Look! Up in the Sky! MARS in opposition, MOON in bloody conjunction

On a far happier note, from SpaceWeather and from APOD come astronomical notes of interest.

First, APOD says that Mars is in opposition.  This mean that the entire planet is lined up against liberals, in a kind of solar systemic “resistance” movement.  Mars disapproves of the “gay lobby” in the Church and wants you to take notice.  Hence, because Mars is at its closest approach to your blue planet, it is at its brightest.  Also, there has been a massive, planetary dust up, thus mirroring our Church, which has obscured much of the Martian landscape.  Look at the difference.

Over at SpaceWeather we learn what I saw on my curial calendar today, namely, that there is a Lunar Eclipse in the offing together with a conjunction with opposing Mars!   So, the Moon is also against the gay lobby and may be, like certain other voices, calling for blood, because that’s what color it is about to turn as your planet’s shadow passes across her face, in totality… except in North America!

Very cool.  Alas, no totality where I live, so I won’t be able to see both the blood-red moon and the opposing red planet in their conjunction.


The coverage of Stage 19 of the Tour de France mentioned the eclipse when they showed the great observatory on the Pic du Midi.   Spectacular scenery.  The stage began in Lourdes!


The stage began in Lourdes!  You can see the shrine in this brief sample of the scenery from the coverage.


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  1. ChrisP says:

    We have full view and clear sky here in NZ where we are. Incredible sight and full selenehelion in about 30 minutes time. The eclipse is total as I write and the selenehelion will last for about 3 minutes at around 815am. Incredible.

  2. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    I thought we’re supposed to be in the Age of Aquarius or something?

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    That’s cool I didn’t even know the planets could see what was happening way down here on earth. Planets have good eyes. :)
    Last year’s total eclipse was so great, I envy other nations that can enjoy this cosmic entertainment, it’s fantastic. I’m absolutely looking forward to 2024 when another total solar eclipse happens in our area, God’s might on full display!

  4. Thomas S says:

    Fr. Z,

    Could you recommend a good amateur stargazer guidebook?

  5. teomatteo says:

    Mars yes. There is a war raging.

  6. RichR says:

    I was walking my dog last night and noticed the blood red moon next to the bright Red Planet. I hurried home in hopes of catching a photo for you, FrZ, but by the time I had my camera assembled, the moment had passed.

    I don’t think the stars are oracles, but it is interesting how a rare phenomena coincides with the war with the Lavender Mafia. I’d hoped FrZ would bring this up, and he did not disappoint.

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    ChrisP: Remarkable, that selenehelion truly must have been a sight to see.

    By the way…radio-astronomers who monitor the spectrum at 96 FM and 101 FM report a celinedion occurring several times a day and lasting for about 3.5 minutes…

    Dimitri_Cavalli: That’s a good question. It seems that some astrologers say it started in the 20th century, others say not until the 22nd or 24th. I guess it’s how one marks the boundaries between Pisces and Aquarius (the “precession of the equinoxes” thing). Regardless, some heathens out there are yukking it up that the Age of Pisces (the Fish = Christianity) is ending and Aquarius is on the way.

    Kathleen 10: “God’s might on full display” indeed.

    The 2017 eclipse had its, not sure of the term, longest duration of totality at a spot in southern Illinois south of Carbondale. The 2024 eclipse will cross the path of the 2017 eclipse also south of Carbondale.

    (Sidenote: I think it was the SIU-Carbondale student newspaper who had an article last year about some New Age/Aquarius people who used the “long duration” twilight near Carbondale to, among other things, “recharge” their crystals. So, for these people sunlight is magic and abortion is healthcare. Well now, God forbid a 2nd Civil War, but it may have a religious-war element to it. At least back in the 1860s most Northerners and Southerners toted a Bible. But I digress, not trying to condemn hipsters with shiny rocks here, or the fine folks of southern Illinois.)

    Anyway, also south of Carbondale is the Bald Knob Cross, over 100′ tall. In hoc signo vinces.

    Isaiah 55:9

    Psalm 103:11

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