Quo Rev.dus Zed Rev.do Ioanni Hunwicke gratias persolvit

Premite et emite!

Apud paginas Rev.di Ioannis Hunwicke [HOC], et verba exarata erga me clementia benedicentiaque nuper repperi et magno spe gravido nuntio perfruitus sum.  Exempli et animi gratia:

Res mira! Hodie ridentem inveni magnum et carum pontificem! Quem saepe lugentem, miserum inveneram, quinimmo paene flentem, tot miseriis adflictum propter vulnera in Ecclesiam Militantem his temporibus illata, hodie palam gaudentem aspexi. “Cur Domne laetaris?” rogavi. “Propter tuum Zuhlsdorfium” respondit “virum lepidum et ad cor meum, qui mirabiliter prae Mundi oculis exhibuit amicum meum Ganganelli, meum in Sede Petrina sub nomine Clementis XIV successorem. Tot poculis huius papae et imagine et armis adornatis per orbem terrarum missis, gloriam tanti historici valde promovit et promovet!”


Bene mehercule!  Gratia ei persolvo.

Quia coram sculpto Benedicti XVI ridentis imagine meis de poculis Summorum Pontificum ornatis laudes decorissime fabulavit, concinne scripsit, nova papalia ei misi libenter carchesia.

Cetera illic legitote.

Ceterum, ne obliviscamur, “GANGANELLI!”

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  1. Chuck4247 says:

    Latina mea non est quam bonam quam erat…
    (If I even said that right…)

  2. JARay says:

    Etiam Latina Mea

  3. dahveed says:

    The joys of Google Translate, solely for Father’s amusement:

    Where John Sr. Zed Rev.do thanks Hunwicke
    Posted on 13 March 2019 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    Premite and buy!

    In the pages of John Sr. Hunwicke [PC], and has written to me dementia benedicentiaque recently found this great hope to enjoy his pregnant information. And the example of grace;

    Oh, wonderful! Today, grinning found large and expensive high! Head, and often bemoaning himself, Thou wretched man that I had found, on the contrary, almost weeping, he has been afflicted on account of the misery of so many wounds inflicted upon the Church militant, in times like these, your son rejoices in this day, I looked at them openly. “Why Domne enjoy?” I asked. “Because of your Zuhlsdorf” he said, “a witty and heart, who showed remarkable, before the eyes of my friend Ganganelli, is conducted in a Petrina under the name Clemens 14 to a successor. This picture of the pope and many pots and arms adorning the world, sending historic glory so strongly promoted and promotes ”


    Well nerve! Grace he explains.

    Since the 16 ridentis Wes, cut out picture of my pots popes of praise beautiful man talk, aptly describes the new papal sent him willingly head.

    Etc. There norm.

    However, lest we forget, “Ganganelli!”

  4. JustaSinner says:

    Sicut emas!!!

  5. JesusFreak84 says:

    Alas, Microsoft translate does not support Latin.

  6. David says:

    The contrast in your Latin styles is delightful to see. And Fr Hunwicke sounds like Fr Hunwicke even in Latin!

  7. veritas vincit says:

    When it comes to Latin, Google Translate still leaves a lot to be desired.

    (Maybe I should have opted for Latin instead of Spanish in high school. Of course, why would a Methodist kid, as I was then, need a “dead” language? Silly me…)

  8. JMJLuke says:

    After several minutes and quite a bit of looking up words in the Glossa Latin dictionary, here is my (not so) slavishly literal translation. I’m not the best with Latin, but at least it’s gotta be better that Google translate… I hope. :D


    In which I, Rev. Zed, give thanks to Rev. John Hunwicke

    Among the pages of Rev. John Hunwicke [HERE], I lately found also clement and well-speaking words dug up about me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the grand announcement full of hope. [Here are] examples and [I honestly can’t figure out how to translate this sentence…]

    A marvelous thing! Today I found smiling the great and dear Pontif!

    He whom I had often found mourning, sorrowful, in fact almost crying, afflicted with such miseries on account of the wounds inflicted on the Church Militant in these times, today I beheld openly rejoicing.

    “Why are you happy, Lord?” I asked. “On account of your Zuhlsdorf” he answered “a man pleasant and close to my heart, who presented wondrously before the eyes of the world my friend Ganganelli, as my successor in the Petrine Chair under the name of Clement XIV. By means of so many cups, decorated with both the image and the [coat of] arms of this pope, sent throughout the orb of the lands (the earth) greatly is he advancing and has advanced the glory of such a historical [man]!”

    Good, by Hercules! I pay my thanks to him.

    Because he told most becomingly of Benedict XVI in the act of smiling from my cups decorated with the graven image of the Highest Pontifs (Popes), [and] he wrote elegantly, I happily sent him new papal mugs.

    Read the reset there [Yay! Future imperative – I don’t see those to often. Not sure how to really translate it, though :(]

    Let us not forget the other, “GANGANELLI!”

  9. JARay says:

    I offer my grateful thanks to JMJLuke. I now have more than just the gist of what Fr. Hunwicke wrote. And YES Google Latin is not a very good guide.

  10. jaykay says:

    JMJLuke: really good!

    As regards what you say: “Yay! Future imperative – I don’t see those to often. Not sure how to really translate it, though :(]”

    It’s usually just translated as an ordinary imperative e.g. [exempli gratia ;-)] in the Douay-Reims St. Peter 1-5.8: “sobrii estote et vigilate…”, the two forms together, but just translated “be sober and watch”.

    You could possibly use the construction “let you…”, just for variety in the English, but the English equivalent of “let you(do)” in Latin uses the subjunctive.

    “gratia” with the genitive as used above connotes “for the sake of” e.g. the motto below the MGM lion: “Ars gratia artis”.

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