Akita, Communion in the hand, and homosexuality

The Bellarmine Forum there is a longish piece which makes a connection between some topics:

Our Lady’s Messages at Akita
Communion in the Hand

Said Our Lady at Akita:

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres…churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

Full of those who accept compromises??So the problem is broader than the homosexual contagion.?The problem is the detente with the devil.?Being lax on error.?Going along to get along, it seems.

Here is something that I didn’t remember about the Akita messages:

While the criminal perpetrators have been frolicking around in clerics, some of whom lectured us on the need to be more tolerant, Our Lady gave us a clue in her Akita apparitions as to where the battle line should be drawn. During those apparitions, Sr. Sasagawa received the stigmata on her left hand. The statue of Our Lady had a matching cross-shaped stigmata in the right hand.  She and Bishop Ito interpreted this as a sign against receiving communion in the hand. Japan had a vote of its bishops in 1970 permitting communion in the hand. Three years later, Our Lady would tell them it was wrong.  This aspect of Akita condemning communion in the hand is frequently ignored by commenters today.  Yet, Sister Sasagawa and Bishop Ito repeatedly told anyone who asked that this was a major aspect of Our Lady’s message.?

Our Lady was telling us that the compromise over Communion in the hand was too much.

The article goes on with a misstep, in stating that Bp. Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) “ended Communion in the Hand” in his Diocese of Madison.   However, Bp. Morlino did ask the priests of the diocese strongly to encourage people to receive on the tongue while kneeling.  He said that First Communicants should, first, receive on the tongue.   This doesn’t go so far as ending Communion in the hand in the Diocese, but it is a step in the right direction and highly to be praised.

It is also … coincidence?… that Bp. Morlino also sees clearly that homosexuality is at the root of The Present Crisis.

What about “clericalism”?   Sure.  I guess we can say that the environment of cover-up that the homosexual cabal within the priesthood created is a kind of clericalism, because they are clerics who created it.  However, in other environments, such as public schools, it isn’t clericalism.   “Clericalism” is not the problem.  Everything that goes with homosexualist subculture is the problem.  It is simply more evil within a clerical sphere because it is also the perpetration and protection of sins of sacrilege.

And let us not forget that demons attach themselves to people who commit certain sins and to the places where they are committed.

More on that under another post.


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  1. fr.ignatius says:

    Last I heard of Sr Agnes is that she was booted out of her convent as she was too traditional and that now she lives in a flat and receives pastoral care from sspx priests . I would like confirmation of all this.

  2. SemperServusDei says:

    Although I go to a NO parish, and although our parish over-uses EMHCs, my personal commitment is to kneel and receive on the tongue from a priest as long as I have the ability to kneel. I encourage anyone in the same position as me to do the same. We can all stand up ( or kneel ) for what is right… the more we do this, the sooner we can move away from Communion in the hand…

  3. Sandy says:

    Long ago I looked back at the timeline on how we got Communion in the hand. It started the same way we got “altar girls”. Certain bishops condoned and promoted it (European bishops as I recall). It became widespread, was then officially voted on by the bishops and approved. In other words, they gave in to the disobedience. Too bad that aspect of the Akita message is not generally known.

  4. Toan says:

    Right, when sexual abuse happens in public schools, or hospitals, or Hollywood, or universities, we don’t blame clericalism. We blame something else.

    If people across all strata of society commit a type of sin, we don’t blame particulars of each strata as being the roots of that sin. We blame something that all types of people hold in common as being at the root.

  5. jaykay says:

    Toan: I think we can see the politics behind the use of the coverall term of clericalism as the hate-crime du jour. But it’s a false flag to cover up for something fundamentally more rotten that can’t be admitted. And it’s the “can’t be admitted” that’s the actual elephant in the room. We all know it’s the the “H”-thing that’s the real problem. But… it can’t be admitted, despite all the glaring evidence. Why have Christ’s Ministers become politicians, dodging and skirting around to curry favour with the World that hates them anyway? Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

  6. aliceinstpaul says:

    –when sexual abuse happens in public schools, or hospitals, or Hollywood, or universities, we don’t blame clericalism. We blame something else.

    This isn’t hard. The issue isn’t just the abuse. The issue is that some single digit percentage of all priests were found to have committed the abuse, but 95+% of their bishops covered it up, allowing the abusers to re-offend, as they say, for years — often decades.

    You don’t want to call it clericalism when the shepherds look out for the other shepherds more than their sheep, fine. But public school supers haven’t taken vows to holiness nor been entrusted with the students’ souls, and yet they, plain old fallen mortals, haven’t been shown to have aided and abetted abusers they’d employed for decades.

  7. Cicero_NOLA says:

    Can anyone recommend a book or resource on Our Lady of Akita? I went this spring before moving back from Japan to the US, but had trouble finding something to help me prepare.

    Fr Ignatius, Sr Sasegawa has indeed moved out of the convent, but I was told that it was because she couldn’t handle all the pilgrims coming to see her at her age. I would be surprised to hear that there is an SSPX presence anywhere near Akita: it’s 8 hours by bullet train from Tokyo and the convent is a further hour or two by bus and foot. It’s pretty hard to find a Catholic priest of any kind outside of Tokyo/Yokohama or a US military base.

    I did make it to Mass that weekend (they only have the Saturday vigil because that’s when they can get a priest reliably), and though I didn’t watch any of the sisters receive Holy Communion, the priest was visibly surprised when I knelt and opened my mouth.

    I did hear this connection about Communion in the hand after I got home through this YouTube video by Fr Elias Mary, FI https://youtu.be/pbx_EHJ-Usc
    Made me wish I’d watched the sisters during Communion.

  8. PMK says:

    I still have this book but purchased many years ago. It’s titled, “Akita: Mother of God as CoRedemptrix, Modern Miracles of Holy Eucharist”. By Francis Mutsuo Fukushima. I believe it can be found on Amazon.

  9. David WS says:

    – is fatal to the Faith.
    First, widespread contraception and unbelief in the Real Presence go hand in hand.
    Once you believe in the Real Presence, Christ on Earth, you no longer wish to receive communion in hand; And once you believe that Christ who cannot deceive or be deceived is in charge you won’t use contraception either, only methods approved by the Church.
    Second, acceptance of contraception leads like a bee line to acceptance (abortion and) of homosexuality.
    Third, homosexual cabals of clergy instead of bands of brothers, etc, etc….

  10. Johann says:

    Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne banned communion in the hand when he was made Archbishop of Lima, Peru. Cardinals Robert Sarah and Raymond Burke have also called for communion to be taken on the tongue. I think restoring reverence for the Eucharist is one of the first steps to ending not only the abuse crisis, but the crisis concerning doctrinal heterodoxy.

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