UPDATE: Pontifical Red Vestments from @Gammarelli for @MadisonTMS

One of my favorite portrait artists is Giovanni Battista Moroni (+1579).  Not one was he Catholic, in a serious sense, he was both in Trent when the Council was being held and was influenced by it.

One of Moroni’s more famous paintings is The Tailor, which hands in the National Gallery in London.

Moroni Tailor

It is interesting for its details, of course, but it is significant because it portrays a tradesman rather than a member of a noble family, etc.

It is also a kind of logo for Ditta Gammarelli in Rome, ecclesiastical tailors.  They use it on their bags, etc.

Right now the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison – 501(c)(3) – , of which I am President, has a fundraiser going on to buy vestments.  We need Pontifical vestments because we have a wonderful bishop who pontificates in the traditional rite.  We can use them also for Solemn Masses.  I have a full description HERE.

Your donations are tax deductible.

The great guys at Gammarelli have been kind enough to send photos as they cut the fabric for vestments.  I thought this was particularly good.   They are cutting for the cope.


Please help with this fundraising project!  (Don’t worry, we have more coming.)




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