FATHERS! Traditional Holy Week Call For Help.

Having been lead by the Sprit into the desert, I feel compelled to put out some feelers.

We of the TMSM would like to be able to facilitate Solemn liturgies in the traditional Roman Rite for Holy Week, at least for the Triduum.  However, our local manpower is being sucked by … well… Novus Ordo things.

Solemn is preferable to Sung and Sung is preferable to Low.  We would really like to have Solemn liturgies.

Perhaps there are a couple of priests out there who would in interested to come to Madison for the sake of functioning as sacred ministers for the Triduum in the traditional form.

I should lay down a few necessary points.

  • You need to have your superior/chancery supply the necessary documents.  You know what I mean.
  • You need to have a strong ability to pronounce Latin and sing the chants… as they are in the book, not in your imagination.  Hence, you need to be able to hit a pitch with more than a heat seeking missile.
  • You need to have a good working knowledge of the basics of the traditional rites.   Having celebrated a Low Mass a couple times privately isn’t going to cut it.

Obviously a priest or a deacon can, both, function as a deacon or subdeacon.

We can work out other terms.

Interested?   Drop a line.  HERE

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