stop me from praying for her or anybody else.

    Look Fr. Jim, most of the people on here, myself included, disagree with you on nearly everything. However, it can’t be denied that as a priest, you have been positively impacting countless lives from the moment of your diaconal ordination.

    Mother Angelica not only founded her order, she created an international Catholic medium that has not been surpassed. It put Catholicism on the map in places like India, Africa, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, etc on TV, radio, internet, mobile devices. Why would you take the opportunity of her passing to dismiss the undenial greatness of her life on this plane?

  34. NBW says:

    Mother Angelica was an excellent catechist with a great sense of humor. She worked hard to make EWTN possible and to teach many the Faith which so many priests and Bishops failed to do.
    Mother Angelica, ora pro nobis. May EWTN continue her work faithfully.

  35. cathgrl says:

    I heard about EWTN in 1995. At the time, the cable company in the city refused to carry EWTN because, it was told, “The bishop didn’t like it.” The programming director was also a Mormon. As far as the bishop not liking it, if you knew the bishop, you wouldn’t doubt the statement.

    I borrowed a shortwave radio the weekend that Pope John Paul II was in the United States that October. When I had to return the radio, I went out and bought my own. I was just beginning to start to learn my Catholic faith more deeply. EWTN helped a lot with that until I met others locally who would help me further.

    I knew when I was preparing for Confirmation in 1980 that I didn’t know my faith well. I lived in a rural area and couldn’t figure out how to find the full, authentic Catholic faith. It wasn’t for lack of trying. That started to change when I found EWTN. It’s a shame that it took 15 years, but thank God it happened.

    I am eternally grateful to Mother Angelica for her role in helping me learn my Catholic faith. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord.

  36. DisturbedMary says:

    Did she every speak without clarity, faithfulness or deep love of the Church? Always the truth. You never had to think twice about her message. It is evident in the video — she was not a cream puff when it came to defending Our Lord. Gotta love her. A true original. Doctor of the Church? Why not.

  37. I give Mother Angelica lots of credit for educating me at a time when I was spiritually illiterate. When she did strike out, at least she was swinging the bat, unlike so many of our bishops. If she is as effective in death as she was in life, maybe we now will have one of the most powerful intercessors ever.

  38. Athelstan says:

    “A diocesan priest has often reminded me that for some years the US bishops talked of using satellite technology. Nothing happened.”

    Given who the bishops at the time were and what their understanding of evangelization seemed to be, that was likely for the best, I’m afraid.

  39. Mother Angelica certainly played a huge and pivotal role in jump-starting the restoration of the Church—against the opposition of many of our appointed episcopal shepherds–that seems finally underway in this country (even when not conspicuously supported by high authorities), and this will be her everlasting legacy. How many were given hope in the 1990s, by her programs and the reverently celebrated EWTN daily Mass, that what they’d thought lost and gone forever could someday be recovered. Millions surely will remain grateful to Mother for her courage and inspiration, for giving her powerful voice to the dreams of so many of the faithful who’d previously heard no one speaking out for them.

  40. benedetta says:

    As both a member of a profession and as a mother, I have a great appreciation for the way Mother rooted her life in Trinitarian prayer, cultivated a terrific amount of wisdom in the Christian spiritual life and journey borne from her devotion and her Eucharistic heart, and, all at the same time, even from that contemplative outlook, presided over bringing a television network to life and then all aspects of its growth. She was mindful of the spiritual needs of our times, completely, and responded to them in myriad, diverse ways. She directed the running of a television network that in the secular world is left to teams and levels of technical personnel and departments. She had an ability to bring out the best in others on her team so that they could in their turn also be spiritual wisdom and encouragement to the world through the network and in all the ways and countless apostolates which the Christian journey entails. She was in touch with the needs of the faithful and introduced us to others who would also encourage as she did, via television and radio, but then also through leading a credible life participating in works of mercy on local levels in all regions of the country and beyond. She shows us that a faithful, Catholic womanhood is already, and can be rich and fruitful through a myriad of wonderful ways. She encouraged all to personal holiness, in both simple and spectacular ways, that all required courage and perseverance and humility. If not for her, how many might have missed the call and opportunity to be saints, during a time when institutions, secular and sometimes of the Church, did not make pursuing the spiritual life an easy choice. She also did not forget the needs of families and children. The programming at EWTN is always appropriate viewing for any age group. Quite a lot of families find in EWTN a respite completely different and beautiful as compared to what is on offer generally these days in broadcast media, and a help to what parents ask of their children in times when often virtually no one extends support to the difficult task of raising children in the Faith. Deo Gratias for her life and for working through her.

  41. capchoirgirl says:

    Such a great woman. I always record her episodes of “Mother Angelica Live.” Truly a dynamic woman focused on winning souls for Christ.

  42. robtbrown says:

    frjim4321 says:

    I don’t particularly see her movement as having been very positive or helpful but that certainly wouldn’t stop me from praying for her or anybody else.

    I suspect there are many here who have the same opinion of you.

  43. robtbrown says:

    The Zinging Nun.

