Seven Sisters Apostolate and an urgent request to readers – UPDATED

UPDATE 25 Sept:

I received a note from the organizer of the Seven Sisters Apostolate.

They came flying in yesterday. So far ten. We are working out the schedule. Our Blessed Mother loves you!
Blessings and a Peaceful rest this evening,

I have received some kind messages, a couple from surprising corners.  I am grateful.

Friends, into each life challenges will come.  Don’t worry.  This is going to be great!  OORAH!

___ Originally Published on: Sep 24, 2019

Allow, please, a personal note.

This last week brought news, like an oncoming train in a tunnel, that will result in some serious changes for me.  Also, there are some super-stressing things weighing on me right now in addition to what we see going on in the Church and what comes to me via email.  Some prayer requests, which are multiplying, and other notes, convey growing fear, anger, and sorrow about the effect of chaos in the Church on families and individuals. It is nearly heart crushing.

War is messy.  This is the time God wanted us to live and be engaged.  It is an honor to be in this time according to His will and God will offer us every actual grace we need, provided that we are faithful and persevere according to our vocations.

This is not the first time I’ve been given a strong sensation of being moved around like a piece on a checkerboard, or that the meteor was heading my way.  This has happened several times, at key moments in my life, even long before I entered the Church as a convert.  Each time was a providential turning point that involved challenges.  It is as if a sculptor has in stages been roughing out the stone by bashing chunks off now here and now there to force the inner image out into the clear intended view.

At the very same time that I discern the meteor, train and checkerboard, someone offers to start a Seven Sisters prayer group for me.

Sit nomen Domini benedictum.

This is simultaneously consoling to the enth, and also ominous.

The Seven Sisters initiative for priests is truly terrific.  I warmly recommend it for your priests wherever you are.

BUSINESS:  I was asked by someone (they remain for the most part anonymous) who would coordinate the group who would pray for me to post this.  How could I refuse?  Someone volunteered to be the “anchoress” for a group for me.  Any women who are interested in participating could send a note to

What is required is that each “sister” choose one day of the week on which to pray a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament (Exposition or in the Tabernacle) solely for my needs and intentions. The Apostolate has  wonderful prayer resources available to them via the website. The time commitment is for one year and can be renewed annually.

You can also visit the website Seven Sisters Apostolate to learn more.


On the sidebar of this blog, I have an item you can click to say a daily prayer for priests.

The prayer, which has been around for awhile, was renewed through an imprimatur given by the late, great, Extraordinary Ordinary, Bp. Morlino, who understood the needs of priests none better.

Below, I repost something I wrote back in August 2018.

Originally Published on: Aug 18, 2018

Terrific movement of prayer for priests: Seven Sisters Apostolate

Recently, I’ve written about some things that bishops and priests should do in this crisis time.  I’ve also made suggestions to lay people about things they can do.

However, there is one thing that lay people can do… especially lay women… which will be of enormous value in the coming days.

Last June, I attended a party arranged for the 90th birthday of a priest friend in my native place at the parish where he still helps on Sundays.  The pastor there is also an old friend.  While I was there, I kept hearing references to the “Seven Sisters”.  I inquired and learned of this great apostolate.

Seven Sisters Apostolate

This is a bit of a movement, actually.

In essence, 7 women and perhaps a couple alternates, commit for 1 year to 1 hour of prayer for 1 priest each week.   Hence, there is a lady on Monday, one on Tuesday, etc., ideally in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

In some cases, though this is not obligatory, the priest or bishop may not even know who they are.

There are good resources at their site.

This is a terrific apostolate.   They are in the process of having the movement designated as an association of the faithful.

May I suggest to some of you women who read here regularly that you might contact them and seek to start a local group for your local bishop and priests, the pastor of your parish, a retired priest, where you are?

Also, I would not object were a group of Seven Sisters might consider praying for me.   Perhaps one of you know six others where you live who also read this blog.

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