Priest attacked: “This is for all the kids!”

From Rev. Mr. Kandra.

Assailant attacks Byzantine priest, shouting ‘This is for all the kids!’

From my friend and brother deacon Daniel Dozier, who received this communication from the chancery of the Parma Eparchy:


Fr. Basil Hutsko was attacked and knocked unconscious this morning in the altar servers sacristy at his parish in Merrillville, Indiana after celebrating Liturgy. The attacker choked him and slammed his head to the ground. Fr. Basil lost consciousness. Before going unconscious Fr. Basil heard the attacker say, “This is for all the kids!” (reference to the clergy sex abuse coverage in the media.)
All clergy are now targets and need to be vigilant. However it must also be clear that Fr. Hutsko was a random target. He is NOT guilty of any sex abuse.

Fr. Hutsko is being examined in the hospital at this time.

Thank you,

Fr. Thomas J. Loya

Lord have mercy. Pray for Father Hutsko and all those who love him. And pray, too, for his attacker.


Si vis pacem, para bellum.

And this is NOT just about “the kids”.   Don’t let anyone forget that.

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  1. pbnelson says:

    So now it’s priest-bashing we have to endure. Watch the press spin this into a misguided attempt at gay-bashing. Anyone who wants to rid the priesthood of homosexuals will be accused of instigating this crime.

  2. Unwilling says:

    The real problem is not “kids” but “clericalism“! Anyone being or not denying being a cleric is a manifestation of clericalism. Priests in sacristies are openly, flagrantly, unashamedly clerics. They are ultimately the real evildoers. The fact that some particular one or other of these did not himself actually do anything to any identifiable person is irrelevant — by his very act of non-repudiation he is a supporter of the patriarchy clericalist hegemony. They must renounce

  3. Spinmamma says:

    I am so sorry this happened–will we need to provide secret spaces in our homes to protect our priests? I believe this is what comes of characterizing this scandal as primarily about pedophilia–which the Vatican seems to be promoting. We are truly caught between a rock and a hard place, and there is nothing for it but to speak the truth. As pbnelson suggests, and as we all know is coming, speaking the truth will ensure the next wave of hatred against Holy Mother Church in this scandal will be fueled by accusations of homophobia. Should the deserved disciplinary action be taken against the gay network within the Church, I fear we will see this fought out as the ultimate legal battle between the (now) Constitutional rights of the gay community and religious freedom. As Father Z says, Satan is playing the (very complicated) long game. Too bad for us it appears the game in the US will culminate in our times. Jesus gave all for his Bride–us. So now we must give all for Him.

  4. JesusFreak84 says:

    Have there even BEEN more than a handful of credible allegations against non-Roman priests? O.o
    I wonder if priests will have to start locking the doors of whatever rooms they’re in, when alone, just to prevent more “vigilante” justice. The assault also shows that the let’s-ignore-semiarian-abuse propaganda is having its desired effect >.>

  5. Nan says:

    My Eparchy. Now they’re getting personal. Praying.

  6. HvonBlumenthal says:

    The ill judged attempt to portray the scandal of predatory clerical unchastity as purely an issue of paedophilia will certainly lead to more instances of this kind.

  7. bibi1003 says:

    Dear God in heaven, protect our priests. Comfort and heal Fr. Hutsko and give him the strength to carry on. Surround him with love and encouragement. Please help his attacker truly repent and come to You.

    A line from a prayer for priests, attributed to St. Therese of Lisieux:

    O Jesus, eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, where none may touch them…

  8. Elizabeth D says:

    This is what happened to Jesus because of all our sins. “Blessed are you when…”

  9. Sonshine135 says:

    So it begins….

  10. frjim4321 says:

    I would hope that the assailant is apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    I would agree with out congenial host that this is not merely about “the children.”

    I suspect that it is more about an epidemic of outrage, much of it irrational, that is being ginned up by a variety of sociopolitical factors. [ginned up?]

    Part of this is a generalized homophobia which is causing all priests to be painted with the same brush. [That was masterfully deceptive.]

  11. MrsMacD says:

    I thought of what Elizabeth said. How perfect that a priest, an altar Christus, who is innocent, as Jesus, is made to suffer like Jesus! May God grant him His holy peace and a sacrificial love and complete healing. “He was counted among the wicked.” “He was bruised for our offenses.” “By his wounds we are healed.” Kyrie Eleison!

  12. Malta says:

    Priests and lay Catholics are being attacked and killed in the Middle East to this day for their faith. If I were a priest there I would have an AK-47 under the altar. Christ said, “Sell your tunic for a sword.” We Catholics don’t wish for martydom, we have every right to defend ourselves from unjust aggression.

  13. Malta says:

    Think of Malta, 1565; a small band of Knights kicked the sh*t out of an overwhelming Muslim invasion (1 knight to 10 invaders); unbelievable blood was shed, and the Knights prayed daily to Our Lady for her help. Some Catholics have gotten limp wristed these days. It’s time to be men again.

  14. Malta says:

    I’m a Traditional Catholic, but I’m not afraid of a fight. I actually learned how to box from a priest while a student at the University of Michigan, who was our boxing coach, in his 60’s. He was one of the most manly men I’ve ever known: he could take and delver a serious beating. He never acted gay in any way towards us young men, but did teach us to be tough young men (RIP).

  15. Michael says:

    I was accused of being a “homophobic pedophile-apologist” for posting on Facebook yesterday that this is a problem of homosexuality. I lost 3 Facebook “friends” after posting it, too. Apparently (I was told), if a man is a rapist, then his own orientation and the sex of the abused individual are irrelevant. Rape is only about power over the abused, and sexual preference never comes into play.

    People go to amazing lengths to deny the clear connection to homosexuality. Our world needs serious prayers.

  16. pbnelson says:

    I was accused of being a “homophobic pedophile-apologist” for posting on Facebook yesterday that this is a problem of homosexuality.

    Typical leftist projection of their own sin onto others.

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