REVIEW: A beautiful Catholic ABC Book for children

This morning after Holy Mass I was given a wonderful book.  It’s a children’s book, but no matter: it’s a delightful reprint of an old ABC or Alphabet Book.

It doesn’t get more Catholic than this!  This would be a great gift to a family with small children.  I suspect that the older kids (and adults) would like it, too.

An Alphabet of the Altar from St. Augustine Academy Press.


I don’t have a lot of experience of reading to or helping small children to read, but this seems to be a good size for the task.  It’s hardcover, 8.5″ x 11″, of 48 pages.



Some letters have two pages, including a facing page with a dedicated plate.


So you can see how beautifully executed the drawings are, and the details.


Otherwise, some facing pages each have letters.


It might be a little hard to see, but for “M”, there are ribbons with the names of the principle liturgical books of the Roman Rite.  In fact, all the drawings have lots of interesting details.

After the alphabet, there are pages



For scale…


Click to buy…. HERE

This same St. Augustine Academy Press also makes the spectacular Treasure and Tradition: The Ultimate Guide to the Latin Mass.  I wrote about it HERE.


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  1. Fr. Kelly says:

    I just ordered this and a number of other things from them. Thanks for the tip, Fr. Z
    It looks like they are also an excellent source for the writings of Mother Mary Loyola.

    Incidentally, they have a box at the bottom of the order page where they ask how you found out about them. I put Fr. Zuhlsdorf. Word to the wise!

    [Well done!]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. Mikhael says:

    They had a booth at the MN homeschool conference in St. Paul this past weekend and they had a amazing prayer book for children.
    Great prayers for children (and adults), how to make a good confession, simple explanations of the parts of the Mass, and the artwork is fantastic. Really solid book and easy for children to use.

    Every year we see them at the conference and find more books to get from them. We usually pick up a couple more copies of Treasure and Tradition, they make great gifts.

    Another book we got this year was A Pictorial Catechism,

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