“The oldest church in the English speaking world”

It is great to see that His Hermeneuticalness is posting a bit more these days after the great health scare.

Fr. Finigan visited the oldest church in the English speaking world.  Very cool.

The Church used by Queen Bertha and Saint Augustine

A short walk outside the Roman walls of Canterbury is St Martin’s, the oldest Church in the English speaking world. St Bede says that it was in use in late Roman times but had fallen out of use until it was restored by Queen Bertha, the Christian wife of King Ethelbert, in about 580. When St Augustine arrived in 597, his community of monks enlarged the Church to make use of it for the choir offices and it was here that Ethelbert was baptised.


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  1. Dave N. says:

    If you visit Canterbury, please don’t miss this church–fascinating!!

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