What the TMSM is doing with your donations

I want to let you know what our 501(c)(3) organization the Tridentine Mass Society of the Diocese of Madison does with your tax deductible donations.

A couple weeks ago, three new priests were ordained by the Extraordinary Ordinary for the Diocese of Madison.*  The diocese used the TMSM’s vestments for the Mass.  We were able to clothe the deacons and the priests in matching vestments.

Here is a still from the video that was made.

By the way, because the cathedral burned down some years ago, the TMSM built a throne for the bishop’s use. Then we found out about a old portable throne canopy at a parish of the diocese that can be disassembled quickly and moved. We’ve used it at parishes for Pontifical Masses. For throne examples see HERE and HERE and HERE.  Anyway, you can see that bishop is now using a throne with canopy for ordinations.  Our work here is… just started.

What else have we done lately.  We made the processional canopy to match the white Pontifical Mass set, with coat of arms of the diocese.

Just the other day I received a new set in green for Solemn Masses. I asked for extra fabric and trim so that we can make a matching tabernacle veil.

I look forward to getting this set into action.

I have underway a project for a new black set and I want another white set for Solemn Masses, so that we don’t wear the Pontifical set unevenly.  And we still have the BLUE coming!  I haven’t forgotten.  We have to prioritize.  Also, I want to obtain all the necessary pontificalia hardware so that a bishop could just walk in and we could outfit him with crozier, bugia, lavabo set, ring, miters (precious, gold, simple), etc.  It would be good to have everything in a single case that we could even take on the road.  We want to be of help wherever we can be.

Please send donations to our TMSM!  We are doing good things here, with – I believe – a far reaching impact, especially through our frequent opportunities for Pontifical Masses with the Extraordinary Ordinary.  You make these influences possible.

You can click HERE for our site, where you will find a donation button.  Otherwise, mail a check, money order, sacks of silver, bearer bonds, gold bars to:

Tridentine Mass Society of Madison
733 Struck St.
P.O. Box 44603
Madison, WI 53744-4603

*Two of the new priests said the TLM for their 1st Mass. We have great photos HERE.

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