Who is behind that “Lovely, drippy, syrupy TLM and vocation video” and how are they being treated?

Yesterday I posted about a lovely video made in Italy, which clearly and in a positive light presents traditional liturgy of the Roman Rite and the priestly vocation.   Because it was so well done, I did a little digging around about this group, identified in the credits, who helped in the making of the film. They are the Fraternità Sacerdotale Familia Christi … Priestly Fraternity of the Family of Christ.

They were founded in Rome and were welcomed into the Diocese of Ferrara by the now Bishop Luigi Negri. Here is a video about their founder (Italian)

The church in the video is entrusted to this group, Santa Maria in Vado. There was a great
Eucharistic miracle there.

It seems that this group welcomed in refugees from the astonishingly persecuted Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, which didn’t please liberals.  HERE

There is a press release about the Fraternity from the Archdiocese of Ferrara-Comacchio of 14 May 2018.

The new Archbishop, appointed by Pope Francis, took away the Fraternity’s parish and, having consolidated it with others, gave it to diocesan priests. Meanwhile, the Archbishop is reviewing their Constitution, “especially discernment of vocations, formation, community life and spiritual life”.

Hence, the group’s fate hangs in the balance.

I found a video wherein a young woman who wants to save the Fraternity asked the Archbishop  about the group. He isn’t too pleased. She also asks questions of the Vicar General. He isn’t too pleased, either. I must admit that that sort of approach would be pretty off-putting. Nevertheless….

Here is a video of one of the group’s Masses. They have some good music going on there. It looks  like the triduum.

Obviously there are many facets to these stories which we don’t know.

However, now you know a little more about the group that helped make the video.

I find it really interesting that the makers of the video – serious director and composer – Alessandro Porzio and Roberto Bonaventura – undertook this obviously supportive project.   They put these guys on the map.  Now the wider world knows about them and what they are trying to in Ferrara.

They’ve been hagan-ing some lío there and someone doesn’t like it.

The makers, Bonaventura and Porzio, are clearly practicing Catholics.  They collaborate a lot.  Bonventura’s YouTube channel is TrinitArt, which appears in the video in question.  I suspect that Bonaventura may be from Emilia-Romagna, the region where Ferrara is found.  He has a striking video with a beautiful song about Romagna.  He must know that Fraternity in some way.  I’m just guessing.  He also made some spectacular videos about the south.  His video about Matera is amazing.


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