Archbp. Chaput interviewed by The Pill – #sodoclericalism

The Tablet (aka The Bitter Pill aka RU-486) interviewed Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia.  At present, the Archbishop is involved in the Synod (“walking together”) on Youth in Rome.

He has some pointed comments about what faith both is and isn’t.  They are worth reading.

Here is something that stood out for me, at the end:

Q: What would you like the synod of bishops final document to say about sexual abuse in the Church?

CHAPUT: The continuing sex abuse crisis is extremely serious. Fortunately, both Pope Francis and the synod fathers understand this, and the final document will likely reflect their concerns. [NB] I’m less sure that the roots of the problem will be addressed.  Clericalism is clearly a factor in the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, but not the dominant one, and very few of the laypeople I know are satisfied with that explanation, especially parents.  In the mind of the lay faithful, homosexuality and its role in the crisis need to be dealt with, but it’s unclear whether the synod will be willing to include it in the final text.

Sure, there is a dimension of clericalism, but the root is active homosexuals and homosexual predators in the clergy who are clericalists.



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  1. chantgirl says:

    There are only two words that any Catholic parent wants to hear from any prelates who participated in abuse, covered up abuse, remained silent about abuse, or promoted those known to do these things:

    “I resign.”

    No amount of hand wringing, emoting, ad campaigns, prostrations, procedures, mission statements, false reassurances, synods, or promises will fix this.

    Action. Admissions of guilt, and acceptance of consequences and punishment are the only things that will mean anything now. Until heads roll and complicit bishops start selling off their beachfront property to finance the reparations funds, this synod means JACK.

    Make no mistake- the Church has been given a chance to clean house, and rediscover why she actually exists. If we do not demand accountability and renewal, if we stay silent in the face of the very stones crying out, we will call down divine wrath. God’s Church will be cleansed, with or without our cooperation, but the cure will be more painful if we do not cooperate.

    This house of ill repute must again become a house of prayer, a beacon of salvation for sinners, and a fitting place of worship for the one, true God.

  2. JARay says:

    Archbishop Chaput is so right. Homosexuality is embedded in the scourge afflicting the Church right now. I am not in a state of dispair but I weep for the Church right now.

  3. The Cobbler says:

    ^ What chantgirl said!

  4. Livewire says:

    Someone who knows who partook in a gay, cocaine fueled orgie in the CDF apartment and didn’t excommunicate that priest and someone who stands in front of that Christmas Creche and someone who gives the red hats to men like Cupich and Tobin obviously doesn’t fully grasp the seriousness of this. That’s stating it mildly

  5. cwhitty says:

    The clergy, especially this blog, have such an obsession with blaming homosexuality for everything. I highly doubt that that is the real source of the problem of clerical sexual abuse. The pope wears a cross with a rainbow on it, the readers go into a frenzy. Archbp. Chaput blames decades of sexual abuse coverup on homosexuals, no one seems to mind.

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