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Catholic Herald on recent SSPX developments

The editorial at the beginning of this week’s print edition of the Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly.  

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26 May – St. Philip Neri: Hearts on fire!

Today is the feast of the great co-patron of Rome with St. Peter: St. Philip Neri. From a couple weeks ago. The tomb of the saint in the Chiesa Nuova. Here is his… COLLECT: Deus, qui fideles tibi servos sanctitatis … Read More

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MADISON 31 MAY – Pontifical Mass at the Throne – Feast of the Queenship of Mary

On 31 May, the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, we will have a wonderful Pontifical Mass at the Throne at 6 PM at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Monona, WI.  The Extraordinary Form Mass is organized by the … Read More

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Concerning head veils and contexts

In Islamic Saudi Arabia… In the audience with the Holy Father… So, in the Arab Muslim country where women have to cover their heads, nothing. In Rome, where it is the custom of women to cover their heads for audiences … Read More

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The Lord’s Ascension, Beans, and You

We have lovely customs in our wonderful Roman Catholic Church, including special blessings on certain feast days, often tied to the changing of the seasons… in Rome, that is.  It’s the Roman Church, after all. Today, the Feast of the … Read More

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“A long time ago in a decade far, far away…”

Star Wars premiered 40 years ago today, 25 May 1977. Time flies… doesn’t it.  

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PHILIPPINES: Muslim terrorists kidnap Catholic priest, 13 others at cathedral

I haven’t read much about this in the news, have you?  The Religion of Peace is at work in the Philippines. From a reader… The reason for the email is a story coming out of the Philippines. Muslims kidnapped a … Read More

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Vigil of Ascension Thursday

Here is something I wrote a loooong time ago – 2006 – for an WDTPRS article in the print version of The Wanderer.  I had a column there for 11 years. …(I)n some places the Feast of the Ascension, which … Read More

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You Do It WDTPRS: Mary, Help of Christians

Along with being the Vigil of Ascension THURSDAY, today is the feast of Mary, Auxilium Christianorum…Help of Christians. Here is the Secret, in Latin, from the 1962 Missale. Let’s see what you can do. For WDTPRS pieces, I try to find … Read More

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Crux tweets horrid image of Pope Francis, Pres. Trump… funded by @KofC

CRUX is funded by the Knights of Columbus. CRUX posted this image on Twitter concerning the meeting of Pope Francis and Pres. Trump.  Link to Tweet HERE Knights of Columbus… is it time to cancel your insurance? Moderation queue is ON. … Read More

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About Manchester and other terrorist attacks – a couple of rants and ACTION ITEM!

My heart goes out to the people harmed in the recent terror attack in Manchester, England. As the usual reportage goes on, I’ve been getting messages on my phone from a friend which underscore something important not being well addressed … Read More

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Approaching Jupiter

Stepping aside from things churchy for a moment, here’s a spiffy video spotted at Astronomy Pic of the Day. EXPLANATION FROM APOD: What would it look like to approach Jupiter? To help answer this, a team of 91 amateur astrophotographers … Read More

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A First Things article recommended, about Pope Benedict

Be clear before reading: It is not complimentary toward Pope Francis (which might bother some) or toward Card. Kasper (which shouldn’t bother anyone). That aside, the useful piece includes background on the dispute between Card. Ratzinger and Card. Kasper with … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Visible tattoos and altar service

From a reader… I was at Mass today at a parish with exceptionally reverent liturgies, communion received at the communion rail kneeling and on the tongue, male-only altar servers and EMHC, but something kept catching my eye and distracting me-one … Read More

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Anthony Esolen makes a point – with napalm

The brilliant Anthony Esolen (how I envy his prose) makes a point – with napalm – at the increasingly useful Crisis today.  The post confirmed me in my desire never to be on his bad side. He begins… Don’t Let A Foolish … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Boys choosing female saints for confirmation names

From a reader… Today at our new parish, we had the Bishop administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. Among the girls, 2 took the name Sebastian, 3 took Luke, 1 took John, 2 took Raphael, 2 took Francis, with one Michael. … Read More

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SSPX claims about permission from Rome to ordain priests

SSPX Bishop and Superior Bernard Fellay recently made comments in a video interview which caught my attention. At about 15:20 listen for him to say: “Last year, I received a letter from Rome, telling me you can freely ordain your … Read More

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A young priest recounts his experience and aspirations

For decades priests have done all sorts of goofy things to Mass and bishops did little or nothing to safeguard our sacred worship. Almost a year ago Robert Card. Sarah called for priests to celebrate Mass ad orientem more often, where possible, … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Is having a “straw subdeacon” for a Solemn TLM okay?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I’ve been to Solemn High Masses where a seminarian (perhaps having been instituted as an acolyte) was acting as Subdeacon (a “straw” subdeacon, I think, since he’s not ordained). Other than ordained men, who can act … Read More

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Pope Francis sets date for Consistory for new Cardinals – short, odd list

At the English site of Vatican Radio we find the names of the soon-to-be Cardinals.  There is something rather odd in the list. (Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Sunday announced a consistory for the creation of new Cardinals. He made … Read More

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