VIDEO: A remarkable vocation story.

A remarkable vocation story. Fr. James Mawdsley, FSSP.

For years I’ve written about how learning and celebrating the traditional form of Mass forms a priest. This priest touches on this transformative experience.

(He mentions that blogs played a role. I found an old email from him. This blog was one of them.)

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  1. Julia_Augusta says:

    That’s exactly how God works – when you least expect it. I thought about January 25, the feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul. Saint Paul was a terrible man until the moment of his conversion, which was swift. As Father Mawdsley says in the video, the power of God is so evident in His ability to turn someone who was a mess into a priest.

  2. Sandy says:

    Praise God for you, Father Z, for your blog and other holy ones, and for the FSSP!

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  4. Jonathan Marshall says:

    I met Fr Mawdsley several times on the Chartres Pilgrimage whilst he was still a seminarian. A remarkable man who will be a wonderful priest.

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  6. Gabriel Syme says:

    My eldest daughter (when not much more than a baby) and I had the honour of attending one of Fr Mawdsley’s first masses and we both received a blessing from him. The mass was celebrated at “Immaculate Heart of Mary” parish, in Glasgow, at the invitation of Una Voce Scotland. Another FSSP priest, Fr John Emerson – an American, formerly of the SSPX – was also in attendance. A great day. I am sure the good Fr Mawdsley will produce much fruit in his vocation.

  7. KateD says:

    Thank you for putting that video up, Father. It was absolutely beautiful. FSSP are such wonderful priests. Every single one we’ve encountered is a reflection of Christ. I love the holy example they provide my young boys.

    When he said the best he could do for Burma was to say the Mass everyday and do all that he’s called to by the Church, he nailed it on the head. That is really the crux of it. Through prayer good is manifested in a way that it cannot be accomplished through our own physical actions alone…because it is God accomplishing it, not us. Just beautiful.

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