Italian press in full, spittle-flecked nutty. Malicious idiocy from Beans and Wormtongue.

For those of you who read Italian here are a couple of pages of typical reportage.

The images are large if you open them in another tab or window.

First, Wormtongue writes for La Stampa.  Notice that breathy Beans bubbles that those who think Francis should respond or resign are the “conservative fringe” who “seem so desperate that they will accept the risk of damaging the memory of John Paul II and, above all, to involve Benedict XVI”.  Beans even goes this far in his hyperventilation.  After Wormtongue mentions Bishops DiNardo, Chaput, Morlino, Olmsted and Strickland, Beans offers to his co-nationals:

“Some America bishops seem to have a semi-schismatic mentality.  For them the Pope doesn’t exist.  They are under so much pressure from the laity and their priests because of the scandal of abuses that they are afraid of being attacked in the streets.  In this way they now dump all responsibility on the Vatican in order to present themselves as the ones who ask for justice and truth.  They support the Viganò’s request hoping to damage Francis without taking into account that they are damaging John Paul II and Benedict XVI even more.”

What a load of clueless sycophantic crap.

Go home, Beans.

Next in Rodari pellets Card. Burke with questions like “Are you a friend of Steve Bannon?” and “You celebrate the old Rite.  There are videos of you wearing the cappa magna.  Doesn’t that seem outdated?”

And to show you what a nuthouse it is in the Italian press.

A slight respite.  From La Verità, which broke the Testimony.

As the Great Roman put it:

All the people who have done the worst to undermine Benedict are now giving lessons in morality to Viganò.

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  1. Anneliese says:

    The American press is just as ridiculous. Read this CNN opinion from a “catholic.” Read the last paragraph. That boils my blood. I’m a woman and I entered the Church 11 years ago. In 11 years I’ve never been made to feel as if I’m a second class citizen by any member of the clergy. In fact, the only people who I believe have caused more harm to my religious and moral upbringing, oddly enough, have been women.

  2. defenderofTruth says:

    Barnhardt is claiming that the Lavender Mafia is waiting this out, waiting for thr news to die down so they can get on with business as usual.

    Pope Francis asked the media to do his dirty work for him. So, I ask, how can they keep this out of the news when they asked the journalists to report on it? It seems the more the sychophant journalist publish it, the more its in the news, drawing attention to it…

  3. MrsMacD says:

    We should start writing lists of who’s who, those who excuse Pope Francis should be put in the suspect list and those who defend Bishop Vigano should be put in the defenders of Truth list, those who say nothing should be put in the coward list.

  4. Imrahil says:

    those who say nothing should be put in the coward list.

    Rather on the prudent-people list.

    (Of course, the old joke goes that caution is cowardice committed by an officer and cowardice is caution commited by an enlisted man; but joke set aside there is truth in it, after all, that good bishops, especially good bishops and especially good diocesan bishops, had better keep their posts rather than sacrifice everything for making a point.)

  5. Amerikaner says:

    Funny how these folks are suddenly all supportive of the Papacy…

    Where were they under JPII?
    Where were they under Benedict XVI?

  6. The original Mr. X says:

    They support the Viganò’s request hoping to damage Francis without taking into account that they are damaging John Paul II and Benedict XVI even more.

    When will these people get it into their heads? Whilst there are no doubt a few people using this report for a purely partisan and opportunistic attack against Francis, most of us calling for an investigation do so because we want to see and end to the appalling corruption in the Curia. If that means that some people on “our side” come out with their reputations tarnished, so be it.

  7. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    If the Truth tarnishes Benedict XVI, a theologian and man I have truly tender affection toward for saving my Faith with his literary cogency during my college years……so be it.

    The Truth must out.


    Beans is a sometimes papalotrous clericalist who wants to avoid the Truth in order to keep clerics on a pedestal when it is convenient to him. What a load of clueless sycophantic crap, indeed.

  8. Kevin says:

    All we want is the truth! If Vigano is wrong, why didn’t Pope Francis say he was wrong! Instead he refuses to address the issue. Kind of like the response to the Dubia!

    Just give us the truth.

  9. richiedel says:

    Faggioli’s ability to divine the intentions of others is nothing short of divine. The other day he tweeted that Vigano’s statement had nothing to do with rooting out child abuse in the Church. Now, it can’t be possible that American priests be motivated by a sense of justice and desire for truth, but only that they are performing in the face of their parishioners’ anger.