  44. Ellen says:

    If Mother Angelica had not been a nun, she would probably have been the CEO of a major company. What a wonderful, powerful, influential and yet humble woman she was. I ask for her prayers.

  45. cnessel says:

    It’s highly doubtful that I would have become Catholic had it not been for the feisty nun that caught my attention while flipping through the cable channels in 1996. My wife and I became Catholic two years later and I owe her a great deal for that catechesis. Mother Angelica, pray for us.

  46. LarryW2LJ says:

    To have lived during the time that Mother Angelica, St. Pope John Paul II, Blessed Mother Theresa were with us on Earth is a treasure and honor, indeed.

  47. Mike says:

    We are indeed humbled and inspired by this faithful exemplar of the calm, firm proclamation of Truth in the face of political correctness. Those who, for the better part of a century, have vainly attempted to maim Truth under the wheels of the Hell-fueled PC Juggernaut can hardly be expected to respond otherwise than with petty carping and jealousy—for which we can pray that the grace of that same Truth will be the cure.

  48. Mike says:

    I watched that segment live. Wow. I remember s few years back EWTN radio playing old broadcasts of Mother. In one, she went to a man in s coma, whispered in his ear, “be sorry for all your dins you ever comitted and trust in God’s mercy.” Right then, she said, a large, really large, tear welled up in his eye, and rolled down his cheek,

    I will never forget that. God reward her!

  49. Mike says:

    Pardon typos, please, via phone!

  50. JARay says:

    Indeed she was a wonderful, holy woman. The EWTN organisation is truly the work of God and she was His instrument. We, far away from you, here in Australia, have the benefit of her outreach. I am so grateful for her wonderful work. I am quite sure that she is now in heaven and I support the idea of making her a Doctor of the Church.

  51. Kathleen10 says:

    More than any other person, Mother Angelica affected the Catholic faith life of myself and my husband. When EWTN came on, we were in a Catholic wasteland, Rhode Island (pre-Bishop Tobin era). EWTN gave us only everything, as far as knowing about our Catholic faith and loving it even more than we did. Straight-up Jesus Christ and Him crucified, that’s what we got.
    We’ve watched our church weaken and weaken, just continuing the downhill slide, as if our Bishops and Cardinals are embarrassed by Christ, but not Mother Angelica, she never wavered. Not only she, but all the programming on the network at that time only reinforced that orthodox view that did not confuse but only taught and edified us. How could we ever express our appreciation for this incredible gift. We can’t. We will simply pray for the repose of her soul, and ask her for pray for us. Frankly, we feel a little bit orphaned today.

  52. Thomas Sweeney says:

    Her comment years ago on moving the Tabernacle, if I came to visit you, would I find you in the garage. Or words to that effect.
    It is a crying shame that so few of our Bishops speak out as courageously as she did.

  53. Semper Gumby says:

    Praise God for Mother Angelica and EWTN. Her Live show (reruns), Fulton Sheen, her Rosary program, all the other great programs. An inspirational and evangelical bounty. Prayers that EWTN will continue faithfully.

  54. bookworm says:

    My mother, who also died on Easter Sunday (in 2010), and my in-laws were big fans of EWTN. My daughter learned to pray the Rosary from watching the “International Rosary” program with people reciting the prayers in different languages, and to this day she still says the little girl’s prayer at the end: “Merciful Father, we are together on earth….”

    Also, tonight I heard the announcer on our local classic (70s and 80s) rock station — after playing “The Sky is Crying” by Stevie Ray Vaughn — say, “Perhaps the sky is crying tonight because Mother Angelica, the founder of the Eternal Word Television Network, has passed away.”

  55. frjim4321 says:

    “I suspect there are many here who have the same opinion of you.”

    Wow thanks, I appreciate the prayers!

  56. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    I cannot express my admiration for Mother Angelica. I never listened to her without being amused, encouraged, and touched, all at the same time. Saddened by her death, but certain she tripped lightly through Purgatory, just so she could say she’d been there, and is now delighting the Lord in heaven.

  57. GregH says:

    Henry Edwards,

    Did you start watching the Daily Mass when it became a daily staple in the early 1990’s?

  58. jflare says:

    “I don’t particularly see her movement as having been very positive or helpful”
    Um, yes, that would be quite consistent with views you have stated in the past….

    To say the very, very least, she will be sorely missed. Would that we had more nuns, priests, and bishops with her fire.
    Rest In Peace, Mother.

  59. tskrobola says:

    Mother Angelica gave voice to millions of Catholics who suffered silently under the soft repression of the liberal church….she willed be missed, along with Fr Groeschel and other lions who graced our radios and tvs.

    Oh and…BEST.RANT.EVER.

  60. JohnNYC says:

    Here in Rome at the Basilica of San Pietro I just came from a reverently celebrated New Order Mass said in Latin (with the readings and the responsorial psalms in English), said by Father Robert Dodaro, at the Altar of Our Lady of the Column here in the Basilica of Saint Peter.
    Requiescat in pace

  61. Fr. Bryan says:

    Praying for the repose of her soul. She had an influence on many lives, including mine, and brought who knows how many souls closer to God. She was fearless, and she stepped out into the world of technology to evangelize, to bring the Gospel to the airwaves. What a model of trust in God. I am grateful for her work her witness, and her life.

