Yes, Notre Dame can sink even lower

When you are tempted to think that Notre Dame University can’t sink any lower…

From Adam Wilson of the Cardinal Newman Society (check their feed on my right side bar) to my email:

This is outrageous, and I wanted to make sure you saw it. Notre Dame sponsored a talk on campus by pro-abortion former Texas Senator Wendy Davis yesterday. In it, she talked up the supposed necessity of abortion and praised Planned Parenthood (and a Notre Dame department sponsored this event!).

Would you be able to share?

Wendy Davis Hypes Abortion at Notre Dame on Feast of the Annunciation

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  1. cda_sister says:

    This is beyond sickening. Notre Dame is no longer recognizable as a Catholic university. Not to mention the Biden issue along with this abomination. Prayers to our Blessed Mother to deliver this university from this travesty.

  2. kclark14 says:

    Father and fellow readers — a great article from an ND student in response to this shameful incident:

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Notre Dame is trying beat Georgetown in the Race to the Dark Side. They will, of course, both lose.

  4. iamlucky13 says:

    I’m an alumnus from another university run by the CSC. The next time they contact me asking for money, this incident will be cited as a reason why I can not support them.

  5. aviva meriam says:

    And people wonder why Catholic Students are confused about the faith.

  6. KG says:

    It’s an embarrassment, but this excellent conference was going on at Notre Dame the very same day:

  7. rroan says:

    To be clear, she was a STATE senator. The great (for now) state of Texas soundly rejected her when she ran for statewide office in favor of our wonderful (and Catholic) governor Abbot.

  8. iamlucky13 says:

    @ KG – I just read the letter. It’s very well written, it trounces the false notion of feminism that is based on a denial of femininity, and it upholds the dignity of human life and the integrity of human sexuality in positive terms that echo the Theology of the Body rather than resort to puritan chastisement.

    It would be convenient for those who organized this talk if they could dismiss it as the judgemental ramblings of someone who wants to oppress women, except the author is a woman.

    It looks like she’s also soon going to be a lawyer. It will be great to have such a clear-thinking, well-grounded person working to uphold the laws of our country.

  9. cl00bie says:

    You need to discipline a defiant child with living correction consistently administered. They are pushing the envelope, trying to decide how far they can go.

    The local ordinary needs to take the dean into his office and let him know that if this happens one more time, he will be under interdict. Then when it happens again put him under interdict and at the same time warn him that if it happens again, he will be excommunicated. Then when it happens again, excommunicate him.

    Souls are at stake!

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