    The observations he tries to eke out of the present situation curiously have nothing to do considering whether there is any truth to Vigano’s claims, which is a pity; you’d think with such indignation at the bad faith of others that he would be using his preternatural powers of observation to parse out the accuracy of Vigano’s various claims in order to show the truth for what it really is.

  10. Dirk1973 says:

    Didn’t Cardinal Cupich said the pope had better things to do? Are these people living on another planet? What can be more important than giving answers in the biggest scandal the Church is facing in centuries? The laity finally wants answers and no riddles or Jesuit crypto answers. If the pope thinks his MSM buddies will defend him no matter what he should think again. The MSM doesn’t care about a conservative or progressive Church, they only care about a DEATH Church. Here in Belgium the Official Church is downplaying the accusations but the papers are not that convinced, they are talking about the pope’s resignation. The fatal flaw of the progressive Church side is they are counting on the secular media to support their agenda but they are wrong. The only thing the secular media wants is the Church to explode and stop existing. It’s time they start realizing that.

  11. Spinmamma says:

    Clericalism indeed.

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Cardinal Cupich was named and shamed (as a beneficiary, not as a criminal; and as an arrogant re-directing guy) in Vigano’s testimony.

    So it’s not surprising that Cupich would get angry, get arrogant, and try to re-direct.

  13. defenderofTruth says:

    Dirk: its time they start believing in God and preparing for the particular judgement. All else will fall into line.

  14. Fallibilissimo says:

    Caro Massimo,

    As a fellow Italian I have to ask you to do me a favor and shut the hell up. You’re embarrassing all of us. Just shut up. You statements are vacuous, your observations obvious (at best) and you’re behaving like a nasty, pathetic jerk by calling people you disagree with “schismatic” or whatever else. So just shut up for about a week and then go ahead and shut up for a few more.
    You could have stuck to making intelligent remarks about Viganò’s testimony, ask pertinent questions or uncover some inconsistencies but you didn’t. Instead you’re acting like a jerk. I don’t like how this could end up scapegoating Pope Francis either. I love and like this Pope and I would feel a very deep bitterness in my heart if he will be broken and humiliated for the whole world to see: I don’t want to see him resign, I don’t want to see him accused. So, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, but it’s very important for you to stop embarrassing us and for you to shut up.

    Consider drinking some chamomile tea when you get all excited and think you have something brilliant to contribute by denigrating people you don’t know. Then, sit on the couch, play scrabble or watch TV and shut up.

    Distinti saluti.
    Your secret admirer

    P.S.: Massimo, don’t forget to shut up.

  15. FrAnt says:

    Watching Cupich was like listening to a reading of Rules for Radicals by Alinsky. I can’t wait until the progressives begin to eat each other.
    PS: I am not sure if the Pope should be made to resign by the crowds. I worry that such a move could be used by evil in the future against a good and holy pope. I suggest that the Pope rule the Church from a life of prayer and penance within the Vatican walls. There should be no communication with the outside world, news can be brought in, but nothing comes out. The Pope should be limited to speaking with the Cardinals to run the Church. He should on his own initiative cease writing any sort of Encyclical or Motu Proprio. He will eventually pass on to divine judgment, and a new Pope can be elected. Only Cardinals will celebrate his funeral Mass with no fanfare. Only after the Mass and burial, the Church can be told of his passing.
    This will respect and honor the Office of Supreme Pontiff while acknowledging the scandal of the occupant.

  16. Arthur McGowan says:

    Here’s a link to share, share, share. It’s cued up to the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, chanting what certainly sounds like “Viganò, Viganò, Viganò.”

  17. Arthur McGowan says:


    A future good Pope will have the courage of his convictions, and the support of true Catholics. No “precedent” will be created if Bergoglio is “driven” from office by popular uprising. The first eight (IIRC) Popes were all murdered. Did this create any kind of “binding precedent” for all future Popes?

  18. Gab says:

    I can’t take any of them seriously while they stand there preaching at us from those WMOF comical costumes with a swirly 666 at their breast,

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  20. Mallu Jack says:

    Michael Sean Winters writes in the “National Catholic Reporter’ names several bishops who supported the testimony and says that they live in the “EWTN bubble” [sic].

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