  62. Andrew says:

    I came to this post, and sure enough anticipating Fr Jim would have something not so nice to say, like on several other occasions. Apprehension confirmed.

    Are you like this when you give homilies?

    Meantime, can I give tribute to this great champion of the airwaves, that did so much to restore orthodoxy when this was declining in the eighties, and nineties.

    As you were so devoted to the Passion of Christ in your life, you passed away on Easter Sunday, its completion.

    Thanks Fr Z for including her marvelous show in Denver in 1993. Remember it so well, from those pre-Internet days. I saw it on videotape shortly afterwards. We won’t have her kind for some time.

  63. Giuseppe says:

    The creation and development of EWTN into a true Catholic network is a wonderful legacy. Their broadcasts of masses from Washington and from the Vatican on major holy days have been highlights for me. Most Catholics will never get to Rome, but because of EWTN, they get to attend Christmas or Easter masses celebrated by popes. Her work lives on — isn’t that the heart of evangelism?

  64. GregH: “Did you start watching the Daily Mass when it became a daily staple in the early 1990’s?”

    It was only a bit later that the EWTN daily Mass was first made available where I lived then, but on a trip elsewhere around 1993 I happened to view it, and still recall the shocking of learning that somehow, somewhere the new Mass was being offered with such beauty and reverence.

    Amazing how things have changed since, with the OF Mass now offered worthily every day in so many places around this country, so many need not take a long trip just to catch it on TV. For which, Mother Angelica surely shares credit (and our gratitude). As John Szmirak puts it in a Crisis Magazine tribute reprinted today:

    Leaving aside the popes, the person who has served as the public face of the Church in the United States for the past two decades is a little, crippled, chronically ill, old Italian-American lady . . . But the global media empire planted by this contemplative Poor Clare has put down mighty roots, with millions of viewers who love its dogged loyalty to the teachings of the Church. Indeed, in large swathes of the country where parishes have either closed or turned de facto Methodist, EWTN’s broadcasts serve the isolated faithful like Allied broadcasts into Occupied Europe. . . . . [with the initial mission of racial reparation] the nuns would end up serving another persecuted minority—faithful American Catholics.

  65. Ellen says: If Mother Angelica had not been a nun, she would probably have been the CEO of a major company.

    In fact, she was the CEO of a major company.

  66. PA mom says:

    “she was the CEO of a major company.”

    And while under strict vows of poverty too. Impossible really, it let us see clearly that it was God’s doing.

    So grateful for Ewtn. Watching it helped realign my head with my heart after I started back attending Mass after the birth of our first child, then heal me differently after my miscarriage of our second.

    Wish I could figure out how to get it now that we have cut the cable cord…

  67. cathgrl says:

    PA mom, I do not have cable, but when I want to watch EWTN, I bring up the viewer on my tablet from the EWTN webpage. There’s also an EWTN app. The live streaming from the app doesn’t work on my Android, but did on my Kindle Fire.

  68. Andrew says:

    One of the first documentaries I ever saw on Mother Angelica, was entitled Mother Vision, made by the BBC in 1985. She was touted as the foundress, CEO, and star of this TV network, known for posterity as EWTN. I thought at the time, how unusual for someone in any enterprise in those days, to complete a hat trick like that! For my American readers, hat trick is a term that comes out of the sport of cricket, meaning when a bowler dismisses three batsmen with consecutive deliveries. John Allen Jr wrote this in is obituary. Mother Angelica is a cross between Australian entrepreneurial media magnate Rupert Murdoch (where I am also from), and the nun who taught you in the third grade!

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  70. KAS says:

    Mother Angelica was a huge positive influence on my spiritual development when I most needed one. She helped me get closer to Jesus long before I was Catholic. Her example, and her depth of understanding drew me to the Church. I used to keep EWTN playing in the house as I did my housework. I would stop and pray the prayers between the shows, thus learning my Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet, and getting a lot of good solid history and theology, and being introduced to great Saints. My RCIA didn’t have much going for it, but Mother Angelica’s efforts through EWTN certainly did!

  71. Sword40 says:

    I, too, was tempted to “take the bait” but decided to just let it go (considering the source). Mother was truly a great woman and a Nun. Now that she is gone to her reward, I hope that the Board will hold true to her guidance and direction. We’ll be watching closely.

  72. PA mom says:

    Cathgirl-thanks! I didn’t realize they offered that!

    Another reason to not need cable.

  73. stephen c says:

    Father Zuhlsdorf said: “She would love rosaries”. I can help with that.

  74. Fr. Reader says:

    “And to the Angels of the Church of America write: I know your works, your youth has received my Vicar, but I have this against you, you have your witchery and your eneagrams and your centered prayer, and you have blasphemed against the flesh of the Son of Man. I am tired of you, liberal Church of America! I am tired of you, repent or you will be removed from your seat…”

  75. Elizabeth D says:

    ROTFL Oh brilliant Fr Reader!

  76. We lost Father Benedict, and now Mother Angelica. Who will take their place?

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