I have been remiss… cool stuff I have seen and received!

Lot’s of people send me stuff… to peddle for them, obviously. While I can’t do everything, I can occasionally bring some things to your attention.

Fathers… remember Agnus Dei Incense and Altar Breads. HERE

Here is something nice.

For scale.

And there is the spectacular BEER from the Benedictine Monks at Norcia!

Check our birranursia.com.  And, they have an American Online Store. Moreover, you can enroll yourself, or your parish priest!, in the Brewmonks’ Club.

But what is this I see?   Spiffy coasters on which to place your suds.


And there are these great new editions of classics from Baronius Press.   They are beautifully bound.  Go HERE for more!

They are still in their plastic here.  There is a ribbon.

The great monks at Silverstream Priory have made beautiful altar cards!

I’m going to have these framed.

Also remember the great altar cards from SPORCH!

And have I mentioned the ULTIMATE Priest’s Gift – Super Cool Portable Altar lately?  St. Joseph’s Apprentice!

I was visiting a priest friend… he has a cool salt gun.  I blasts puffs of salt ostensibly to kill flies.   It could shoot Blessed Salt at demons.

And, as always, remember the wonderful Soap Sisters?


Do explore some of the ads on my side bar.

And… please… remember to use my search box if you are going to purchase anything through Amazon.  That really helps a lot.


This came today. A cook book put together by the PONTIFICAL SWISS GUARD!



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  1. Mike says:

    Not only may those be the most beautiful altar cards I’ve seen in a while, but they look pretty readable. And that looks like a good sturdy scapular (I’m forever wearing them out).

    Spiffy coasters on which to place your suds.

    What about my Mystic Monk Coffee? It’s swell! 8^)

    [Well said.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. APX says:

    Not only are those coasters spiffy, but practical as well. They have the Blessing for Beer on them. No more having to wait for your priest to run out to his car to get his Roman Ritual to bless the beer before drinking it.

  3. RAve says:

    I LOVE that coaster.

    I designed my own version a few years ago (but with translation for latin-challenged) that was used by my local pub. It had a lovely portrait of Thomas More on the obverse to advertise my solo law practice located a few doors down.


  4. benedetta says:

    A salt gun Father? For pests? With blessed salt? Hmmm…

  5. majuscule says:


    I bought a Bug-a-Salt last year after seeing here on Father’s blog. It’s lots of fun to shoot flies with regular salt. And great for getting the blessed kind into closets and room corners.

    Okay, kind of an expensive toy. But good to have on hand in case of a visit from Lord of the Flies.

  6. benedetta says:

    Haha yes — thanks, majuscule !

  7. Royse87 says:

    I’ve always wondered, are there any rules about what images or words ought to be on the Brown Scapular? I’ve heard various opinions and some seem to think an image of Our Lady and Our Lord must be present. Any ideas?

  8. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Father, Father! What do you think of the Vatican cookbook? It popped up as a “you might like this” on my Amazon page. The reviews don’t mention the quality of the recipes and I’m interested in a Fr. Z’s kitchen review…??????

  9. Maltese says:

    Here’s something I would buy for you, Fr. Z, if I could ;)
    Could be useful, in the days ahead, except it relies too-much on technology. Might be better to rely on an old Colt :)

    [Wow. Just… wow.]

  10. APX says:

    I don’t think there is a requirement that any image be on the Brown Scapular, which is really just a small version of the scapular worn by Carmelite Nuns and Monks.

  11. Maltese says:

    Btw., the Scapular, above, is identical to the one I wore to St. Martin/Maarteen’s island last week, except it had a cross and St. Benedict medals attached to it. I swim and tan (mostly out of eye-shot) in my scapular, and never take it off; and some find me a feast for the eyes, but I wade proudly into the waters with my scapular. But last week a wave took my scapular off, and I spent an hour looking for it, and the next morning too. I suppose God gave it to someone else, since it was blessed by a good priest. But I felt “naked” for the rest of the trip, until I got home, and promptly donned my back-up scapular, also blessed by a good priest. As Father Z says, Go to Confession, but, also, wear your Scapulars (as long as you do so in a true devotion to Mary.)

  12. Maltese says:

    I shouldn’t say, “I wade proudly into the waters,” rather, “I wade humbly and trepidly into the waters,” knowing I’m a) at the bottom of the food-chain when my naked feet and legs are in the sea, b) I’m not a Pharisee or Sadducee trying to ‘show-off’ my faith, and, most importantly, c) I really do believe in trying to preserve my faith and my soul, personally. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that even more than trying to save others’ souls, one must work first to save one’s own soul.

  13. Maltese says:

    I should add one last thing: in all other things the Great Doctor says to put others before you, except for your own soul. The soul is the exception to selfishness. One must be completely selfish when it comes to one’s own soul. Because if one’s soul is out-of-whack, all of their works–that they might use to help their brethren–will be out-of-whack. That is why Monk’s might seem “selfish” to some modern eyes, but really, in dedicated their lives in humble prayer to Christ, they are selflessly sacrificing their lives on behalf of us all–their prayers are offered to God on behalf of all of us on this fallen earth.

  14. JohnNYC says:

    Who makes the nifty coasters? They are really beautiful but for the next batch they make I would like to suggest the following corrections to the errors in the Latin:

    “ex frumenti” to “ex ADIPE frumenti”
    “praesta invocationem” to “praesta PER invocationem”
    “nominis tuis sancti” to “nominis TUI sancti”

  15. Rocha90 says:

    I want those coasters for my Benedictine beer. Any idea where to buy them??

  16. RAve says:

    I am happy to foster our Zuhlsdorfer kinship by sending one red pub coaster I designed (and linked to above) for FREE to anyone who follows the directions at this link and writes “Coaster” where it says “Sticker” (no need to enclose a dollar bill): https://avemarialiving.com/welcome-to-avemarialiving-com/

    Side A of the pub coaster with latin and English beer blessing is here: https://www.facebook.com/AveMariaLiving1/photos/pb.726473327376102.-2207520000.1460640080./909914799031953/?type=3&size=647%2C646&fbid=909914799031953

    Side B of the pub coaster featuring St. Thomas More is here:

  17. RAve says:

    P.S. I am sending a few coasters and a sticker to Fr. Z! I just love what he does for us all. Thank you Father Zuhlsdorf – we love you and are so grateful for you work.

  18. BTW… here is the Blessing of Beer from the Rituale Romanum

    Bene+dic, Domine, creaturam istam cerevisae, quam ex adipe frumenti producere dignatus es: ut sit remedium salutare humano generi: et praesta per invocationem nominis tui sancti, ut, quicumque ex ea biberint, sanitatem corporis, et animae tutelam percipiant. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen

  19. Gabriel Syme says:

    I am SO going to get that Vatican cookbook, what a cool idea! Thanks for the heads up Fr Z!

    And please tell the Monks of Norcia to get a move-on with setting a UK-based shop! I have been eager to try their wares for some time*

    (*my great uncle was a Monk at Buckfast Abbey for over 50 years. They make a fortified wine which is often drunk irresponsibly in Scotland – i.e all at once – but I promise to go easy with the Norcian Beer!).

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